How To Increase Sales With ECommerce 2.0

Recently there has been increased interest in the possibilities of electronic commerce on the part of retailers. An increasing number of those who are implementing e-commerce tools and begin to manage business via the Internet. The influx of large numbers of new players stepped up the battle for time and budget buyer. Already past the time when you could just create a good site and waiting for the crowd of visitors. Now it is necessary use a variety of promotional methods to attract visitors. As a result of website promotion has become a complex and significant part of the overall costs of implementing the marketing strategy on the Internet. Nevertheless, to attract visitors is only half the job, even if the visitor is part of your target audience! You, as the owner of e-commerce site, first of all have to deal with the problem convert more visitors into real buyers. This requires several measures.

Unfortunately, a large number of potential buyers for various reasons leave the site even after they put the selected items in the basket. Most site owners largely underestimate the amount of refused customers. When conducting interviews, none of the respondents did not appreciate this portion of these customers in more than 30%. In fact, everything just otherwise! According to various studies, the level of failure for the average e-commerce site is equal to 67%! But those who could become the real buyers and make a purchase. So, what to do to convert the maximum number of site visitors into buyers and increase sales? Consider the latest developments in the Internet, which are united under the name Web 2.0 technologies can be used to increase the functionality of the website and reduce the failure rate from the purchase of already selected items.

Investment Guaranteed

It is likely that you’ve already considered investing in investment funds but is almost certainly one of the things that you been prevented from investing, the fear to lose your savings. Let me tell you that there are investment funds for people in your situation and are precisely guaranteed investment funds. This kind of funds emerged in 1994 as a result of the battle between banks to attract money. While as disadvantages are that this type of funds investment funds are funds in the medium and long term and if you wish to withdraw the investment before the specified period, you must pay a Commission for cancellation, the benefits are many. The main benefit is of course, that these funds guarantee up to 90% of the main investment and profitability, while liquidity is restricted depending on the warranty period. Guaranteed investment funds that are most recommended are those who fail 5 years, in a way that the interests offered by the management entities are according to the current situation and the Outlook for future years. So if you are thinking of investing your money without losing risks, guaranteed investment funds are the best option that you can find. A. Verastegui hold.

Binary Options

You hear much about the international economic crisis, markets that are growing or collapse due to bad government handling, fraud in well-known companies, and so on. Within this macroeconomic context, it is natural that individuals seek how to protect their property, through various strategies. Among the most known and they were widely used until few years ago cash saving, found especially in banks and brokerage houses; It is also common for investment in real estate, so as to ensure that, regardless of the ups and downs of the markets, a terrain, building and other property it could retain the value of the coins that are constantly devalued. Next previous roads, recently has been developing the purchase sale of binary options as a way to make quick investments which, although they are high-risk, promise to give much faster results than investing in futures and other financial instruments of the stock market. From the point of view of the user, binary options are very simple features where the results are plainly correct or not.

This way, when a person wants to invest in such instruments, you need only make a forecast that certain shares, currencies or products (like oil or coffee) will increase or decrease its value during the next hour. In the event the outcome is successful, the investor may earn up to 85% of the money invested. Thus, the user has on his computer screen a list of products on which can predict their behaviour in very short times and thus give your money a use other than that traditionally has had to invest in real estate or in the development of a trade or factory, for example. These ways of investing involve possess certain sums of money (depending on the rotation of the business) and are investments that also include many hours of hard work and dedication, as opposed to binary options. While this is a path whose effectiveness has been proven, not everyone want to take the long road and that requires dedication and patience. Those wishing to explore this new instrument will need to find a broker of binary options to them access to an account where deposited money and be able to make predictions in all kinds of products and companies.


At the present time, where there is mistrust in stock markets, with a financial picture of lack of liquidity, with insecurity if my savings are stashed, weakness in currencies, economic recession, of asustantes unemployment rates, in records of regulation, bankruptcy of banks, of not understanding of the market, fear, insecurity, of approval of State measures on an urgent basismany investors are who decide to take refuge in gold and precious stones. Proof of this is the auction which will take place on 10 December by Christie s where will go on auction a Mongolian diamond of India origin and which was given her as a wedding gift to the Infanta Maria Teresa, daughter of Felipe IV, with Leopoldo de Austria. Who also looks in the box of Velazquez las Meninas. It is difficult to put a price on this gem, because value history must unite the rarity of color, making it virtually a unique jewel and without forgetting the 35.56 carats of weight. Experts predict that this diamond Wittelsbach will exceed 11 million euros. Another test that investors take refuge in precious metals, is the spectacular rise that is experiencing especially the gold and the silver.