Psychology In Business

Greetings my dear reader and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. A brief content about the relationship that has the folk psychology with the theme of business and investments.This recommendation is essential for the development of our economic intelligence and that of our financial future. Continue reading Ten in mind that this article has been written based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading compulsorily to take advantage of everything of value that it contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. () By opting for financial freedom, we knew that we couldn’t find a sense of security that an employment could never provide. That made sense for us. The unique obstacles in our way were our thoughts driven by emotions.

() – Within the quadrant that was Robet Kiyosaki and his wife Kim financial security was only possible and true from the point of view of obtaining freedom financial, since getting a job and not knowing when it will be fired no was security but financial uncertainty. () Thoughts that sounded logical but that did not make sense in the long term. The good news is that once we did the transit, old thoughts stopped shouting and new thoughts that we wanted to became our reality the thoughts of the quadrants D I. () – They managed to move from one quadrant to another with success and not only that, their reality was now much better than before and much better which were before telling him to seek employment of truth and begin to work and not just Robert Kiyosaki has gone through this – but many successful people that we see today and they are worldwide known for the value you bring. It can be very redundane but I recommend educate themselves financially, especially being a self-taught since these issues do not learn in any side – but that is combined with the experience and favourable economic results are obtained.

Attract Individuals

Success, in any plane of life, is tremendously stimulating, always in when not based on competition. Success encourages more success, and stimulates more still to whoever observes it, is contagious. When we create success, it attracts towards us other people willing to cooperate, because they are looking for the same as us and they know that the conjunction will be positive for both. The Alliance friendly and cooperative of two or more creative minds, far from adding effects, infinitely multiplies them. without a doubt that associated will be positive for both parties. But how to attract these people? It is very simple: sending clear messages that you’re a successful person. Lo honesty most important of all: speaks always, but always honestly. You don’t no need to mislead anyone to go further.

Don’t why exaggerate your success nor always speak of hundreds of billions of dollars, or that you’re a friend of the President, or that you have super important influences, etc. All, without exception, have unique and valuable qualities that will be of interest of itself to people who want to partner with us. We don’t have to impress anybody, just have to discover and display our exceptional qualities that everyone has. In addition, if the other person is so incredulous to be impressed, definitely not much interested to do business. In addition, if we show something that we are not, sooner or later we will be discovered.

Positive attitude then accept honesty as a prerequisite to succeed, provided that talk about our affairs business, we will have to do so passionately positive. There is always something good to highlight in the things we do.Complaining is hateful for which listens and self-destructive for that expresses it. The partners are very important, so bring them in a positive way and not through criticism. Not attempt to lie or cheat never. We are all unique in our qualities and need not deceive anyone, the only thing we have to do is let us know. If a business does not sale is only because it goes out the other better later. Adapted from the Gospel according to St. money of Gustavo Ekroth.

Michael Porter

The wealth of a country does not depend on its wealth of natural resources, but the capacity of its people to generate new ideas, said Michael Porter when I was in College, more than 20 years ago and I believed him. Before the age of 25 he had tried to start a flower shop, a bakery and a software for lawyers, failure after failure came to the conclusion that I am average gross. Years later, when lifting the look, I realize that my classmates and acquaintances who achieved economic success were those developed as employees of large companies. The few who rode his company were those who had family with deep pockets. My friends who tried to be entrepreneurs without enough pocket or enough Pope, ended up suffering horrible.

I suggest the reader to do the exercise with their acquaintances. I feel that it is easy to sell the idea that among more companies in the country, there are more jobs, more families pay their bills, more money for the CCSS, more taxes for the Government, and in general more social stability that makes that all vivamos mejor. Therefore born the concern to understand the reasons which make it so difficult to create a new company in my country (with success). The following paragraphs are intended to put to reflect the reader in this topic: 1. it is not enough to have many, many, many want to have an own business, should be something special (extraordinary and different) you people need. Scholars in the field call it competitive advantage.

Facebook people earned extraordinary profits because he did something extraordinary for the society, approached us at all. 2 It is very expensive to start a new business because at the beginning entrepreneur (SMEs) makes many mistakes, and must learn all the details of the business. For this reason, only 1 out of every 5 new companies go beyond the first 5 years of life.

Generating Traffic

Another effective way of generating traffic to our Web site is through the publication of promotional Videos in sites dedicated to publishing and sharing videos, such as and many others that you can find on the internet through a search on your favorite search engine, where you can choose the sites that you like to publish your videos. Promotional Videos are not, necessarily, be videos created by professionals, moreover, create promotional videos is very easy. It is more likely that if you have a computer that is not very old, you already have the basics in it to create your videos. One of the ways of generating traffic using this technique is creating and distributing multiple videos on the same theme, i.e. on the subject to which your business is dedicated.

This topic could be business internet, accounting, finance, gardening, damages of smoking, etc. More videos, more visits and views of these will have and, so, more visits to your links. When I speak of videos promotional, no I mean, specifically, to videos that generate immediate sales; generally speaking, it’s videos focused on the preventaya of our own product or an affiliate program. Using the theme of accounting, for example, you could record a series of videos which describes, in a practical manner and with real examples, what are the assets of a company. In this video will place the link to our website, blog, own product, or product of affiliate.

This is an example; However, the effectiveness of the promotional videos will depend on their creativity and imagination. Greater creativity on your part, more visitors will see your videos and make click on their links. Don’t forget to include a captivating title for your video and a link in the resource box of your page. Previously I mentioned that, probably, you already have the necessary equipment for the creation of their videos, in a manner particularly could mention the Windows Movie Maker program, which is not difficult to use and from which, you can find many tutorials on the internet, through a careful search.


Education systems that presented us as a success, but in reality it is a way to stifle creativity and to decrease the productive capacity of the people. For Robert Kiyosaki (millionaire businessman and author of the book rich parent poor dad), be emprededor is in the mind, then a summary of his thought: my father told me: the world is full of people who want to be enterprising. They feel after their desktops, have titles that sound important, such as Vice President or Manager, and some even carry a decent wage at home.These assumptions entrepreneurs dream of starting his own business empire and perhaps one day, some will do it. But believe that most will not jump and ten-dran any excuse, any rationalization as a ‘ How-do children grow, or when you have enough money saved “.” But never jump from the plane, I responded, completing his idea. At what level of the game you wish to participate? My Rich Dad went on to explain that the world was full of different types of entrepreneurs. There are large or boys, rich and poor, honest and deshones – cough, for gain and altruistic, Saints and sinners, of small towns and international, as well as successful and failed. The word entrepreneur is an important word and has different meanings to different people.

My father wanted that we understood that anyone can be an entrepreneur. The nanny of the neighborhood is a entrepreneur and also was Henry Ford. Our job is to decide which type of entrepreneur would like to be, both are important to their customers. It is like the difference between football Street, the high school, College and professional, each one has its audience. Main reasons for having an own company being your own boss freedom to choose financial independence the passion of a job that they like to know that is this creating wealth personal appreciation by creating offer products and services useful for other flexible hours Control of her life no risk of losing their jobs Responsibility instead of guilt for work with the sight to grow almost unlimited vacation according to your choice does not have to worry in forced retirement escape from modern-day slavery new relationships problems become opportunities more time with his family and with one same steps to start an own business Business Idea start a business is something very serious.

Complaints And Claims Of Product Quality

The Code sets out a short deadline for termination of service or quality defect, in order to enable the seller to find a short term that the operation is finished. As for the notice period must be distinguished: that in the case of defects, defects in quality or quantity to be apparent, that is, they can be known by the buyer to receive the goods in the first case the buyer must report faults or defects in the act of delivering the goods if you look at, because if you do not report at this time, the buyer loses all rights to claim for this cause. The test may be voluntary or mandatory for the seller requires. If the buyer examines them in the act, being packed, has a period of four days that was to make the reporting of defects or flaws if they are internal, that is, when no faults or defects seanreconociblesen the consideration of the thing at the time of delivery, the buyer has a period of thirty days from this paradenunciarlos. These deadlines may be changed by the will of the parties. The complaint must be made to the vendor or surepresentantede However, because the important thing is that the buyer sudisconformidadcon their attention the provision of services. The effects of the complaint are that the buyer keeps the action to claim against the seller. If the defects are apparent, the buyer can request termination of the contract or sucumplimientoy in either case compensation for damages. If it is hidden actions in this case recognized by the CC in the space of six months from delivery.