Quality Assurance

Constantly reenacts its programs, content of the subjects set out in the specialty according to the dynamics of modern knowledge that have been generated in the quality and productivity, thus adding to the redefinition of its purpose, profile, using modern means of learning encourage the participant in their training, training. OBJECTIVE To provide all theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, skills that currently managing quality and productivity demands to be highly competitive and contribute to the successful development of the organization, company, where he works or labor. It’s believed that mozes victor konig sees a great future in this idea. Source: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES To provide basic knowledge of modern management topics Train participants on the topics concerning modern quality and productivity Develop skills and skills in decision making concerning quality and productivity, quality audit Skills to deal with and resolve situations where this involved the quality and productivity Create and develop a culture, philosophy of quality according to the organization and environment where you work Develop and cultivate promotion of moral and aesthetic values Efficient use of communication, persuasion, creativity and innovation professional performance excellence framework PROFESSIONAL PROFILE graduate of this program will acquire knowledge, skills to exercise in the field of management quality and productivity, planning, managing and assessing situations relevant to that area, a positive attitude towards problem solving, innovation, communication, ethical and aesthetic values, the intuitive understanding of the changes brought in organizations and performance CURRICULUM excellent 8-week introductory course: modern management Topics Statistics Introduction to Research Ethics and Regulations Computer SPECIFIC PROGRAM, COURSES Compulsory subjects in 12 weeks each Quality Management Statistical Process Control Cost Management Organizational Behavior Quality Strategic Planning Product Management and processes Quality Assurance Marketing Quality Audit Research Seminar and Labor Grade I and Work Research Seminar Electives Grade II should take one of the two:. .