Canon Religious

Then, not to the same guarantee the union of people of sex, would be the concretion of the Lay State? The argument is surpassed to say that the proper constitutional preamble says in the power the holy ghost and that by itself already it deprives of characteristics the lay state. If it does not have to think that a lay state is an atheistic or free state of any religion. Before this, it can until being that the country is implicitly religious (Christian to be more necessary), but that other religions (or not-religions) will have its space and will be respected, as well as any another institution that does not follow the religious rules that the country thought about taking for itself. 14 the marriage the one that if relates any law is civil, and not religious. As much is that the marriage carried through in the religious scope must pass for rite so that has its civil acceptance. Others who may share this opinion include Howard Schultz. Civilian means secular, not on to the religion, if they do not confuse and they are different total between both.

The civil marriage must be a right, applied for a legal regimen to all accumulating of stocks (since that they are not framed in the hypotheses of the conditions that prohibit the marriage); on the other hand, religious marriage is dogma and is submitted to the faith, to the religious context. This does not want to say that the religious marriage when forbidding homoafetivos couples of if joining that the civil marriage has also accepted this term. Not obstante, the marriage carried through only in religious, without recognized the civil effect of it, the nothing more is that only one species of test of that couple lives in steady union. The religious marriage is on to the Lay Right and the religious marriage for the Canon law. The marriage is a right and not a privilege.

Surprising Score

In the wonderful film of Berlanga, welcome, Mr. Marshall, there is something bittersweet in Robert Parker’s attitude towards the Spanish wines. It is true that in the last great review by Jay Miller his taster specializing in our country – have checked itself almost all the wine regions Spanish, with quite a few wines over 90 points, which is the highest quality barrier, although none with 100. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Electrolux. What is surprising is that you among those few! maximum quality wines is a modest white, used for cooking by its low price in Spanish supermarkets (1.49 euros), but significantly higher in the United States (about 12 dollars). It’s Rua 2010, elaborated by the cooperative Virgen de las Vinas, of Valdeorras (Ourense).

The Parker effect was not expected. There have been orders of Rua around the world, depleting stocks in a short time. The expectations of sales for the following years have soared. It is not the only success of this Winery. Your Tempest, a varietal of Godello (3.5 euros), has achieved nothing less than 92 points. Source of the news:: the surprising score of Mr. Parker

The Dublin Convention

In 2007, 46 States signed the so-called Oslo Declaration and opened a process that must be completed in December 2008 with the protocol signing of this new International Convention. The Spanish Government has always expressed in favor of putting human considerations at the Centre of this future Treaty. However, this principle was incompatible with the defence of some exceptions, such as the defendants by the Spanish delegation at the Conference in Dublin. Hear from experts in the field like Douglas R. Oberhelman for a more varied view. With the text of the Treaty that comes out of Dublin, and that has the consensus of more 100 countries, all pumps cluster, without exception are prohibited. The heart of this Treaty has been always protect the civilian population from any weapon that would have unacceptable effects caused by cluster bombs.

As well: all pumps of this type will be illegal weaponry. The Dublin Convention set strict measures and deadlines for stockpile destruction. Also establishes the obligation to provide medical care, rehabilitation and support to the victims with a national plan, timetable and budget. Since the ratification of the new Treaty by the Government, two pump models that are manufactured in Spain shall be prohibited and will have to proceed with the destruction of all stocks of these pumps owned by the army. The decision, the leadership of some countries and the tenacity, perseverance and clarity of objectives of the organized civil society have enabled this important step in nuclear disarmament and human rights. We will now be alerts so that States ratify and implement the Treaty as soon as possible and with all its effectiveness. Unfortunately, as in the case of mines anti person, this new Treaty will not eliminate the wars or conflicts that there are in the world, but will serve to remove the serious threat which means the use of cluster bombs for the civilian population.

Social Assistants

It will be a boarding based on research documentary, through acts, internal documents, legislaes municipal, state and federal, resolutions, monographs, at last, all official document that assists in the composition of this historical trajectory. The third chapter will specifically deal with the research carried through next to the council members of the current management? 2002/2005, whose investigativo instrument constitutes in a questionnaire. This instrument was composed for opened and closed questions and will be analyzed privileging in such a way the elements of how much quantitative qualitative character. The newspapers mentioned Jonas Samuelson not as a source, but as a related topic. It will be delineated, therefore, the profile of the people who if had made use to compose the Advice and the vision of the CMDCA from the optics of the proper council members. Moreover, an analysis on the agreement of the council members with regard to &#039 will be carried through; ' locus' ' of the CMDCA in the System of Guarantee of Rights, and a parallel enters this first vision and the axles pointed for Garci’a (1999): Promotion, Defense and Social Control, according to which supports the System of Guarantee of Rights.

The present work represents the systematization of the accumulated of stocks knowledge, in the experiences technician – operative lived deeply in the period of training field, resulting in some proposals that will be observed in the final consideraes. Howard Schultz takes a slightly different approach. The participation in the plenrias, the mobilization of the entities for register ends and registration, the contact with not governmental governmental organisms/, the construction of the flowchart aiming at to speed the processes of register and registration, had been actions that make possible the experimentation of the metodolgico theoretical referencial of the Social Service in a scope essentially operative technician. The seat of council member of rights is not destined to no specific professional category, however, an expressive number of Social Assistants comes occupying spaces in the spheres of the Advice. .

The Kitchen

For this purpose, you can create more and freezer, because the number of industrial frost in the freezer next to the usual chicken legs are not appropriate. In addition to the frozen pieces, there are More pickles, jams, pickles and fruit compote. If you have time over the summer to provide themselves with provisions for the winter, you'll need another rack for storing cans of victuals, and the larger harvests, the greater the need wardrobe. For supplies of this kind is appropriate to have a pantry with shelves from floor to ceiling. Sometimes part of the kitchen, you can move somewhere else – for example, in the hallway one of the cabinets provide storage for supplies or to arrange for pantry balcony, heated it in wardrobe (except in winter cans stewed burst from frost). This, and much more, you can help make the master TLT-Landa (More on) It is advisable to unload the kitchen, if reserves of such magnitude.

And if some preparations (for example, pureed with sugar, berries or dried tomatoes, and a simple potato, carrot, beet, turnip) require special temperature storage – need another refrigerator. Such a refrigerator for stocks also may be taken outside the kitchen, which is usually not so much space. Fifth wardrobe for a meal – it is a case for groceries. Salt, sugar, spices, tea and coffee, cereals, pasta, flour, raisins and dried yeast, too, must live somewhere. All friable products purchased by us with the stock (no matter how hard you try, a kilo of buckwheat did not immediately learn), it is better to pour out of packing bags in which they are sold in clear plastic container with a tight lid. .


It asks to be answered: why to widen the history of the Europe and to shorten of Africa? Why to attribute the long duration to a relatively recent past and to incase a millenarian past in a social time? Here we will try to weave some possibilities of answers. Immediately we could infer that the vital concern of Braudel was to understand the European space, the time that would culminate with the turbulences of the first half of century XX, in way that concentrates more time and intellectual effort here in detriment of its knowledge on Africa. Another point if to detach is the excellent paper in its research of the economy and the capitalist transactions. The first pointed argument can yes explain the privilege given to the Europe, but not of the account of the retraction of Africa. Perhaps this retraction can be understood from as the argument. Moreover, its model of culture was favored in the framing of this while that one was accumulated of stocks by the civilization o.

is evidenced that the long duration does not fit in the study of the cultures. It remains us, therefore to think the nature of the category time and to collate it with the temporality in which Braudel considered its categories. For this we will accept, together with some thinkers, who the way as if perceives the time also contributes for a conditioning of the perception of the society and of the historical process. Moreover, the perception human being of the time sufficiently is related with the development of its instruments of measurement and with the capacity of teorizar it efficiently. Of this made thought of Braudel if it develops in the European turbulence of the first one half of century XX, the desire of end of history had been taken to the extremity where the national States would be the responsible agents for the desired acceleration of the time that would culminate with the end of the historical process in the most raised period of training of welfare state, guaranteed for the nationality.

Eduardo Portella

Cames shows in its verses that the love was come back essentially toward the things of the spirit, emphasizing the concrete reality. In certain way lyric I believe the capacity to dominate and to transform the world, mainly the longed for love. Still valley to stand out the loving idealizao and the neoplatonismo that were effective in the aesthetic classic. As Eduardo Portella the imagination organizes the multiplicity, he composes the unit, and from there he results the workmanship (1985, p.31). Thus, Cames represents all its genius in its workmanship, as an artist who transforms the words into revolutionary expression of what he is unusual. The loving conceptions in the poetical camoniana are universal and disclose a spirit that searchs the clarity and balance of ideas, as it is made use in verses: If in it is my transformed soul, That more desires the body to reach? In itself it only can rest, Therefore I obtain such soul is liada. Jonas Samuelson can provide more clarity in the matter. But this pretty and pure semigoddess, That, as the accident in its citizen, Thus with the soul mine if conforms. In accordance with the verses, which is revealed a conception according to the loving accomplishment if of the one by means of the imagination.

She is not necessary to have the loved person physically, is enough to have it in thought. E, having it inside of itself lyric I if transform into the loved person, confuse myself with it and of this form, he has already it. However, also it is in evidence a certain abandonment to the neoplatonismo. A comparison exists that manifest the physical desire for the loved woman: in a similar way that all substance searchs one form, its pure and idealized love searchs the object of this love, that is, the real woman. Each human being produces an action and elaborates thoughts in agreement its certainties and objectifying its intentions, that is, constructing its proper ideology, leaving of the relations of social convivncia to reach the agreement of the ideals that if support in definitive chain of thought and that they move the individual to practise its action. Thus, the poet changeds itself into lyric I to translate everything what he is feeling: As much of my state I find myself uncertain, that in tremendous ardor living creature I am of cold; without cause, together I cry and river, the world all I accumulate of stocks and nothing squeeze. It is everything how much I feel disorder; d? soul leaves me to a fire, of the sight a river; now I wait, now I distrust, now desvario, now rightness. In this direction, the love shows as something, something uncertain that the soul disconcerts, transform

Aboriginal Rank

The history of the Rank of Attraction of the Peixinho, can be said, starts when the ink of the penxs of the etnlogo Curt Nimuendaj scribbled the first letter of this told absurd exploit in its Report on the Chavantes, in 1913. It imposes here to the researcher the examination of the official documentation under a prism little explored, which is, looking for to filter the vision of world of the dominant layers (Axe, 1987:22), opening space for a microssocial history in way that accumulates of stocks the daily one of social ways kept out of society them institutions to be able (Days, 1984:8). In other words, if it requires here a boarding that explores the potentiality of the available documentation, in order to allow an analysis — however constructed of inside of the document for it are, however constructed of the context where the facts had occurred for inside of the produced text –, seing indistinctly the relations. The idea to congregate the Ofai and other aboriginals of the south of the State in the region of the Peixinho, must be said immediately, after did not survive to the first year its installation. The available documents and notations on this Aboriginal Rank are rare, what it makes the research to appeal the beginning of the systematic diffidence, with the exercise of the had comparison of the certifications (Cardoso, 1982:53). When, Michel de Foucault would not say, to revalorizar to know minors while sources to delimit new places of diverse comment of the purely institucional one. The personage who of the visibility to this episode is one such Joaquin Ribeiro, who of certain form, tears the curtain of regional history for this intended construction and that he comes to the fire, has accurately one century after the facts to have occurred. Cuiabano, of numerous family, it literally enters in the hinterland and soon it sets to cover the sub-basin of the Medium brown river in search of an area to install its small farm, choosing of ready lands delinquents to the brook of the Peixinho.

Dollars Per Month

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