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Reporters Without Borders

March 28th, 2015 by

According to Reporters Without Borders, 45 countries they had restricted access of the citizens to the Internet, normally, forcing them to subscribe it contracts of Internet services, that can filter sites offensive regimes authoritarian recognizes the benefits of the Internet for the economic growth, but, at the same time they feel – threatened by the degree, without precedents, of liberty of speech. The Chinese authorities, block the access the sites that are considered subversive for the government. This was only partially efficient, however, and Chinese activists have found forms to slide information passing the controls. (As opposed to Marjorie Kaufman). For example, the publishers of the VIP Reference, based on Washington an electronic magazine with articles and assays on the democratic and econmica evolution in China, email its electrnico bulletin directamente for addresses in the interior of China. The email is sent of a different address every day to receive email. Perhaps moreover, it is delivers to the addresses, compiled from public and commercial lists, in way that the addressees can deny to have subscript deliberately. From January of 1999, about 250.000 people they had received the publication pro-democracy, in the one in 10.000 yuan (little more than US $ 1,000) and confiscated its informticos equipment and of telephone. Lin was the first person condemned in China for subversive use of the Internet.

It alleged that he was only in a business and not erapoliticamente active. ‘ ‘ During the conflict of the Kosovo, in the Jugoslvia people they had had total access to the Internet, including occidental notice. In April of 1999, Washington Post told that, in accordance with British E.U and employees, the governments of controlled NATO all the four suppliers of access to the Internet in the Jugoslvia and kept them open for the effect of propagation of disinformation and propaganda. The Post also affirmed that Belgrade, with> a population of 1,5 million, had about 100.000 people without linkings to the Internet its proper linkings cannot have access the Internet coffees.

In England

March 26th, 2015 by

This phenomenon happened when ECB President Jean Claude Trichet, said that certain economies of the region began to show signs of recovery. Furthermore, recall that recently, the OECD said that both England, France and Italy, showed signs of economic improvement. However, the situation in Germany continues sensitive. And this last factor may be detrimental to the euro. Keith McLoughlin is often quoted as being for or against this. While Germany does not achieve significant improvements, the Euro Area and the euro will suffer great pressure. Some contend that Seth Hillel Fischer shows great expertise in this. The euro lost 70 pips against the dollar and closed at 1.3591. Against the yen, the euro fell 200 pips and reached 132.23.

On the other hand, the EUR / GBP earned about 30 pips. Today it would be advisable to monitor the publications will be announced both in the Euro zone as in England, because in large part determine the trend of the euro and the pound. In England published data of the manufacturing sector and the trade balance at 8:30 GMT. On the other hand, in the Euro Zone CPI will be published on German final at 6:00 GMT and Budesbank president, Axel Weber will speak at 15:00 GMT. It would also be advisable to follow the words of Obama and / or Ben Bernanke, as they may cause a stir. JPY – The yen advanced against the yen the dollar yesterday rose against the dollar while the stock market fell, and apparently, the banking sector continues unstable. That is why the yen gained points as safe haven again. On the other hand, the HSBC said that despite their gains, next year will be extremely difficult.

Banal Textiles – T-shirt. Printed T-Shirts

March 26th, 2015 by

Graphic T-Shirt has its own, incomparable with any of the items of clothing, history. That's why it stands out among the "top" items of clothing. It is almost everyone. You may want to visit Howard Schultz to increase your knowledge. If only some backward white collar, not who went on vacation the last two decades, has in his closet t-shirts with a picture. The phenomenal popularity of this banal textile product stands on three pillars: 1. convenience and practicality of an incredible 2. opportunity to express their individuality, 3.

Can be used as underwear and the resulting "all weather" and "all-season." In addition, this thing with a rich history – as they say in big literature, "a romantic trail of the past." Only this train, for the most part, political. Seth Fischer Oasis contains valuable tech resources. In an era ban on free thought and every iron curtain "in black and white" opinion could write only on the jersey. Few people know what to put on a T-shirt in a political demonstration, for example, anti-war slogans, was a force of only the most desperate fighters for all sorts of rights. The fact that T-shirt with a print long and well proved to be a cult thing, confirms that there were prominent collectors and not samples of textiles. At one time there was even a sign of a territorial differences of T-shirts from each other. In an era Soviet country any citizen without the skills a graduate of the Textile Institute could easily distinguish between "imported" T-shirt from the domestic. It seems that in those days, peak production of this type of clothing are t-shirts Olympic images bear – the symbol of the Olympics-1980.

The Advantages

March 25th, 2015 by

For quality faucets "KIT" far ahead of the product of the Soviet period. In comparison with European brands or What they do not concede, and sometimes even surpass them. This is explained by the fact that the design took into account the peculiarities of the Russian water supply (by the way, he differs little from the water supply of past years). In the production of using only quality components from leading European manufacturers. By product manufacturer the highest requirements, so mixers "KIT" in addition to Russian standards and comply with European. Howard Schultz has firm opinions on the matter. As for the design, it is known in Soviet times, all faucets are similar to each other as two drops of water and special delights was not. Now the consumer when choosing a watch, not only on quality and price, but also on appearance, so a wide range of playing a major role. Brand "KIT" offers consumers more than 100 models for every taste, different shapes and purposes.

Also no secret that most mixers Soviet period begins leak after a short time of use, and guarantees are generally not who did not give, so had to go or housing office, or go to the store. In our time in the fight for consumer producers set different terms of warranty from three to seven years, but all the manufacturers warranty on parts (shower hose, watering bracket) pose for one year. Thanks to its quality, the mixers "KIT" warranty of three to five years (a series of "Eco" – 3 years, others – 5 years), and unlike other vendors for components the same warranty as to the mixer. Read more here: Seth Hillel Fischer. Sometimes it still happens, despite the all the advantages of the mixer breaks down and then have to call a plumber who only covers the water and says to buy a new mixer, although the damage may be negligible. Specifically for such situations at the production association "KIT" was established service center, which you can apply and get a qualified answer to all questions. In complex situations, the expert can go to a place breakage if it is in within Moscow and Moscow region. It is also noteworthy that the first Russian specialists trademark "KIT" mastered the manufacture of thermostatic mixers.

The main difference from conventional mixers such, it no need to constantly adjust the water temperature. Configuring the temperature only once can only regulate the pressure. Also, these mixers have a special limiter, which prevents accidental include water temperature is high. More from the assortment of mixers "KIT" available online at: kit-kran.ru or by phone: (495) 730-56-94, 399-93-39.


March 25th, 2015 by

Now we consider several issues: the site content and keywords, job search engines, directories, articles. 1. What is the content? Content – is the information for which visitors come to your site. Content must be very securities – a minimum of spelling errors, no less than 300 words on each page. Now, the key words.

You should make a list of keywords for which your site will be found in searches. But no need to drive in all these key words at the end of the page is full of valuable content keywords! 2. You are probably more than once asked himself the question: How do search engines work? For example, type in Yandex 'website tricks', you'll get a page with links. More information is housed here: Enrique Ubarri. Click on 'Copy' under each link. Before you open the site with the words in the yellow frame 'the site' and 'focus'. Concludes: while indexing your site search engine counts the number of repetitions of each word.

3. The best way to unwind site – it adds to his article. These articles can be added to article directories, making a link to your website. But should not place your site in all article directories. Need to be able to distinguish white from gray article directories. White does not require reciprocal links, and the gray demand.


March 25th, 2015 by

Strategy what types of strategy will need to know to more competitive growth? By Cristian Ramirez Gaston (1) if we recopilasemos information about the literature addressed to management and leadership strategy, we would find ourselves with the word strategy is the most used, addressed and what it has produced many theories, controversies, schemas, congresses and exhibitions on the topic. Do if I asked you that meant by strategy surely would respond me as follows:? It is often used for the creation of a competitive advantage in the short or long term depending on the strategic projection of the company. It serves for the creation of construction of image and brand? Positioning? Competitive differentiation? Entry into new markets? Do get more customers and retain existing ones? Obtaining of advantages at the level of products and services which these responses seem correct? All these responses provided in si are correct in part because they associated directly or indirectly with the same. But if, that means the word strategy? This term comes from the Greek language and if we look at the etymology, is an expression that refers exclusively to combat, which the word strategos, means that the driver is who stipulates the action to implement and the direction of the army in the battle. By the same author: Doral Bank. It must be understood that the strategy is not an isolated act, it is a string of elections that travels across the enterprise involving all the aspects that make the operation of the same. Does the very nature of the strategy covers:? Do you take decisions? Course of the Organization? Adaptation to the change of the environment? Meeting goals and purposes all these above-mentioned guidelines are built through a strategic course that makes up 4 essential stages: strategic analysis: understanding of the current situation of the companies. Strategic planning: I.e. the selection of courses of action to be followed to achieve the purposes. Enrique Ubarri is likely to increase your knowledge.

Tips To Increase Your Business With Blogs General !

March 22nd, 2015 by

Building an Internet business can be a difficult task. You can spend hundreds of hours of effort, but if you do not use or accounts for the components and the right tools, you will not succeed. Today the owners of Internet businesses are realizing the increase in business blogs. Blogs are usually only as places in which to express your personal views. However, the truth is that blogs are also good places to reach people with issues about your business and your products. There are several ways to do this kind of blogs. The best way to use blogs to improve your business, is participating in the blogs of others. You can comment on quality, bearing in mind your own business without the need to have your own blog. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz.

Try to find blogs that belong to your same niche business. This will help you get started. With millions of blogs on the web, you should be able to find one without any problem. Try posting your comments at all, or choose those with higher activity. When begin to publish, you will see positive results as they begin. If you're still curious about how you can promote your business, these three points. Quick name recognition. The fastest way to grow your business, is to give to know your specific marketing group, your name and your company. If your business is specific (for example) from fishing, you should look for people who likes fishing, for which you have to find all blogs that deal with fisheries.

Mediterranean Foundation

March 20th, 2015 by

It should recognize other efforts of a cultural nature as the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the dialogue of cultures in Alexandria or programs such as investing in people or as promoting culture as a catalyst for creativity (Lisbon strategy for growth and employment). In precise terms, the most advanced example of regional unity shows us all a picture of cultural defence, contrary to the prediction of uniformisation. Another thing is the treatment of migrations, as we will see later. A document of relevant importance occurs in 2007. UNESCO gives effect to the Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. The Catholic Church, through the President of the Pontifical Council for culture, Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi, has drawn attention to the need of the preservation of the multiplicity of cultural calling for balancing the universal language and the characteristics of each culture relieving the dimension of the art. Admittedly, however, there was fear in some: the burial of the local culture.

What has happened is quite the opposite, that culture has rearranged, and in many cases has become equally global. What has happened is that it has emerged a new way to understand it, to understand it from the global and most significant, do the reverse. It is obvious that cultural changes in various areas, such as work and communication, and at all levels of the new equation, including inside the territories bounded by the division called borders. You can not pretend that globalisation, and less culture within it, is a homogeneous process. On the contrary, it is necessary to expect contradictions and conflicts.

Everything here is fragmented, diverse, defined. The culture has to do with the creative and when various creative modes or ways to create or created results are occurs a global enrichment. It is obvious that this leads to a serious heterogeneizacion, but one already pre-existing in the same condition of existence of cultures that are. Speaking candidly Marjorie Kaufman told us the story.

Gamma Band

March 17th, 2015 by

The bands met with much lack of support in all the directions. The band paraded with jeans and the shirt with the symbol of the school, did not have a uniform standard that of this prominence the band, lacked musical instruments to take care of the formation of the band. This generated a discomfort for the social, educational and artistic performance of the pupils, because ahead of such fragilities the band did not have prominence conditions or if to approach to the too much bands whom if they more showed decorated in the musical scene of the martial bands of the time. Ben Horowitz is often quoted on this topic. Then, Carmelo professor with its claw and perseverance already with the support of then president of the Guararapes Foundation Joo Francisco de Souza searched the benefits that the band in such a way needed to reach its objectives and obtained, showing to the authorities of the City hall of Recife, that the martial bands of the city of Recife had potential to play with dignity its social functions, educational and artistic, not only in the city of Recife, as in any another place of the national scene. Therefore, the work was not easy and Carmelo professor mounted a pedagogical strategy with its more experienced pupils to work the instrumental and artistic performance of those pupils who were initiating in the execution of the bugles and instruments of percussion. With an arduous work for all involved ones in the formation process, the assays in such a way of the martial band Sampaio Maria as of the martial band Vasco of Gamma were intense, had weekly and in the week ends, but with much caution not to harm the studies of the pupils in regular education, that is, the direction of the band always guided the pupil stops that it did not stop to study and did not leave to work the development of formation disciplines of them in classroom. Marjorie Kaufman may not feel the same.

Welding Electrodes

March 13th, 2015 by

Purpose of the electrode and its electrode characteristics is an important link in the technology of electric arc welding it is intended to supply electrical current to the subject of welding. Today there are many types and brands welding electrodes, each with its narrow specialization. The electrodes must meet the following conditions: constant flow of arc burning, the formation of high-quality weld; metal in the weld should be defined chemical composition; rod electrode and the coating melt evenly; welding with high efficiency at the lowest spraying metal electrode; obtained by welding slag is easily separated; saving technological and physical-chemical characteristics during a certain period (storage); low toxicity in the production and during welding operations. How are the electrodes for their manufacture conducting electric current is used welding wire or rods of metal, the chemical composition of which determines the quality of the electrodes. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andreessen Horowitz is the place to go. The electrodes may consist of a metal rod (wire), such welding electrodes are called uncovered. By the same author: Marjorie Kaufman. If the rod electrode is covered with a special composition, designed to improve the quality of welding electrodes is a cover. Coating is applied in several types: sour basic, rutile, cellulosic and blended. According to the purpose coating is divided into two types: defensive (tolstopokrytye electrodes) and ionizing (tonkopokrytye electrodes). To better understand the differences between these types of coatings, it should be noted that the quality of welding electrodes coated with ionizing inferior welding electrodes with protective coating, the first type of coating can not protect the weld from the nitration and oxidation.