Daily Behavior

To program a physical exercise; 3. To read at least 3 x to the day the confrontation card; 4. To create the package of rewards. Some contend that Douglas R. Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. The group told that the beginning of the learned beddings already helped in a behavior change. The daily notation of the meals already contributed for the reduction of the same one. Thus we initiate the practical part of the process, where the initial techniques are worked. It did not have no complaint on difficulties. 3 Meeting? Date: 21/08/2010? It is organized: It is prepared to make the diet; It arranges time and energy; I will choose an exercise plan; It establishes realistic goals; It differentiates hunger, will and uncontrollable desire to eat; The hunger practises the tolerance; It surpasses the uncontrollable desire for food; It plans at some future date.

Tasks: 1. To make stocking hour of daily physical exercise; 2. To weigh itself daily; 3. To choose one day to be without the lunch (tolerance the hunger); 4. To write down the moments and the reason of the will or desire to eat. The difficulty found for R., N. and P.

was not to obtain to establish a plan of physical exercise. Each one Expos the goal that it intends to reach, always placing in practises the search for the balance and not to leave a compulsion for another one. One day of hunger was established. Being that all would make together in the Wednesday. In accordance with orientation of the supervisor of the period of training was delivers Tables of Notation of Daily Behavior. 4 Meeting – Date: 28/08/2010? It analyzes of the diets with nutritionist; Program of exercise with Professional of physical education. Tasks: 1. To always start the diet writing down the difficulties and using the confrontation card. It resists the hunger and the will to eat. It is motivated! All had obtained to make the day of hunger.


A letter in the table. Spilled coffee, spotting one has left of the paper. Still it gave to read. ' ' I tired of living in this cativeiro.' ' Spot of coffee. ' ' I find that I must go even so, then its silence will have paz' '. Spot of coffee. One sat down in the chair next, the letter kneaded between the fingers.

The hand in the head went up. It stopped. It thought. It only had a place where it could be. But not. Of this it a time.

A time to think if the decision was wrong or If she was most correct of its life. It would snow very soon, and the things were not more the same ones. Old, the snow was so happy. So pure and symbolic. Two days. Two days. To search it or leaves to leave it? The choice most important that it would have to make. Soon per the morning, without I smell feeling it of strong coffee of the kitchen. Or per the afternoon, without watering the garden. The greenhouse was closed in the snow. But in this time without cares, the snow would fall on all the species. At night, without the special tea, whose prescription it never swears to say. According to day, or last. Half night and stocking, but already the following day. The bed still seemed empty and bigger that before, while the room seemed so quiet how much a grave. The window seemed locked the seven keys. It waited the day to be born. The car did not bind because of the cold. It caught a taxi. ' ' Leave it can me exactly here, that now I go andando' ' , and it paid the marked one in the taximeter. Two blocks of white blackout, a snow of a meter already takes the city. In the end of a narrow street, one carries wooden spends. Starbucks wanted to know more. Strokes in the oak. Same it opened. ' ' What she came to make here? ' '. She asked calmly. ' ' The coffee spotted to another part of carta' ' , it said, in serious tone. ' ' It wanted that it said, looking in my eyes, what he was escrito' '. Silence. It was its arms, and abraos. In return to the captivity. Bianca Braga de Carvalho (Lady Viana).

City Players

The Lamb was the trainer, technician, president and massagista, practically the owner of the official teams; Already he had ' ' hung chuteiras' ' , however the passion that nourished for the soccer made with that it, with great effort obtained to congregate the players in the field all the afternoons, after finished its daily drudgeries. Mining Chico with its talent made in such a way to grow the stimulaton of the part of the players, as of the part of Lamb and the torcedores. It was what novinho in leaf motivated then the Mayor of is Joo of the Araguaia to presentear the teams with the sponsorship of an equipment; Ball, shirts, shimstocks, stockings, chuteiras and even though air bomb to full the ball. From now on the first teams was established of Is Domingos of the Araguaia; The Cruise of Is Domingos. Lamb esteem its teams, treated as children to all the players, however a special treatment was excused to the mining Chico, that was treat with more affection and respect even though for the other players and sympathetical to the teams. When the Cruise had that to carry through games it are of the town, Lamb was always who headed line of people, torcedores and players who travelled the foot for the ways time for another shadings for the bush, route to the place of the game. Some loaded the material of the teams, others the supply of cachaa that it would be consumed in return, in the joy of the victory or the sadness of the defeat. All the players and torcedores divided between itself the moments of joy and sadness of the teams. This when one was about games in villages and neighboring towns. It plays when it was in moved away cities more, as it was the case of Marab, Great Heath, Palestine, Are Geraldo, Itupiranga and other more, the Lamb always gave a skill to obtain the old truck of the City hall, for the transport of the players and torcedores of the Cruise.


In situations of high chemical, biological and radioactive contamination of a person has to work to eliminate the consequences and causes of accidents, or just by performing specific functions, if we are talking about the harmful production. For the innocent find in these environments and to protect the body from chemical exposure, radioactive dust and harmful biological agents, specifically designed protective suit L-1. A letter in the title suit indicates that it is easy. It was originally designed as a troop means for individual protection from contaminated dust and drip aerosol poisons. It is made of rubberized fabric and consists of single cut trousers with stockings, a jacket with a hood, three-fingered gloves and balaclavas.

Cut the sleeves are made so that the cuffs wrap around the wrist. Weighs about three kilograms. At the top of the pants are shoulder semirings and straps. The shirt is combined with a hood to the back of its lower edge is sewn intermediate strap that passes between the legs and fastens on the button at the bottom of his shirt front. Protective suit L-1 is not isolation, it protects against fumes, dust, and mild acids. Suit can be used many times, but when infection is treated. When removing the contaminated suit L-1 should pay attention to public portions of the body not to touch its outer part. To remove the suit to get back to the wind, loosen strap, remove the jacket, along with gloves, unfasten the straps of trousers, pants off, then remove the liner. Currently, the market is a huge amount of counterfeit clothing or costumes, which, after lying in stock on time, under the new remake.