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They Among them, could emphasize to Elizabeth Hurley, that, from its rupture with Hugh Grant in 2000, has not returned to raise head in the loving plane. The actress separated in December of Arun Nayar (from that already has obtained the divorce) and now is related it to a player of cricket of called Australia Shane Warne. Another one ' eternal soltera' it seems to be Jennifer Aniston, that it accumulates insolvent relations from its rupture with Brad Pitt in 2005. At the moment is related it to Justin Theroux. In its club we could add to Cameron Diaz, with the difference of which to its 38 years never been it has married. In his ' currculum' it accumulates several of the most wished these last decades: Matt Dillon in the 90, Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake, for example. At the moment he has a relation with Alex Rodriguez, nonfree of problems, in fact already they have broken in some occasion to reconcile later. Halle Berry been has married twice and no worked.

Near the 45, Berry continues collecting exparejas. At the beginning of this year it broke with Gabriel Aubry after five years of relation. At the moment Martinez is related to Olivier. Of the young singer Taylor Swift he says himself in the USA that by each song that it places in number 1 of the lists breaks with a fianc2e. To his 21 years already he has left with Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner. Between youngest it is Lindsay Lohan, that has maintained relations with boys (like Wilmer Valderama) and girls (like Samanatha Ronson). At the moment, know who it, as it is the case of Ronson, assure that Lohan does not have the clear things in the sentimental land. Also it would enter this list Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Bienne and is that every time they are plus the famous ones to which costs to them to consolidate a relation. Source of the news: Famous, rich, attractive but gafados in the love


As To automatize its Store I intend, with this article, to give a general vision of as to proceed with the Commercial Automation and Computer science from an establishment, either in the opening, expansion or equipment of a store. We must separate the store in specific areas, so that it is more clearly the sizing of the equipment. Normally the establishments are divided of the following form: 1 – Telephony (Telephone, Modem, broad band and broad band 3G) – Nets (Cabeada or Wireless, switch, roteador, hub, antennas, 2 accesses point) 3 – Energy (In – break, Stabilizer, Filter of Line) 4 – the Security (Equipment of CFTV) 5 – Computers (Serving of the System, Administrative, Cameras, Box) 6 – Terminals of Launching (Touch, terminal Micron) 7 – Printer (Fiscal, not Fiscal, of Production, Checks, Bracelets, Labels, Bar code) 8 – Peripheral (Thermal Ribbows, Labels, Coche, Thermal Bobbin, Bobbin 02 and 03 Ways, Ribbons, Tonner, Cartridges) – Fiscal 9 Part – Fiscal Rank, Certified, Intervention Technique, Update of Version the first step is clearly to know in which branch goes to operate, which is the characteristics or the particularitities of my business. With it is information in hands I go to break for mine 1 Passo that is the choice of the Software of Management. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Starbucks. Software at this moment is the thing most important of the business, therefore, it is who goes to determine which equipment models is compatible for my business.

With it is information in hands, 2 Passo is set appointments a Presentation of Software, to verify its functioning, cost, maintenance, I register in cadastre of products and doubts. 3 Passo is a visit to the place for verification of the structure: electric, net, size, space for the room of the equipment. If software was approved, at this moment already obtains to make a Proposal Commercial, taking in consideration all the equipment that the establishment will go to need to inform on assembly, stated periods, costs, maintenance contracts. Read additional details here: JPMorgan Chase. 4 Passo – Closing of the Proposal Commercial, beginning of the training of software cadastre of the products, lacrao of the fiscal printer, delivers and assembly of the equipment, installation of the net (cabeada or wireless, switch, hub, fiscal computers, printers, not fiscal, of bar code, of checks, money drawer, monitors, nobreaks, reader of bar code, antennas, searchs price, etc. 5 Passo? Training of as to handle the equipment and software 6 Passo? Beginning of the activities, physical accompaniment and remote support 7 Passo? Periodic visits for preventive maintenance and corrective I have full certainty that following this step by step, any person, with any level of knowledge will obtain success in this taken over on a contract basis. The DC Commercial Automation is specialist in this area, our professionals are extremely competent and all possess know-how of 1000 projects installed in Brazil. We act in all the pursuings and all the classrooms of market. At mozes victor konig you will find additional information. In case that it has some doubt, it enters in contact with us.

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Republic of Honduras is located in Central America. The capital city is Tegucigalpa. It shares borders with Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua. Just refer to the territory of its islands Islas de la Bahia (Utila, Roatan, Guanaja, and others). On islands are of volcanic formation, the size of above seven hundred meters.

These cones are a beacon for ships. A long time ago the republic got its name. There are several legends about this. On one of them, the name Republic emerged from the statements of H. Columbus during one of his trips to the New World. The ship of Columbus was in the strongest shipwreck, and the result was saved. And Columbus said imperishable phrase to define the name Honduras. This country has tropical weather, endless expanses of sea and beautiful festivals.

Travel in this country is safe, cheap and interesting. Travel opportunities are not limited to this country. Greatest success of the republic is gaining from businessmen and celebrities. At the head of state is President R. Maduro. By the same author: Ben Horowitz. In the western part of the country are the mountains that are covered with pine forests. The northern part of the country is plains, they grow sugar cane, pineapples, kofe.U Caribbean coast are located the settlements of Indians. If you want to go to Honduras, we recommend that you combine with puteshestvityami in Costa Rica, Cuba. Among entertainment's most successful release rafting, scuba diving, walking in the jungle, historic tours, boat trips with a transparent bottom, watching wildlife, fishing and ecotourism. Local production of staple are beans, rice, cheese, potatoes, seafood. Although there are dishes that you taste in this country. For example, mondongo a soup made from the stomachs of ruminant nakatamales – pirogm delicious with chicken, meat, pine nuts. Another local dish is bread, made from corn, which interfere with white cheese or ham. A favorite local beverage is rompopo from milk, eggs and alcohol.

Recharge Toner Cartridges

The business of manufacturers isn’t in printers, but in the cartridges. How many more printers have placed on the market, can sell more cartridges. They have realized that the majority of home users when they go to buy a printer, not asking for the price of the cartridges; you only look at the price of the machine. Although the original cartridges give optimum result in terms of performance and print quality, must not dismiss the possibility of prolonging its lifespan, since at the end of the toner, its components can still withstand thousands of impressions. If you have a printer like the Lexmark Optra C910 you can refill cartridges just to remove the side cover. But to recharge toner hp, Samsung, Canon, Brother, Epson; most cartridges require that hoppers and complete disassembly separate. When the internal parts of the cartridge are worn, the only thing that can be done is a recycling, which is to replace them with new ones; and new models of printers whose cartridges bring chip, it must be replaced by a new; unless you get with a reset trick software. Most recommended toner brand is Static Control manufactured in the USA under strict quality standards.

Recharge toner cartridges requires much work, since to access your deposit you must disassemble it, this is dirty and difficult. We do without do it, unless it is imperative to carry out a recycling. The following system is useful for all types of ammunition. A drilling is done on the top cover of the reservoir of toner with thermal punch, which will make a hole clean and neat, then placed the funnel and will proceed to recharge the cartridge, finally clog the hole with paper self-adhesive aluminium. Recharge your cartridges very easily without having to dismantle them. Each toner cartridge that you fill in will return to refill it several times, until they begin to occur wear on components such as blades or photosensitive cylinder, with what you will be saving lots of money. In terms of recycling If it attracts him the idea of saving a lot of money, before you invest in the tools and get stained hands should ask: is recycling for my? and pass this test: 1.-rarely read instructions, I don’t have time for it; and if I do it is above.

2. If I get something not to the first, I waive; I have no patience. 3. My time is very valuable and I can not lose it in doing experiments. 4 The idea of tainting me hands horrifies me. 5. The bricolage isn’t exactly my forte. If you feel identified with any of the phrases, best buy already recycled cartridges. If despite everything you try, you can just that in the end ruin an empty cartridge only monetary value is of 4 to 5 dollars that vale housing.If your intention is not the devote himself to the remanufacturing as labor output, but only refill your own cartridges, it is sufficient to use the thermal punch and this is the only tool you will need. Original author and source of the article.

Thomas Filor: New Year, New Rules

The new real estate year 2014 means changes for real estate owners, landlord and administrator. Magdeburg, 18.12.2013. Increase the tax rates for the real estate transfer tax in the Federal States of Berlin, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony on January 1, 2014. The most the tax in Schleswig-Holstein (6.5 percent) increases, followed by Berlin (6.0 percent). Bremen and Lower Saxony will increase to five percent each. “Real estate expert Thomas Filor is concerned: the increases are problematic for social and economic reasons and preclude the target to increase the homeownership rate in Germany.” The other federal States nothing else left to follow suit and also to increase the tax.

Also the Energiesparversorgung (EnEV) 2014 tightened the requirements for new construction. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andreessen Horowitz. The allowable annual energy requirement for new buildings to fall from 2016 to 25 percent. On the seller and rental of real estate, also new obligations to come in the new year. Created from may 2014 Energy performance certificates must include also energy efficiency classes. This measure also is critical of the real estate Association of Germany (IVD): greater transparency for people would not meet, especially since the energy efficiency class applies to the entire building, according to an expert. Add to your understanding with mozes victor konig. Seller and landlord must pass the buyer or new tenants, the energy performance certificate is compulsory in the future and already present them during the tour. With the “EnEV” 2014 is also new to the requirement that from 2015 certain boilers, which are over 30 years old, must be replaced. In addition, landlord must adapt their SEPA payment procedures.

Since February 1, 2014, new rules apply for direct debits and transfers. This concerns in particular landlords who must ensure that the direct debits of their tenant standards of for SEPA (single euro payments area) correspond to the creation of a single euro payments area. After the changeover to SEPA, no direct debits are einreichbar more per document at the Bank. All Direct debits are then only electronically. In the course of the conversion, landlord tenant must their new creditor identification, account number according to the SEPA, which specify IBAN CREDITOR ID and a mandate reference. Last but not least: The issue of rent brake will be still present in the next year. In the coming year is worked by the new Government is expected on a new Bill to the rental price brake. In regions with tight housing markets rents may are no more than ten percent of the site-specific comparison rent renting a back. In addition to capping the new contract hire is planned to limit the increase of modernization. Thomas Filor criticized that the rental price brake is good not the Mietsuchenden with low incomes.