Time – The Main Value !

Part 1. Where does the time hitter? Why I decided to pick this topic? Time – this is the only value that was originally there for every person in the same amount, and at the same time, this resource can not be filled. Why do people involved in network marketing? To get money and free time. So why not start correctly use your time right now. Surely, most people are faced with network companies, practitioners traditional method of business development, in which you want to record all who can only remember and in turn to pester him.

Time spent online distributors of most companies is 8-10 hours per week. This schedule allows for 4.5 meetings per week on average, with 3 candidates for the meeting, only about 15 people. According to statistics, 5 out of 10 people is not looking for opportunities to change lives and 3 do not consider network marketing as an option business. As a result, the next step comes with a maximum of 20% or in our case, 3 people. But 80% of the time (8 out of 10 hours) you spent on the unpromising candidates. What's wrong? At such meetings the majority of guests attending with zero information and thinking what it is: – to find a new job (interview) – to drink beer with friends, – to discuss some version of a traditional business. As a result, you spent a lot of his time and took it from people who: a) does not need a business, they do not want to change my life, and b) not interested in online business as such.

So Paulo

In May, finally, the creation of jobs came back to increase in clear way, strengthening the perspective of that the recovery it formal job will have continuity. The industry was the sector of the economy that led the worsening of the market of work in the 2008 end and is also that one in which the acts of contract if have recouped more slowly. This behavior is on to the fact from that it suffers more than what the too much sectors with the fall of the exportations and the done cuts of production aiming at to allow a reduction of the supplies. The adjustment of supplies advanced sufficiently in the majority of the segments of industry in the last months, but over all in the segment of industrial goods it seems not yet to still have if completed – the one that will be able to keep slow, for some months, the recovery of the industrial job. The analysis for regioPela first time in this year, all the regions of the country had had creation of ranks of work with signed wallet. So Paulo was the State that registered the biggest number of acts of contract, adding 44,5 a thousand new legalized employees. In the gathered of the year, 112 a thousand formal jobs in So Paulo had appeared, also the biggest number of acts of contract between the States of the country.

In the month passed, as Been that more it contracted was Minas Gerais, with 37,5 a thousand. The Paran appears in third place, with 11.682 new ranks. The sector of services was what more it pulled the job in So Paulo, with the generation of 17,8 a thousand ranks. After that, the farming activity in the State contracted 16,9 a thousand employed with wallet signed. Although all the regions to have generated jobs in May, nine States they had had more resignations that acts of contract: Alagoas, Amazon, Par, Amap, Maranho, Rio Grande of the North, Sergipe, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul.

Grand Hotel Emerald

Well, the Grand Hotel Emerald – it's probably too classy for example, for our project not require such a serious investment. We look forward to a small bath mid-level it will surely be in demand. But the closed VIP-sauna – it is a bit outdated format. "I would not advise just open it a bath suite, need to know exactly what you will be able to secure the necessary number of customers", – warns us Leonid Arkatov. Calculate the profitability of the saunas in one or another mode is not very difficult: a ticket for one-time visitors cost from 200 to 500 rubles, renting premises all 2 000-6 000 rubles per hour.

In a small bath fit 8-15 people. Apparently, to achieve optimal performance is possible, providing good cross-afternoon, and evening and night time selling to rent. Health and entertainment business, which soars: Sale of alcohol is not always brings a profit, but selling strong drinks still have. Otherwise, clients "bring with them" – warns Leonid Arkatov.Itak, all sisters – on earrings! "Soap" should be universal: and recreational, and entertainment. Although the original idea of the execution of the bath can be done and the whole ride. There is a floating restaurant in St. Petersburg, who proudly call themselves "old destroyer" Cadet ".

This is such a of fifteen boat, where you can arrange corporate (and not so corporate) parties. In principle, rent a boat in St. Petersburg there is no difficulty, but that it was a sauna on board as this valiant destroyer – is hard to find.