The Combustion

In 1959 were launched in the market vertical Cochran series II boilers with thermal efficiencies and a great production of steam for its size. His operation could be fully automatic, both operating with liquid fuels as solids. The improvement in materials and manufacturing processes resulted in more tubes could be installed in each unit, thus resulting the trellis package boiler. These boilers are classified according to the number of steps; that is, according to the number of times that the hot products of combustion pass through the boiler. The most common design corresponds to the boilers of three steps, being the first one combustion chamber and the following two steps through the tubes. Years later arise the boilers of reverse flame where the combustion chamber is shaped like a thimble; the burner is installed at its end normally open below the Center. The flame back on itself within the combustion chamber to return toward the front of the boiler.

Smoke tubes surround the thimble and allow the passage of hot products of combustion to the rear part of the boiler and the chimney. By the end of the twentieth century different engineers begin to develop the biomass boilers that comply with a number of technical principles that lead to a complete combustion with low emissions, high efficiency and used as fuel biomass, i.e. residues of organic matter that are renewable fuels, such as: Pellet, bones shells of walnuts and almonds, olivesremains of prunings, firewood is dry trees, etc. In these times the biomass boilers are the most used in all domestic and industrial areas because they have the advantages of using more economic and generous with environmentally friendly fuels. Original author and source of the article


To all us it has passed going out and receiving a pamphlet in hand. The formula of distribution in hand is of the more common forms of publicity distribution and than they have more difficulty. Normally when they speak to us of distribution in hand always we associated all type of advertising elements, bonds, pamphlets, plastic cards, printed flatteries, envelopes, samples, newspapers, magazines . At time of crisis this action of distribution in hand very frequently usually occurs in centers public, special events, places where great masses of people move. He is frequent also to observe like people once received the pamphlet, passed introduce it to meters in the first wastebasket who crosses itself in her way.

When it happens this we know that she was not a potential client. And in the occasions that this happens the effort is no the suitable answer. For this reason, at the time of realising this type of campaigns, the companies do a very meticulous analysis identifying their clients, and on the basis of it to realise in a site or another one the distribution in hand and if is not possible, to realise a buzoneo, distribution of publicity, distribution in hand, poming perching, buzoneo door door or a distribution of samples. We do not have to forget that all action direct marketing must be based on a directed strategy to secure the objective. The campaigns of distribution in hand, depend much on a structuring of the marketing campaign. The study of the sites has a very excellent importance where it is going away to come to this distribution.

Private Label Rights

Basic concepts about the rights of resale rights Private Label exist and rights private label (PLR), is very important to know the differences. Basically, resell rights allow you to resell a product and raise 100% of income for you. In contrast, Private Label rights, known with the acronym PLR allow you to edit the product, modify, add or delete, making them a new product that belongs. Vamosestudiar this a little more in depth: unrestricted rights Private Label is the most flexible way of all rights and probably the most profitable. Practically you can do whatever you want with these products, including rename them, place your name as author in them or include it in a package along with other products.

Regararlo can if you want or sell it with resale rights or also with rights Private Label. How dangerous this type of rights is that nothing prohibits customers the same product to sell that same day at half price and steal so all their sales. Rights Private Label Similar to the unrestricted you can rewrite, edit and place your name on them. But they usually have some limitation, as can not be marketed within the package where acquires them, not give them free of charge, etc. Master resale rights these rights allow you to resell the product but not edit it in any way. You cannot place your name in them and you cannot edit its contents. When the resale rights are Master also can sell resell rights and even also offer Master resale rights, allowing their customers to resell the product with resale rights. Resale rights are the simplest rights and although very profitable, are limited with respect to Private Label rights. You cannot change a word of the content nor does not offer resale rights. Where get PLR (Private Label) content in Spanish? original author and source of the article.

Complementary Providence

The sentence of 4 Pole of the Work of So Lus, pronounced for the female judge Solange Cristina Steps of I castrate, considered that only the Deliberative body of the entity could promote the removal. The Fascemar is responsible for the complementation of the retirement of about 600 pensioners of the Cemar, beyond receiving contributions from 1.200 employed ones that they are in the active. By this reason, the resources that are applied under its responsibility must be kept in conditions of security and yield that they assure the complementation of the current pensioners and of that they will go to retire in the future. The concentration of investments in an only financial institution was considered very risky for the company Risk Office, who analyzes the risk of the investments carried through for the deep ones of private providence, beyond disregarding the rules of the Secretariat of Complementary Providence, reasons for which the direction of the Fascemar if had refused to transfer to R$ 40 million its applications to the Pactual Bank, company of where came the vice-president of the Cemar, Carlos Pianni, and the integrant one of the Advice of Administration, Gilbert Sayo. The pensioners of the Energy Company feared that this concentration of resources in the Pactual Bank could represent a risk for the patrimony of the Fascemar, therefore the Bank arrived to offer an application without collection of administration tax, to the similarity of what he made the Bank Saints to the eves of the intervention for the Central banking. The officers of Justice had been in the Cemar to assure the reintegration of the managing president, but the company only received the summon, without accomplishing the return of Antonio Euzbio. The forwarding of the female judge foresees fine of a wage of the president per each day of descumprimento of the decision. The decision to reintegrate Antonio Euzbio was commemorated by the Association of the Pensioners of the Cemar and for the Union of the Urbanitrios of the Maranho.A RiskOffice it has as the one of its partners economist and consultant Marcelo Rabbat, specialized at risk of Credit and Risk of Market, that also is managing of the PR& , The consultoria one of investment..

Direct Sales

The direct sales are a popular choice for the career of many people in this context of econmica crisis and it does not have nothing motivante than to be successful. The success of the direct sales also if must to the fact of that company (Avon, Vegas Cosmetics, Oriflame, etc.) has come to be each better time acceptances for the customers. thus being is normal to have people who make of this activity its gain bread. In the reality, much people bought its house/car with the profits proceeding from the direct sales. But as they make this? He continues reading and you go to discover. Tips to have good results with direct sales: Either organized and rentabilize its time – if it does not forget that time is money. When one is about sales direct, each minute that you spend, is one euro lost.

You will have to manage its time well you enter the marking of meetings, quarrels of the product, quarrels in group, beyond its proper personal activities. He defines how much he wants to earn with its business – He thinks about annual a monthly value/and works to reach it. If he will be necessary it writes its goals in a paper, and rereads them periodically to strengthen the desire and to remain themselves motivated. It does not fall in the error of wanting the impossible one. It divides them in goals of short and long stated period.

It faces the day the day with positive thought To have a positive attitude contributes sufficiently to reach good results. In the sales some times the results are below of the waited one, but in all the most important case it is to keep the positive thought. Mount its office – it can be a space in its habitation. To have a proper place to work will go to increase its productivity. To have a work space is also a motivation to work more. Management of the finances – In the direct sales, it is important to manage the money well. This occurs because its income mainly is based on commissions of sales of products. This type business-oriented also has the flowing multilevel, that it allows to gain money through the formation and training of groups of sales. Either livened up (a) – This means that you have that to show to its potential customers that you exactly believe the product/service that you are trying to vender. To have resulted visible it will have that to strengthen itself sufficiently and above all to face the activity with much seriousness. For who it wants to initiate a business without great investments nor great risks, the direct sales could be a good choice.

Company Tips

Today the use of machines coffee companies in this increasingly widespread. Almost 80 employees feel more satisfied and more appreciated when they have of their enterprises vending machines. While the company saves in the long breakfast in the morning is also another aspect to keep in mind. There are machines vending for each type of business. From law firms to large companies, the range of machines for coffee in the market is wide enough to cover each hole.

To hire machines coffee, you must have in mind the following considerations. Buy a machine of coffee or coffee or hiring the service of an external company that offers that service. Buy a coffee machine has the advantage that the cafes can be offered at a much reduced price. It has the great disadvantage that don’t have technical assistance. This factor is extremely important taking into account that both the machine coffee as the coffee maker espresso need a care very specific, if what is intended is offers a quality coffee. Free coffee? Each more and more companies offer free coffee to their employees. It gains in productivity and saves much time quality and breakfasts.

The provider ensures a much more careful and selective service since the machine vending is highly cost-effective and always interested in maintaining this types of customers. If the company prefers not to pay its employees coffee, make sure that the vending machine has a system wallet suitable. You must make sure that the machine will be enough used and thus ensure profitability to the service provider. Not worth to deceive the provider with misleading expectations of consumption since everything can build dissatisfactions in both the owner of the machine as in the workers. If no machine is cost-effective, both coffee and the service supplied are not the proper.