Logistic Materials

‘ ‘ In accordance with Lacerda (2005, p2): ‘ ‘ logistic reversa is the process of planning, implementation and control of the flow of raw materials, supply in process and products finished (and its flow of information) it consumption point until the origin point, with the objective to recapture value or to carry through a discarding adequado’ ‘ The descartabilidade of a product is that of the beginning to the logistic process of reversa. ‘ ‘ The focus of performance of logistic reversa involves the reintroduo of the products or materials to the chain through the cycle produtivo’ ‘ (KEYS and MARTINS, 2005).

While the Logistic one deals with the flow of the products manufactures x customer, the Logistic Reversa deals with the return of products, materials and parts of the final consumer to the productive process of the company. Had the severe ambient legislation and also for great influence of the society and not governmental organizations, the companies are adopting the use of a bigger percentage of recycled material to its productive process, as well as they had also started to adopt procedures for the correct discarding of the recycled products that cannot be reused or. Recycling is the canal revalorizao reverse where the constituent materials of the discarded products are extracted industrially, changedding into substances secondary or recycled cousins who will be reincorporados to the manufacture of new products (MILK, 2003). Bowersox and Closs (2001: 51,52) present, in turn, the idea of ‘ ‘ Support to the Cycle of Vida’ ‘ as one of the operational objectives of the Logistic modern mentioning itself it the prolongation of Logistic beyond the direct flow of the materials and the necessity to consider the flows in general reverses of products ‘ ‘ 3.Metodologia the carried through research was the quantitative one, to get greater knowledge of the subject, through bibliographical surveys, referring study in field and analysis of the current law to the subject used lubricative oil and of the ways of logistic reversa used for the return in order to recycle products used for the final consumer.

Marcio Anatole

The monarchic government cannot have interference of the power spiritual, since, the performance of the church in the referring subjects to the state is a danger, therefore of the opening so that the subjects recognize the priests as gentlemen, therefore, as well as the sovereign determines the laws, the church also determines laws that compel its faithful to fulfill. Therefore, mondin says that ‘ ‘ Hobbes also attributes to the state absolute sovereignty on the church in faith substance ‘ ‘ (MONDIN, p 117), that is, for the English philosopher, the sovereign is above of the power spiritual, therefore above of the state alone if he finds God, not even the eclesiais authorities catholics are above of it, therefore the state alone exists in function of the sovereign. Consideraes final Therefore, Hobbes defends of consistent way the monarchic absolutism as consequence it social contract established by the men in sight of the guarantee of the peace, therefore, the man in its natural state is egoistic. When firming the agreement the men lose its total freedom who possuam in the savagery state and pass to be overwhelmd by the authority of the sovereign. Bibliographical references MONDIN, Baptist. Course of philosophy. (translation Benni Lemos).

David Riesman

The corollary is the dictatorship. In order to find the balance between freedom and democracy, it must to exist respect by the fellow and the laws. It is required generally of civic instruction and education. The European of the east managed to enter the correct democratic channel, due to their greater level of qualification, their obedience to the authority and, to the sad memory that left the Comunism. Half of Europe got rid of its tyrants in the last 30 years and progresses with remarkable success.

Until some of the most reactionary Marxists they recognized its failure and they decided on the market economy, approaching the social democracy. They understood that the basic principle of the socialism: that all the men are equal, is mistaken. We are equal before the eyes of God, but in the routine character of the life the differences are evident. Sociologist David Riesman said: the idea that the men were created free and equal is as much true as deceptive: the men were created different; they lose his social freedom and individual autonomy looking for to become equal an the other. The balance between freedom and democracy can only be given in responsible societies with high ethical sense, where the individual and the State recognize the individual and collective rights, respect the laws and invest developing intellectual. In Latin America the laws to live in freedom and democracy are written, those that are destroying the system are the authorities, that do not respect them make nor them fulfill. original Author and source of the article.

The Experience

The report raises that the creation of this new educative model demands the revision in depth of the systems present and pasts, since the new model appears in principle enabled to solve these limitations. Particularly, these technologies applied to the education will allow to individualize formation until today inconceivable ends, at the same time as they will integrate the sensorial dimension of the knowledge as until now it has been obtained never with the advanced systems of education more. Another one of the advantages is that the knowledge will become something irresistible by the form in which is acceded to its contents, at the same time as the new system will be an inexhaustible source of excitation of the curiosity, which in theory would devastate with the indifference that today catches to generations of students, demotivated by a rigid and apathetic educative system. Important when one comments, that limitations of the present educative system can be solved modifying the learning process to adapt it to requirements very distinguished, in accordance with the restlessness of each one of the students, who expand thanks to the deep experimentation that will represent the acquisition of all knowledge. The increasing use of the senses will balance in theory the excessive intellectual and technical dimension of the present knowledge, to the same time that will foment the creativity because the students will be able to choose between endless possibilities to solve problems that will not be abstract, but as real as the situations that happen in the real life, recreated in virtual worlds with the unique intention to increase the experience of the apprentice. To a great extent, this system will finish with the great limitation of the present education, that throws every year to the market of work to million young people with a great preparation, but devoid of a experience that has been years to them of running.