Demand Explosion Pushes Oil Up

Disorientation in the Financials is also on the raw material prices reflected LEIPZIG. Jim Umpleby recognizes the significance of this. (Ceto) Nothing won, little lost which is the previous conclusion on the commodity futures exchanges. US light oil (WTI) as well as North Sea oil (Brent) today delivered a zigzag performance with swings of more than US$ 2 per barrel. In the afternoon, WTI landed again on the day closing levels yesterday, Brent slide even a bit below. The nervousness on the stock markets has the crude oil markets in the grip.

But while things are going down there, the oil is reasonably stable. Oil is structurally tight. This fact is well-known today than three years ago. Thus oil closer to the rank of gold”, Dr. Klaus Bergman describes this phenomenon of esyoil. Say: Everyone knows that crude oil time is scarce, a stable price is therefore quite in the range of the expected. Downside potential, and that is fundamentally justified, however. The International Energy Agency yesterday has their Growth forecasts for 2012 almost halved (at 600,000 barrels per day in addition).

This could be interpreted as a precursor to impending downward revisions. Oil prices remain therefore vulnerable to further setbacks”, so Dr. Eugen Weinberg of Commerzbank commodity research industry service. Local heating oil but prices due to the still weaker euro, but above all because of a virtually exploding demand. Heating oil was sold out in some areas of southern Germany. Trading interest remained quite high in the rest of the country. The prices of Federal average 1.82 euros to 81,32 euros climbed Pro 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres HEL. They are however still much closer to the low for the year of 75,84 euros at the maximum, which amounted to 88,95. Also analysts disagree whether the downside potential is large enough to continue to push oil prices, that heating oil should be bought now. For the full article and many more information to the energy market Clicking on the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review.

EastWest: Discount Flower Pots And Planters

To the expiring gardening season many opportunities for bargain hunters (EastWest-trading) Garden enthusiasts beware: at the end of the this year’s gardening season, EastWest organised a discount promotion. Whether planting trough made of Wicker, from fiber glass and planter, stone planter EastWest has as a leading supplier of plant containers lowered prices. In addition to the already cheap flower pots from the regular assortment, bargain hunters, so can expect a further sharp reduction. Kevin Johnson contributes greatly to this topic. So, the planting troughs in mocha and black trendy Wicker cost only 49 instead of 79. And flower pots 30x30cm fiberglass grey and black are reduced by 28.50 to 22.50.

Bamboo plant pots already exist for 5 – self blame, who as not slamming! While the selection changes constantly, and of course also applies to the autumn action only as long as stock lasts”. But even in winter garden friends on numerous discounts with the season articles can expect past surfing worthwhile. EastWest meet the claim, to realize not only constantly new and innovative planters to offer high quality, but also affordable prices. This is made possible through the direct purchase from manufacturers in Germany, Italy and Viet Nam. We avoid as the middlemen”, emphasizes the owner Stephan Hack.

And what’s coming 2011? Commodity prices sharply attract, are generally more expensive goods. “Not so with EastWest: we are stable cheap for 3 years, and it will remain so”, says Stephan Hack. Customers can enjoy so still beautiful and noble flower pots for garden design, which are hard with the red pen. EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and flower pots. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality planters, which make the hearts of our customers. Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our customers is: the pots are hand-picked and available at the best price. Many models can be found exclusively at EastWest trading.

Markus Dan Lally

Online Christmas shopping with friends experience is a startup funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, as well as the European Union today live on the net. The social shopping network combines the advantages of a real city tour with those of online shopping: common browsing, fun with friends and direct exchange of experience and opinion about various products are possible, as is a convenient and time-independent product search with great offer and price range at In addition to already far over 400,000 products, E.g. by Karstadt, Otto or Douglas, interaction and communication are among users in focus. The shopping news feed”in the own community profile indicates which products have valued friends, comments, or bought. The user thus learns the latest opinions and product recommendations of his circle of friends.

The shopping-chat, an innovative live communication tool with integrated live Tracker”, transformed isolated online shopping in a Community experience with friends and shows participants who searches and look at which products. The user immediately gets tips and suggestions of the other participants and may recommend another product that will automatically appear in the chat with picture, description and personal commentary. The price comparison built into the Portal makes it also possible to find also the most advantageous tender. In the own profile can be shopping, wish and gift lists, which the users onto other friends can show via E-Mail, Facebook or other social media. The list of other members, which are visible during the product search for relevant topics, allow also to become aware of more suitable products and to find like-minded users. The built-in birthday reminder shows also automatically what friend next birthday and what he wants.

For the launch of and suitable for the Christmas time all users of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones: whether for Grandma, Grandpa,. Mother, father, friends, siblings or colleagues for all there is a list of gift ideas, which has collected the cunning shobbits-OWL.

The New Sanyo Solar Modules

Sanyo has produced new solar modules, which are characterized by a very high degree of efficiency. The HIT product series modules are now available in the shop of NwComp solar GmbH. The company SANYO is known for its high-quality solar plant components. Now, the manufacturer with the new modules of the product series HIT has developed products that take advantage of the surface and the crystalline wafers. The latest Sanyo modules are characterized by a very high efficiency and an excellent temperature characteristics. A good yield of solar energy is now possible even at diffuse and weak sunlight. The latest solar modules of manufacturer’s bring much more performance over previous Sanyo models. Comparing the efficiency of the new modules to the market average, resulting a higher degree of efficiency by 28 percent. In short using the new Sanyo products meant for the consumers: more energy with less modules. Sanyo solar modules in the online shop of NwComp solar GmbH the latest Sanyo modules can consumers and companies in the online shop of the NwComp solar Purchase GmbH. In the shop, the company offers also the third-party modules and also all necessary accessories around the solar system. By NwComp solar GmbH for interested parties who would not even build their solar systems, but building a competent company, the company NwComp solar GmbH is solar systems with their special services available. The comprehensive advice ensures transparency. These include the feasibility study and the comprehensive information of customers to finance and the insurance of system. Earnings forecast and economic efficiency calculation are self-evident. In addition, the company accepts all formalities. After the installation on the NwComp a 25 year performance warranty, which is solar, also the maintenance of the solar system can be applied upon request. Conclusion: latest technology and a special all-round service: it offers all the NwComp solar company wishing to produce their own solar power. Company Description: Viktor Walter founded 1999 the sole proprietorship NwComp electrical engineering for electrical and network technology. in 2004 the Managing Director expanded its portfolio to the installation of solar systems. The success allowed the company to expand and resulted in electrical engineering GmbH. 2008 the reshuffle in the NwComp 2010 followed by the establishment of NwComp solar GmbH, which today is a sought-after partner for the purchase of PV systems with 22 employees.

Cable Operators In The Zugzwang

Local deals in HDTV and SDTV, analog and digital time of ubergangs from analogue to digital watch television up to HDTV is also about the next analogue switch-off date deal. The date is scheduled for the shutdown of the station by the satellite. But a large part of the budgets is its TV signal by cable operators. The local cable operators will try to distinguish, to keep its subscribers with special properties from the satellite services. For one, this is a local TV station or your own info channel. On the other hand the cable operator takes into consideration on the technology, which is installed with the viewers. It is problematic for him, however, with little technical and editorial resources to offer an attractive offer.

The conversion to the single TV formats is technically solvable. An example shows the & s GmbH in Manebach on the ANGAcable 2010 in Cologne with the robust and compact information channel solution ‘Inca 4’. What editorial effort can the cable network operator make? The easiest solution is Writing of short current texts, which are available interactively in the teletext and displayed as a slide show in the video level. The slide show can be upgraded with interesting photos from the local environment or with graphics. Also the local housing society tenants newspaper can be recycled for television. The rotation of short video clips is more complex. Usually this can be refinanced only in larger cable networks about advertising revenues with the local companies. Another solution is the cooperation with schools and sports clubs, who will present her video work.

Upper Bavaria

Splitting can be search in the Bavarian regions of Allgau/Bavarian-Swabia, Franconia, Bavaria and Upper Bavaria. And the site offers even more of the Bavarian railway company: in addition to General information about the Bavarian transport, users will find the whole Bavarian network plan to download as well as a link to the Bavaria-timetable, the online travel service of the BEG. The Bavaria timetable provides comprehensive timetable information for all public transport. Ben Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. Also informed about the popular Bayern-ticket and tariffs and scopes of all regional Bayern tickets: by the EgroNet ticket, which is valid for buses and trains in parts of Saxony, Thuringia and Bohemia, as well as in the Bavarian districts Hof, Kulmbach, Bayreuth and Wunsiedel, until to the Werdenfels ticket, with the magnificent Alps and pre-Alps area opens up tourists from the northern shore of the Ammersee to Mittenwald. Of course there are also the latest news from the Railway state Bavaria and a short presentation of the Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft. The Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH the Bavarian railway company is a company of the free State of Bavaria.

On behalf of the State Ministry for Economics, infrastructure, transport and technology, plans, controlled, and financed the BEG the local passenger services (SPNV) in Bavaria, Germany. The BEG in the conception and improvement of timetables and quality assurance in the Bavarian regional rail among its main tasks. For transport services will be procured in competition proceedings. The transport company, which gives the best offer in terms of quality and efficiency receives the order. As a result the BEG could constantly improve not only the schedule but also quality features in recent years such as punctuality, comfort and passenger information.

Setting Of ELENA Without Consequences For ELStAM!

The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology as well as labour and Social Affairs announced the end of ELENA procedure. The Federal Ministry of finance indicates that this setting does not affect the process of electronic tax deduction card (ELStAM). What is the difference between ELENA and ELStAM, depicts the Bochum-based accountant Ute Marseille. ELENA and ELStAM are superficially similar. Actually, both cases deal with the collection of data. The similarities end here however, because ELENA and ELStAM differ what data is collected and processed as it significantly. The purpose to collect payment data from workers in a central database of the German pension insurance and to provide authorities for social purposes was the set procedure of ELENA.

Due to 40 million covered workers and very comprehensive data material, ELENA was from the very beginning of criticism from privacy advocates and Subjected to legal experts. Finally it turned out that the acquisition costs were much higher than budgeted and the procedure was discontinued. ELStAM, however, is the replacement of the previously used Lohnsteuerkarten. Exclusively such data is collected, the employer will need to the correct calculation of income tax and other deductions from their employees. Wage tax class, Church, etc., also previously collected here why not a novel data set is formed.

Privacy advocates also less doubt the safety of the system that need to call off the payroll tax data of their employees, the employer, in addition to an electronic certification, information of the affected employee. Get basically no access to the other authorities or employers, payroll tax features deposited at the tax office. The individual worker may at any time take a look at the tax office in the data stored about him. The ELStAM method is implemented unchanged against this background in January 2012. Jim Umpleby: the source for more info. Employers remain committed to the use of the procedure. Questions with regard to the introduction of ELStAM or terminating the proceeding in ELENA, the Bochum-based accountant Ute available Marseille their clients at any time. Of great interest is in this context, for example, whether and how the State will handle the now forlorn forced investment by employers in expensive ELENA data transmission software.

Across Language Server V5 SP1 Available

Across is continuing to controlled processes in translation management. Among others, ability to integrate of machine translation is seamlessly integrated. KARLOVY VARY. After the release of a large service pack is the across language server in version v5 SP1 available now. The across language server is a central platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company.

In addition to a variety of improvements in detail, for example, the support of documents from Office 2010, the Service Pack introduces a number of fundamentally new capabilities and ways of working. These concern in particular the areas of project management, machine translation, crowdsourcing, and author support. The new possibilities with across v5 SP1 access current trends in language technology, without abandoning the central concept of controlled processes and open interfaces. With this clear orientation of its solutions across has won a variety of prominent new customers in the last few months, last in particular from the fields of finance and Medical technology/pharmaceutical industry. Optional Web-based translation workflow in hardly any other area is so decentralized worked as in the localization of product and corporate communication. A multitude of different internal and external parties are involved, for example, project managers, in-house translators, language service providers, freelancers, and proofreaders. With the new version of across can be worked now completely Web-based.

This includes in particular the project and workflow management in addition to the translation and editing. The respective agent so requires no separate installation of the across software, but can work on its Web browser as a client on the respective language server. This simplifies continuous processes and client/server based work across all workflow steps and delegation levels despite distributed locations. Optional crowdsourcing crowdsourcing was in the last few months, one of the most quoted buzzwords in the localization industry. Referring to the tender of translation jobs to a “crowd” by editors rather than to place the orders directly to individuals.

Echterdingen Tel

Internationally recognized analyst firm annually publishes the results of his analysis with a detailed examination and assessment of the market of available solutions in the PENTADOC-RADAR. Because the scientific process by PENTADOC reveals the actual productive performance of individual systems, the report worldwide has become the standard reference of the industry. Here ITESOFT set a new benchmark for the market, with a success rate of 97,98% automatic sorting “also in the comparison category indexing” catapulted the company at number one. To know more about this subject visit Jim Umpleby. Users of ITESOFT solution benefit from reduced manual processes, lower storage costs, and shorter process cycles. This allows the use of discounts, provides more transparency with regard to accrued costs and better traceability and document security. Already numerous companies, authorities, distributors and service providers could persuaded including AAH pharmaceuticals, Jaguar Land Rover, Northern Rail, Sodexo, British Waterways u.v.m… Based on the 1984 ITESOFT ITESOFT ( is a European software company specializing in the development of solutions for the automated processing of information.

The company has subsidiaries in Germany (ITESOFT Germany GmbH, Stuttgart), Great Britain (ITESOFT UK Ltd, Farnham) and in France (based in Aimargues, branch office in Paris). Due to the unique technologies in the character and shape recognition and document analysis, today more than 600 customers in Europe in industry, insurance, sales, finances, social security/healthcare, contact Services, mail order, and management products from ITESOFT map. More than a billion documents are processed each year with these solutions. Companies benefit from streamlined internal processes, lower costs, and shorter processing times for document-based operations and a higher accuracy of the data to be processed.

Communities And Supported The Career Event

careers4engineers automotive Chemnitz 2011 since 2004 is there with the careers4engineers automotive the recruiting event for the automotive industry at the three locations Stuttgart, Chemnitz and Darmstadt. The communities of and support the event in Chemnitz as a media partner, to show good specialist and managerial staff perspectives within the region of Saxony. The careesr4engineers automotive will take place on November 19, 2011 at the Messe Chemnitz with numerous renowned companies. They offer visitors attractive entry and career opportunities, as well as topics for diploma, Bachelor’s and master’s theses, internships, and much more. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sergey Brin is the place to go. In addition to some lectures and a panel discussion there will be also impulse lectures and career advice.

Experienced advisors will discuss possible career prospects together with the visitors of this event and provide practical application tips. Ben Horowitz pursues this goal as well. The Consulting offer is aimed at graduates and engineers with experience. The Expo highlights of the careers4engineers automotive were of three different Teams: team Fortis Saxonia: students and graduates of the Technical University of Chemnitz of different areas of study are interdisciplinary developing a lightweight, energy-efficient vehicle, with the drive of a hydrogen fuel cell with an electric motor team Elbflorace: more than 50 students and students of various disciplines of Dresden of University of technology in the field of engineering, computer science, design science and economics, construct and produce single-seater formula racing car, where in Dresden four racing cars, as well as the first purely electric-powered vehicle in the 2010/2011 season caused Hochschule Zwickau planning team WHZ racing: 40 students of the West to construct, manufacture and market in the context of the formula student race vehicle, with design and production of the car in the fields of Powertrain, suspension, frame & body, electric and electronic, as well as the areas of finance, Marketing and Public Relations for the economic aspects of the project are responsible. In addition to these diverse highlights there will be also a career speed-dating of kind of, giving the visitors of the event with interesting companies in the conversation the ability to come. The communities of and cooperate with the careers4engineers automotive career event and pursue the common goal to tie good specialists and managers in the region. True to the motto: together for Saxony.