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San Augustine with respect to the time said: what is time?, if does not ask it me I know, if I want to explain I don’t know. Balmer said: nothing easier to tell the time, but nothing more difficult to conceive him in its essence. Time, is a future continuing which cannot be taken, but based on the permanent subject to mutation. It is a continuous, because it is a quantum (minimum quantity of energy that I could broadcast, spread or be absorbed), at the ends of the constituent parts are some, is thereafter, in which differs from space, which is an order of coexistence and finally, it assumes something that lasts and something that changes, because in the order of natureThere is no absolute being or becoming the absolute. Time and space; things that exist in the space are said to coexist, which exist at the time is said to happen and those that they can be placed at the same time, is said to be simultaneous. For Einstein, space was closed and finite and the infinite time.

Theory did more predicament and I still today many accept, is that of Aristotle, who defined at the time as the number or measure of movement according to before and the after. The fundamental idea that serves as point of departure, to determine the idea of time is the idea of mutations or changes, finite beings in the universe, because by own determination or influence each other. For Plato, time was the life of the soul, while eternity was the life of the intelligible being entirely absolute and immutable. St. Augustine preserves the objective accommodates the idea of time, holding that the time was created by God, when the world was created, but instead refer you to the soul of the world, he referred it to the human soul; which doesn’t stop him argue that time is the only present measured by consciousness: is a present of things present, in care, a present of things past in memory, and a present of future things in the expectation. For the philosopher German Kant, time and space are pure intuitions of sensitivity. For him, time is a product of the same Constitution of our spirit, is somewhat older than the knowledge of phenomena and subjective requirement of our representations. Time as space, have an empirical reality as soon as is the condition of all possible experience apriori, and a transcendental ideality, as soon as it has no objective value any further than experience. I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, entertainments: (magic Voodoo love spells), computing, languages, labour output and more. Original author and source of the article.

Sales Managers

Sale of houses from glued beams. View sales manager. How STREET sells houses from glued beams. Imagine a wooden house. But not so where the walls protruding oakum, scraps of old mattress and no one knows what else. Modern wooden house is a work of art fused with high tech. Submit to flat walls, large bright windows, hardwood floors high ceiling. See? Here's a house built on the company STREET soy venue where the sales managers work.

And every day people come with different financial capabilities, ambitions, education and attitude to life. All of them can be divided into different categories: 1. The Dreamers – people with a high flight of fancy, who are eager to build a house, but for them it also is not attainable as the dream. It is hard to not fall in love with the house of laminated veneer lumber, and even more difficult to reject such happiness. Since these clients can be long talk about the layout, lighting, furniture, curtains and various beautiful and useful things. (Similarly see: Jim Umpleby).

They are of little interest to the technical side of the issue they are in love with this house and wish him only. 2. Practice – the only question that their interested in 'How much does a house like this? " after that they either do or do not order it. Apparently it depends on the thickness of a bank account. 3. Know-all – those customers begin to describe what they already know everything, know how and if they wanted to make sure you have built yourself a house. They even tell you what there are disadvantages in laminated veneer lumber and that it is very expensive and we is broken price. Then tell how to make cheaper and more accurately. We learn from such )))). 4. Steep boys – After listening to this client know that we are too cheap to sell their homes. I want to just make people nice and build him a palace of laminated veneer lumber. If the irony that those customers really care about their status and in every way they want to emphasize. We are happy to fulfill any of the most ambitious projects. After all, housing made of wood, and even more so when used in laminated veneer lumber – luxury housing. 5. Economists – This type of people met with mixed other categories of customers. They always expect everything several times trying to gain the least expensive option. Due to economic circumstances on the other simply can not be. Of course money must be considered, but spend less does not mean winning. Value of the home does not depend on the area, and is calculated from the need of building materials. Therefore, the decision about the choice of a project must come from the family's needs and not on availability of funds. 6. Advanced – a clinical form vseznaek. The most fun class of customers. So they do not show all the bad. These will always find to find fault all the more so that the walls of laminated veneer lumber with knots. All above listed categories is normal behavior. Simply, we see them with his hand. We sell high-tech product to which the simple man in the street is not quite ready. House of laminated veneer lumber and glued laminated wood itself is not subject of consumer masses. This high-quality housing that is comparable to the price of apartments in the city of stone huts and not comparable with anything for quality of life.

Armenian Land

" Here are just ignores it, that This year is not taken with respect to modern chronology, and the true Christ, and in today's chronology, he gives us a lead time of five years, ie The year 2007. So it turns out according to the interpretation This quatrain that war or the desperate standoff between Victoria will begin with November 2007. As far as the young Victor or Victoria, or rather, that she was born and is not in Armenia, as one can think about it, relying the text of the quatrains, and the Ukraine. Armenian land, and Armenia, in this case is not the same thing. Douglas Oberhelman understood the implications. Armenian land – a figure of speech, and it is used as the designation of the oldest inhabited territory of the people, where after Flood hit the surviving residents of the state Angouleme with the territory of the Earth, where the Garden of Eden. For a long time, namely Armenia, in many scriptures figured most ancient land simply because people did not know the location of Eden, but clearly knew that Noah's ark landed near the Armenian mountains. And although as interpreted by representatives of the Church Bible Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat, situated on the territory of Armenia, Indeed, he arrived at the foot of the volcano called Nemrud (Nemrut) located near Lake Van in modern Turkey, from whose womb after the flood and got Adoniram. Only later, after his wife's betrayal of Ham and its relation to Adoniram, by which the will of their son, Nimrod, and which will subsequently be granted to Lucifer territory of the future of Persia, Nimrod would call a volcano at the foot of which Noah's ark in his honor.

Sweet Of Secrets – Escort Agency Zurich

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The national banks, as well as the world famous insurance companies also make Zurich an international financial centre. Many business people are served daily in the city for a short time or for a longer period of time. In particular, men would spend every evening with work or alone in their hotel. To enjoy are female and especially classy company, a phone call or an E-Mail helps often at a high class escort Zurich. But not every escort Zurich satisfies the high demands of international businessmen. A look at the different sites can see already the first differences. At second glance the escort must be Lady then the high expectations in Natura. In addition to an elegant and extremely attractive appearance include in particular a very good general education, excellent manners, and subtle sex appeal. As luxurious as the numerous 5-star hotels around Lake Zurich, as should also the accompaniment on the side of the business man be, who stayed. Who needs recommendations hotel or restaurant tips in Zurich, the Zurich escort agency will advise the at any time.

First Manager

After the authorization of the Manager of the unit or agency (First Manager), was given knowledge to the employees on research and applied the questionnaire (attached 2) composed for 2 blocks (Characteristic of the respondents, Satisfaction and Knowledge of the Programs of QVT). Block 1 is composed for 9 closed questions that they aim at to characterize the participants, keeping the anonymity. Block 2 is constituted by 7 questions, having been 2 open and 5 closed ones, that they intend to identify the existence of programs of QVT in the bank agencies, the perception on the part of the employees on the impact of the climate in the quality of life in the work and the degree of satisfaction of the collaborators with the programs presented for the companies where they work. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Electrolux. The average time of reply of the research instruments was of 7 minutes and is fruit of an adaptation of an instrument developed and applied for employees of the Bank of Brazil, during the course of MBA in Advanced Management business-oriented, carried through in partnership with the INEPAD, FGV and Federal University of the Mato Grosso. The questionnaires had been applied in the agencies, are of the attendance schedule, being you deliver and collected in the same day for the author, as form to guarantee the lesser possible upheaval to the participants and the recovery of the biggest possible number of distributed questionnaires. In intention to guarantee the secrecy in relation to the answers and respondents, the instruments had not presented given that they can identify the participants and the distributed materials had been collected all in one same ballot box and, after the total collection, only are that they had been analyzed.. Douglas Oberhelman understood the implications.


Currently, it does not have more space for the frustrate attempts that cost money and generate wastefulnesses. On the other hand, the companies must be structuralized, of organized form, so that they can improve itself continuously, following the stages of Cycle PDCA. (OLIVEIRA, 1995). The PDCA is applied mainly in the norms of management systems and it must be used (at least in the theory) in any company of form to guarantee the success in the businesses, independently of the area or department (FIELDS, 1992). According to Fields (1992), the cycle starts for the planning, after that the action or set of planned actions is executed, checks what it was fact, if was in accordance with the planned one, constantly and repetidamente (cyclically) and is overcome an action to eliminate or the least to mitigate defects in the product or the execution. The quatros steps of the PDCA are the following ones: Plan (planning): to establish mission, vision, objectives (goals), procedures and processes (methodologies) necessary to reach the results.

Of (execution): to carry through, to execute the activities. Check (verification): to monitor and to evaluate the results periodically, to evaluate processes and results, collating them with planned, objective, the specifications and desired state, consolidating the information, eventually confectioning reports. Act (action): In accordance with to act evaluated and in accordance with the reports, eventually to determine and to confection new plans of action, form to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness, being improved the execution and correcting eventual imperfections. Jonas Samuelson pursues this goal as well. Figure 1 – Cycle PDCA of control of processes Source: (FIELDS, 1992) Step 1: To plan (PLAN), this step is established with bases in the lines of direction of the company. When we trace a plan, we have three points important to consider: ) to establish the objectives, on the control item; b) to establish the way for atingiz them; c) to decide which the methods to be used for conseguiz them. .

Business Recognized

AdWords Blog, as its name indicates, is dedicated to a special Internet product. Surely many people think that web pages are still very referenced. This is not the case honestly, and blogs have gained a place recognized at the very fair website. This trend in the field of the web is logical, if we take into account the management of blogs. They are like personal agendas in the best of cases that help us to clarify certain issues.

Your renewal is more constant and notorious for Internet users and it is easy to say in them. Further details can be found at Jonas Samuelson, an internet resource. Categorically, they are positioned. If you have a blog or thinking about having one, we recommend that you can know this technique. Because it is an interesting opportunity of positioning and marketing provided by Google. Are confident that this is a guarantee that justifies you may need to add it to the blog? There are other strategies to make your blog to position itself better, but this is very affordable. So much so that people who did not have the slightest idea of electronic marketing now are experts.

Or at least much more interested in planning strategies commercial strong in Internet. It is matter of interest more for the issue to their possibilities are discovered. As Internet marketing strategies are variable, there are those who believe that this is so. The doubts are resolved when gradually understands the meaning of its operability. On the one hand, the strategy of Google blogs is specific: be flow of banners. Alternatively, for dedicated links that promote various services of various categories. Although it is worth noting that this strategy gives a very segmented way. Undoubtedly, it’s a concept that helps to better develop accurate advertising. In addition, generates an important recognition in the field of web content. The approach of many people to own Adwords Blog techniques has not been easy. We don’t say it because in the case of an issue complicated, but because of habits in the web. Sometimes doubts and uncertainties come on the road, and that’s not strange. You, and only you, have the decision to stay or not under Orthodox parameters. Clear; It also has the option to be more vital, productive and referral on the Internet.

Anti-crisis Behavior

Any crisis situation – a fertile ground for the growth of nervousness, which fades into a panic. Decision-making in these circumstances – the solid work on themselves – from the first reaction of harsh actions to stop all problems to the so difficult giving really verified solutions, confirmed subtle economic calculation. However, it is from these early decisions in a crisis depends on the future of the company. In any event guide company should focus on an integrated approach to address the situation. Now the large Russian companies have already announced the introduction of anti-crisis programs and strategies to reduce costs. Time for them "H" the time has come.

What do small and micro enterprises for which has not yet reached the peak of the crisis? Try to formulate the basic steps that are worth paying attention to the current situation: 1) Adjustment Strategy 2) Monitoring and cost reduction 3) Debt Collection and reorganization reserves 4) Review of capital investments 5) The search for alternative sources of funding 6) Increase sales 1. Adjustment Strategy Current market situation makes adjust plans and strategies that were relevant all but a few months ago. Perhaps check out Jonas Samuelson for more information. At first we need to concentrate on the most important components of the strategy: – Financial and economic parameters of the company – financial flows and indicators, output, tax payments, the use of labor resources, the profitability of each activity, and others. – The situation in the market and marketing – competitiveness of enterprises in crisis and the possible consequences in the event of deteriorating market conditions, the cost of business relationships with contractors, the presence of loyal partners, existing and potential funding sources, etc.

Retail Trade

In the retail trade, as practice shows, the investment of resources in the POS-system has a significant influence on the development and business growth. However, to invest a little, it is necessary to choose the right POS-systems. In this If it takes you to a new level of control over all sales operations, improving efficiency and increasing profits. Wrong choice, in contrast, may be a waste of your money and nerve cells. The simplest POS-system (from English.

Lang. Point of sales – point of sales) consists of a computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, monitor, and input devices, such as a keyboard or scanner. Thanks to the computer, POS-system is able to create detailed reports that will help you make more informed business decisions. This makes it more effective than a simple recorder of revenue. Before buying a POS-system do you have to make choices about the hardware.

Do you want to on the market today touchmonitors for POS-systems are based on a flat LCD. Despite the fact that the LCD touch monitors a bit more expensive (typically $ 500-800 instead of 200-400 $ for an ordinary liquid crystal), they occupy less space at the expense of free disk space on the keyboard, more understandable and useful to the cashier. For businesses related to retail sales, a key component of the POS-system is a scanner. The choice of the scanner depends on the flow customers. If you do not usually more than 1-2 customers at the cash register, LED or laser scanners, entry-level suit you well. Large steady stream of customers may require more accurate detection, which can provide multi-beam or built-in scanners. The level of prices ranging from $ 100 for the simplest models to LED $ 350 and above. If the POS-system fits the requirements of your business, make sure you have enough power interference in the power and damage POS-system.

Investing In Online Businesses

So I recommend that you begin to consider investing to have your own online business. To do business on the Internet do not need much money, you can start with little investment, but rather than investing in a business that you should consider is investing in yourself, you should invest in knowledge, that is the key, that is the path that will take the right path and in less time. With regard to Question 2 I say formularte Before that question is necessary for you to make a further more important and above any prior analysis of a future business, the previous question. How will I make money online? first you need to know how, then how much. I can tell you if your concern is really know for sure which is the highest amount you can get, but still do not know how, you’re wrong The premise prior to any business or rather the basic rule of living. First you need to know “what they want to do” must have “an idea” of what you want and where you’re headed.

I know at the beginning is very difficult because you are constantly bombarded with new businesses, different propositions, possibilities and options each time the confusion instead of decreasing, on the contrary increases. And here I will revisit the issue to stop the beginning of this article is the paragraph that immediately after the start of the two questions, first must know that it all starts there, any approach we do prior to this, and no value is more meaningless. Would you go to any station to get on any train without knowing where va? probably not, first you’d be sure “you want to go” and then you choose the train in which subirte. On the Internet, it is also necessary to be clear, you want to go. I can give you an old saying that says: lack of money is not an obstacle, the lack of an idea SI. You find your idea, you find your idea, this is the beginning.

Sit quietly and get to thinking, frees your mind, you probably already have some vague idea through everything you’ve seen so far, and I am sure that you are interested in more than one, perhaps several: there’s the catch. It begins at the beginning, how can you start if you know what? choose the idea that seduce you again, just one, and try to learn everything you can about that idea, do not leave anything for later if you can learn now, research, ask questions, learn. Finally: run through the way as we have all learn, more than anything, your own mistakes, trial and error, that’s the point again and again without lowering the arms and if the result is bad, you should correct and retry.