Lincoln Memorial

In the category of 'The funniest April Fool's bike' leading English news channel BBC. Laugh of the BBC's 57th year, let in a live broadcast transmission, which tells where do spaghetti. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted on this topic. According to the comedians, spaghetti seedlings grown on low and hang down in clusters from the trees! And they say, because of the mild winter in the country have gathered a stunning crop of spaghetti! Just a few months later, the calls to the editors channel literally 'broke off' phone BBC called the people who were eager to find out more about this useful tree in the home. Respectable second place were the Swedes. Click Electrolux to learn more. During the live broadcast of local television channel, veteran technician assured me that if the stretch nylon stockings on ch.b. TV receiver, the TV is quite possible to get to be a color! Some of the Swedes' wilt 'in this funny and' April Fools' day ', nylon stockings were sold at inflated prices obviously! Very funny joke happened in the U.S., April 1 control eateries Taco Bell in a TV show, said that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell (one of the symbols of American independence)! Many of angry patriots all day U.S. Starbucks takes a slightly different approach. crammed into the white house, but there the secretary and myself appreciated the joke was not opposed to a joke! Secretary to the President not only insisted that it was for real, but laughed at by angry Americans! He assured the people that together with the bell had been sold and the Lincoln Memorial! According to him, the monument has been sold at the Ford-and Ford intends to apply the historical site for the promotion of their own cars! This is how fun those who have ability to roam on to this! It turns out that politicians and journalists are not alien to the sense of humor. Sometimes, even a very good sense of humor!

Office Air Conditioning

At a time when nearly 80% of entrepreneurs have their own office, many people want to improve the working conditions of their employees. And not least there is a normal, comfortable microclimate in rooms where people work. Most appropriate, is seen buying and installing the office or at the enterprise, the conditioner, the so-called – Split-system. But taking the decision to buy air conditioners, many stops that sooner or later, many are changing their offices – moving into more spacious, or buy your own. A set of old office Split-system will have to leave.

This is for a simple solution. When you move, you take the air conditioner with you. Take with you to a new office can conditioners following configurations: Split systems Multi split systems air conditioners Window air conditioners Ducted air conditioners Cassette Floor and Ceiling air conditioners Roof air conditioners Column air conditioning and forced-air exhaust vent. Installation. How to do it – if you buy and install air conditioners, for example in our company's Climate Service, you are given a warranty card, which you can order the demolition and new Split system installation in your new office, at a discount of 50%. When removing the old split-system, you leave only the old pipes and wires, and the very split-system (which includes outdoor and indoor unit) you take with you. When installing the air conditioner in our new office, you will have to pay for the new "freon" pipes and electrical wire. Do not forget to call to him our manager, to produce the arrangement of your split-system. Our company is selling and installing air conditioners in St. Petersburg, and in flax. Area.


We, the teachers of informatics, are the owners of the individual, 'his' cabinet. How to make it 'favorite? "To do this, remove it from the negative energy and breathe in his – a woman, bright, calm, understanding, loving. The first step is your desk! Urgent climb the boxes and shelves of your desktop! Those things that you do not use the last week, clear out – in a cabinet or even in vybroste.Na leave the table only a computer, a minimum of stationery. Magazine, abstract lesson, notebooks, folders, images themselves on your desk during working dnya.Materialy previous lesson try to immediately remove at the end of mesto.Posle full working day to clear the table all the papers – untested reservoir tests, lecture notes, all sorts of plans and other 'urgent matters' let waiting for their turn at the desk or cabinet. They do not need to 'crush' on you tomorrow before a working dnya.Chtoby table was for you 'to your loved ones' put on him must live flower, and any toy or figurine. You'll see – they will be great to support you during lessons! Now go to shkafamMoi cabinets – my fortune! They contain a folder with the development of lessons, with exercises for practice and tests, reference books, textbooks, all sorts of documents on arrangement of the cabinet, the most successful operation of my uchenikov.Na every vacation I went through the contents of closets, and has always recruited pretty impressive bunch of useless garbage! Do not let the rubble in the cabinet to select your energy! Make it so that you it was nice to open the cabinet doors and see that your precious materials are neatly in their places.

Business Idea: Office Paper From Wheat Straw

Initially, office paper can be made of wood or be the result of processing is already used paper, but when it comes to producing large quantities for its production still used wood. Trying save tens of millions of trees from this fate, the company Nature's Paper offers an alternative that uses the remaining chaff from the wheat. When harvested wheat, in most cases, use only the grain that becomes the raw material for such products as flour and cereals. Remains of the bevel, ie wheat straw, typically left in the fields to decompose or fed to livestock. Company Nature's Paper collects remnants of straw and converts them into pulp. At the same time the straw is also used for the production of organic bio-fuel, which helps companies heat water in production. During the bleach used chlorine and sodium. The company currently produces office paper A4 and A3. Its quality is no different from paper produced from wood.

Director General Company

Providing a registered office at favorable terms. It's no secret that in modern Russian legislation is practically no definition of "domicile." To date, This concept involves the location of the executive body of the company. It is the practice, registration of legal entity assumes an indication of the actual location of the firm. This is done for convenience tax and other inspection bodies. However, the dynamic market conditions dictate their own terms, so companies often change their actual addresses, but it requires management to make appropriate Ltd. changes in the constituent documents. This procedure assumes that the time-consuming and unnecessary headaches associated with the passage of all the bureaucratic authorities. But all this can easily be avoided if take advantage of legal addresses a confirmation. Andreessen Horowitz has compatible beliefs.

Our company has extensive experience working with owners of commercial real estate, so you will always have the opportunity to choose any legal address (g IMoskovskaya Moscow region). The relevant section of the site you can find a list of current offerings. Provision of legal address can receive verification of fiscal authorities and banking services security. When a contract for mail service you will receive correspondence that comes to the legal address. Upon expiration of the contract to change the legal address can always be extended. The process of buying a legal address is very simple. .. All you need to provide the following information: Name of company's legal form, name of the Director General; Contact details (postal address, phone number, e-mail) TIN and bank details. Our kompaniya'BIZNES and Right 'has extensive experience in providing legal addresses. During this time, we have established the necessary connections and guarantee the successful solution to your problem. The new legal address – this is the successful continuation of business and no hassle.

Office Meeting Room

Office meeting room – the location is very important because we can apply quite "human" adage – "meet on clothes." By design, the room in which vital decisions are taken and signed lucrative contracts, should be taken extremely seriously, not forgetting about the sense of humor. Fear anonymity! A common mistake customers is as follows: assuming a solid people, they prefer to see negotiating overly conservative. But the dark color and extremely "strict" furnishings are not always conducive to a constructive dialogue. Modern office space psychologically "crush" on employees of their gloom and vague. Do not think that a vase of vibrant colors to distract "negotiators" to the workflow.

Create a mood of easy informality, putting on the table, ceramic or glass dish with bright orange oranges, or decorate walls of creative posters. Thus you can share your mood with our partners. It is not necessary when you make a wall to get involved in various special regalia and diplomas. Of course, You can hang a pair of "slips of pride" in the showy part, but do not use the documents as the only adornment. As "well-lighted" For some reason, meeting rooms are often satisfied in room without windows.

This is incorrect. In the "windowless" space, according to psychologists, people feel uncomfortable. In order not to interfere with sunlight, you can just hang on the window blinds. If for any reason meeting room will still assign a "blind" environment, you must take care of the artificial light. It should be moderately bright, and even better than multilevel.

Choosing Office Furniture

How to choose office furniture? All who encountered this problem, surely there is a lot of their own ideas and a lot of advisers. You will want all the furniture would look like new for at least several years, but Thus you would not mind throwing her when she loses appeal, or simply out of fashion. Designers will tell you what forms and colors are harmonious, the environmentalists – the need to use simple natural materials, medicine – the ergonomics requirements imposed on the furniture. All will be right, but this problem usually has only a theoretical solution. Each buyer chooses the furniture according to the profile activities, with his taste, given the size of the premises and their financial capabilities. But it turns out that there are a number of general requirements for any office furniture: – First, the reliability in use (it will probably be used much more intensively and less carefully than any other furniture for the home), – Second, the versatility of design because only a small part of it will have a permanent owner or avoid changes in the other room – Third, convenience, reliability and attractiveness of the exterior. This will allow you and your staff happy to get to work and were reluctant to leave the workplace, and the cost is negligible compared to the benefit of increase the attractiveness of your office. – Fourth, a wide range of subjects in this series of office furniture.

Perhaps now you buy a simple and very small package, but then you need to modify the working place, install the new computer equipment and you should be sure to have a lot of variety of designs in the series (tables curvilinear forms, tables and cabinets with doors, hatchback, stands for office equipment, file boxes, etc.) For this reason, try to deal with companies with a solid reputation and long-term plans for the future. – Fifth, check the productive capacity of those who offer you office furniture. You may be a need for special individual designs or revision of furniture. This option is best to anticipate and discuss in advance. In a first approximation, office furniture is divided into "corps" (tables, cupboards, cabinets, etc.). and "soft" (chair, chairs, sofas). The above-mentioned principles of selection of furniture are common to these two groups, however, there are specific advice.

Office Rent

Virtually every ad to be allowed in the media potential landlords, brokers react very mobile rental process. The mediator feels fine, “the appropriate ad,” which will bring him another income and time to quickly grab for himself the coveted object, while you are agonizing over wondering numerous offers office rental, analyzing the information shared in the ad offers. And in this situation, a potential tenant can not be accused of sluggishness. After all, not without significance that the information on “Rent” nimble mediators have been long before the new newspaper will be in booth number and from distributors press. Yes, it’s “decency” receiver of the ads that brilliantly engaged in selling information about renting the wrong hands. What is not good, hidden taxes, a mini-business? In this case, the wage employees do not face the challenge to their “mold” is reliable and 100% accurate. Well, everyone needs money, and fair if the work is actually – well know …? A mediator? He is looking for, and he kind of rights. It is his earnings.

So the blind trust in the new, straight from the tin press release is not worth it, you just lose your time, nerves, and not reaching the desired result. Therefore, one way out. You need a rent office – go directly to owners of office. And your problem will be solved with a huge percentage of probability. Do not think this article is not calling you forever give up the desire to buy and see the new issue of newspapers that carry the information load ad your desired angle. Just want to wish you only hoped for his intuition, mobility and ability to make a decision without the services of brokers and would-be newspaper, which sometimes cost the price of paper laden small text .

Office Furniture Savings

Once you have decided to renovate the interior of your office and picked up a rough style and color of the furniture, it's time to think about the resources required for the purchase thereof. However, many already have a certain amount of money on you can buy furniture for your office. (Similarly see: Douglas R. Oberhelman). Here, at this stage and you may run into a rather unpleasant factor is the furniture that is really like and it fits perfectly into the interior of your office space costs exorbitant money, and that, what is cheap, and it would seem, would be suitable for you, her eyes just are not looking, what do you do in this situation? Allow this situation can only with some compromise. The first thing to do is to consult with the seller if they have furniture that you liked some analogues, if you choose furniture for the staff in your office of such series as: Deanne, or Plasma Studio, made with Italian technology. Then pick up an inexpensive substitute for the Russian production does not take much. Our factories have long made a solid, high-quality office furniture, virtually no different from the Italian counterparts, and for the money, the furniture will cost you interest by 10-20% cheaper. This furniture is not only cheaper but also more practical.

If you after some time will need to complement your interior office of the same series of furniture as you choose, ie, in the same style and color, then with the Russian furniture will have no problems, even after a few years you will buy exactly the same furniture, and she absolutely will not differ from that is already in Your office. The second – an option to save money and still buy what you have chosen, precious, without the use of analogies, so take advantage of this system of discounts. The company 'Forward Line' from the sum of 20 thousand rubles provided an initial discount of 5% coupon, but if your order exceeds 500 thousand rubles, this discount will amount to 15 to 20%. In this case delivery in Moscow for free. So it's also a very good way to buy cheap is what you seek.

And finally, the last way to save money on purchasing office furniture – this is to get to the sale of furniture, ie, when the exhibition sold out the copies or warehouse leftovers. On such sales furniture, as office and hotel for sale, usually at half price. So you can buy your favorite furniture or office furniture hotel fairly inexpensively, saving a decent pile of money. About various seasonal discounts and promotions you can find on our website or by visiting the showroom of office furniture "Forward Line".