Voice Portals Improve Customer Service

SemanticEdge realized the largest German Filialportal for the Dresdner Bank Berlin, July 21, 2008 – discharge of employees of standard procedures, more time for consulting-intensive tasks and anytime availability: are the relevant factors, the banks for the use of speech dialog systems move. The targeted pre-qualification of customer requirements, the possibilities of personalized dialogs and the automation of processes in the call center are becoming a decisive success factor in customer service. Banks do in the face of competitive pressure in the customer service without new models in the self service. Through automation of standard processes such as account services, transfers, brokering and Filialinformationen can be not only costs, but created new spaces in the customer service”, says Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge. The Berlin-based company has developed a modular, for the Dresdner Bank, the biggest German Filialportal, natural language voice portal solution for the pre-qualification of service requests and to automate the daily routine tasks. Thanks to the thorough preparatory work, the high quality requirements and the exact analysis of the uses, the IVR system in the shortest time scored a high acceptance among customers. Our experience has been extremely positive after the launch of the language portal”, confirms Jurgen Fricke, Managing Director of Dresdner Bank subsidiary DDS Dresdner direct service GmbH, is used in the voice portal in various services.

By the clearly formulated self service offering, the Bank with the voice portal recorded an increase in case final editing account information requests in the call center. Earlier the Bank Adviser called for this often. The usage statistics of the voice portal in the regional banks speaks a clear language: about two-thirds of the daily 10,000 calls relate to a referral, just over 20 per cent relate to account – and Filialinformationen. As a result of positive response that found the voice portal of the DDS services on automated base should be expanded there. SemanticEdge modular industry solutions, this is relatively easy to use. This is in accordance with the principle of SAP solutions, which are the most important business processes, the applications have been modularized but so strong, that individual adjustments, amendments and extensions, as well as introducing other languages are very possible. The experience of banks that so far use speech dialog systems, prove that allows a partial or full automation of standard operations cost savings between 20 and 40 percent. Automation increases the productivity of the branch and call center consultants, because she will be relieved of time-consuming routine inquiries”, so the experiences of Lupo Pape.

It is important for the caller that he could reach his goal without frills without loss of time. Draw up a such dialog design as a result of that out at any time connect can be from the dialog to an agent, as it allows the voice portal of Dresdner Bank. All business processes of the speech dialog system are – from the dialog design using the system prompts on the expectations and the habits of the customers up to the speech recognition. “The caller must is doing at any time easily can navigate and quickly find the information they need – regardless of whether he is using the system for the first time or already for the umpteenth time”, says Pape. Savvy users of the system had the ability to accelerate the dialogue this feature a so-called Barge-In. Contact: Nic.

International Monetary Fund

It is a true fact, that provided that crises have been is when manifests the interest of conducting productive meetings, try to give answers to the serious problems that it says, without taking seriously, all well programmed activities, controlled, efficiency is reached, when kept attention on the behavior of everything that involves and generates crisis for humanity, as it has now happened economically. The Austrian newspaper Der Standard to reproduce statements from billionaire George Soros on arrival at Davos said: the situation is much more serious that Soros ratifying his prediction that not only United States is moving towards a recession but also Europe since then, before any other experienced since the second world war, said the serious global economic crisis faced by the countries of this planet EarthAfter having gathered the rich, powerful countries with a solid economic in World Economic Forum held in Davos the results were not expected, stated that it has culminated amid gloomy prospects for this year, in moments in which a recession lurks States Unidos.El director general of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss Kahn, requested the first world economy to take a serious response to address the sharp fall in growth early this yearsuggesting that the George w. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ben Horowitz has to say. Bush Administration measures have not been sufficient.The pessimism of this year in Davos (Switzerland) contrasts with the prominent climate of previous years, when strong growth, low inflation and large gains of companies dominating the scene. In the Forum demonstrated interesting facts that may not be passed by desapercibo to know: proclaimed the vedettes of capitalism, the decline of the American model: the cocktail of international trade and globalization, free market and financial deregulation, here defended tooth and nail for years, is no longer the magic formula. The idea that capitalism to the American would bring large doses of prosperity and growth without just cycles or frights has vanished. .

Liliana Pages Product

Actually forget that making money is the ultimate prize to a path to a successful performance in what one has decided to do, it doesn’t matter if it is inside or outside the internet. If you want to start something new you must have a minimum knowledge of the subject that you are going to address or you must learn it, you have to like what you do, and you should make a study of your target market so you get the variables that allow you to plan your business. Most does exactly the opposite: starts something that told him that he gave much silver, which does not like at all, gets into an unknown topic and starts without having carried out a market study, lacking the necessary knowledge. Sergey Brin shines more light on the discussion. I.e. only begin with intuition but without a sufficient knowledge base. To know what to do and the right way of doing it, you just have to imitate people who has had success in the area in question. According to Brian Tracy, successful founder of a company’s human resources with subsidiaries in 33 countries, the five keys to a successful business are: 1 – all big business started as a small business example: Henry Ford, founder of the prestigious automaker, began in the garage of your home don’t matter where you start, what is important is to know where you want to go, have a mental map of your business in five years, 10 years, etc. 2 – 80% of the time you must invest in finding clients the time dedicated to something, but in the way in which you use that’s not time; This means not only being in contact with prospects to convert them into customers but that also you must ask that you buy.

According to Tracy asking buying is what we generally lack. 3 Offer a better product than the competition although we have the same product than other person must know offer an added value to our product and highlight the benefits according to the customer’s needs. Our product must always be better and we should have as aim to be the best in what we do. 4 Take care to clients as well as in a garden, we need water on a daily basis to our clients. Make an adequate follow-up and have a planned effective customer is the life of a business; as well as the contrary leads to the end of it. 5. The numbers do not lie one neat management must be present from the start and accompany the growth of the business, which means having clear fixed costs and revenues that I need to make my business profitable. Know you delegate tasks to people who know about topics that you don’t drive, as the accounting and legal aspect. If you liked the content and want to deepen on Internet business, I hope in my site.

Secrets Of A Correct Choice Of Costume Jewelry

Every woman has in its arsenal jewelry. How beautiful it depends primarily on the taste of its owner. The cost of jewelry is determined by the affluence women. If she holds the position of the company, for example, in the firm, which serves the cmc, then naturally it will be able to spend on jewelry is much more than that which runs just to the secretary of a small company. (A valuable related resource: Stuart Solomon). Jewellery today is playing a big role in a woman's life, decorating it and making attractive to colleagues and the men that are next to it. If we talk about jewelry, it is primarily a necklace made of natural and decorative materials.

Many women choose barrettes and brooches, which able to decorate their clothes and make them stand out among the other ladies. Even if you are constantly walking in a business suit that you put on at work, you should attach to it a beautiful brooch is not necessarily made of gold or other precious metal, and you will immediately notice a change relevant to you from others. Check with Rob Crossland to learn more. Wearing jewelry makes a certain style of each woman. Even difficult to imagine that such small able to make a woman attractive to emphasize its advantages. Even if you're not in the appropriate attire, costume jewelry can help you transform, and all pay attention, but not on your outfit, and the jewelry that you are wearing. This applies to various situations. For example, the director of the company, which sells cash registers, is sent to a business dinner or a simple secretary, attending a birthday with friends.

German Dolphin Advocates Celebrate Closing Of Turkey Delicacy

Whale and dolphin protection forum and ProWal in Turkey in the fight against Dolphinariums successfully the Mayor of Turkish city of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon, told the business leaders of the dolphin protection organizations ProWal, Andreas Morlok, and Jurgen Obodo from the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF), in an official letter by May 2, 2011 with, that he can guarantee that the Dolphin Park in Bodrum is closed. Mehmet Kocadon: I can feel your worries and concerns about the dolphins and their environment with all my heart and I feel with you. I would like to assure you that this Dolphin Park in Bodrum in the future will no longer exist. I guarantee you that the dolphins imprisoned in Bodrum, definitely will get their freedom.” Activists of the two organizations had carried out a 2,000-kilometer protest trip to all nine Dolphinariums in Turkey in April 2011. Dr. James Truchard contributes greatly to this topic. While delegations of the Dolphin protector held discussions, one with mayors of the cities of delicacy To bring about closure of plants. The animal had submitted film and photographs the Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon from the Dolphinarium, which showed that four dolphins in the smallest space in sea cages are kept.

The marine mammals would be offered according to the operator for swimming with children and alleged therapy purposes. The wild caught dolphins would managed by hobby not medically trained therapists, so the statement of animal rights activists. Deep scars and ridged head areas promoted rank fights and breakout attempts of wild animals. “WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo: swimming with dolphins or so-called Dolphin therapy, can be life-threatening because the animals with their 200-kilogram weight in captivity are unpredictable.” Once in the town of Marmaris of the Manager of Onmega Dolphin therapy & activity reviled Center “before current Manager, Turgay Annie, the Dolphin demonstrators TV camera as mindless morons” and the Mayor of Marmaris, Zeki Erin, a conversation with the dolphin conservation organisation, rejected the animal rights activists urged Marmaris now worldwide the boycott of the resort. In Marmaris, the dolphins as well as in Bodrum in sea plots would held and abused for swims and therapies. The Mayor of Alanya, Hasan Sipahioglu was also denied.

In his”delicacy died in the last year of four dolphins within a few days. Submitting a copy of a written contract, the WDSF could prove that the delicacy in Alanya previously had imported ten dolphins from the bloody Dolphin hunt in taiji/Japan for a special price of $ 280,000. The mayors of other Dolphinariums cities Turkler/Alanya (Hayri Cavusoglu), Belek (Aslan Torun), Kemer (Mustafa Gul), Kas (Birol Engin) and Deputy Governor in Antalya (Metin Balogun) impressed in conversation with the WDSF – and ProWal delegation of the photo – and film documentaries and pledged immediate review and remedy. The Dolphin advocates hope after the decision of the Bodrum Mayor on the closure of all Dolphinariums in Turkey. WDSF achieved in Germany and ProWal the end of Dolphinariums in Munster and at the Heide-Park Soltau. A planned delicacy was not even built on Rugen after their intervention. Their actions and communicate with relevant decision makers of Dolphinariums do extend worldwide it. After the German tour operator, promised the two animal protection organizations to offer more to no delicacy tours in Turkey, the ranks of the Dolphinariums remain now largely empty.

The Social

What are the social causes of credit card debt? You can spend years analyzing the problem of credit card debt. a Those are just some of the influences at work in the society around them: 1. Credit card interest rates are high, so profits can be high. The banks and credit card issuers are another after their slice of that money, including yours. Therefore justify big marketing budgets to get their money. I deliberately did not say "to their business." You will resist better if you think that "it is my money." 2. It's easy to get credit cards, multiple credit cards, in fact. The issuers of credit cards make it easy for you, if you have not had debt problems in the past.

If it seems to take lightly, it is understandable that their customers do too. But remember, taking risk factors into account when setting interest rates. So are so high. 3. Your friends, neighbors and co-workers is likely that all have multiple credit cards, talk about them and flash around once in a while.

That all may influence your own attitude to credit card debt. 4. Depending on which country you are in yours may be a "now, pay later" society. Instant gratification can prevail over common sense. If everybody is doing it, surely must be true? Incorrect. Especially if interest rates are too high. 5. Do you see other people buy new furniture, go on exotic vacations, or go to expensive restaurants all the time.

Compressor Installation

Here are a few simple rules: The compressor must be installed in such a way as to be easily accessible and to provide a guaranteed cooling kompressora.Kompressor should be easily accessible for management and for technical obsluzhivaniya.Temperatura environment should not exceed 40 C for stationary compressors with oil chamber with air cooling. Natural aeration is not effective to remove heat from compressors with a capacity of more than 15 kVt.Pri This cold air should enter at the bottom, about sex, hot – go out on top, the ceiling space of the compressor. The compressor in this case must be placed within an imaginary line of air flow. At temperatures below +2 C to enter the aeration hole of air must be able to zakryvatsya.Kompressor can be installed in the work zone only, provided that its level of sound pressure does not exceed 85 db.Pomescheniya intended to install oil-injected compressors with engine capacity of more than 40 kW should be sufficient space prostornym.Bolshie help prevent the spread of flame throughout the work area, if one of the compressor drive motor zagoritsya.Kompressor with a capacity over 100 kW must be placed in separate tubes pomescheniyah.Vsasyvayuschie air compressors should arranged in such a way that hazardous substances were not included in the compressor together with air. Dangerous pollution include solvent vapors, dust and other hazardous materials and sparks. More details on all the questions about installation, energy consumption of compressors of different types of specialists will answer 'TehElektroMontazh-Service' (TEMS).

Each Member

I would like this of course know and hook up. According to Rob Crossland, who has experience with these questions. There used to not spread betting. The difference deal was not possible for private individuals. These trading opportunities were only institutional traders available. The vendors have however thought to, and a few years ago made available also private investors to these markets. Just people with low Tradingkapital we recommend you initially the spread betting.

the answer is. Spread betting is comparable to a bet in which the trader is on the future direction of the course. To analyze this, was not too difficult, but not even recognize a trader himself. For this purpose, the Club offers numerous partnerships with professional and good signal services that remove almost the entire work to the trader. The Mercedes is the fully automated trading. Here the member requires no knowledge at all. It opened its online account simply gives the work a professional traders, trades day and night and don’t even have on their PC.

Here is careful but available! Lot offers, high-yielding variety, however, only very few work. We have 6 full months needed to find the best provider of this world. A good performance that is found on the website of each provider, it turns out in 99% of all cases as bait!, so the club management. Here we have can achieve separately, but even very high discounts not only the wheat from the chaff, which benefit our members. This work the Club diminishes its members and routinely researched and skillfully, concludes cooperation to give high discounts to members at the best sellers. The monetary benefit of membership is more than 7000 per year, can be read on the Club page. This arises from many collaborations with book publishers, signal services, brokers, Tradingprogrammen and much more. Each Member has access to over 1300 automatic Tradingprogramme (expert advisor) and approx. 2000 already blocks of this ready expert advisor., so D. Nowak, of the Founder. The Tradingclub24 has however also the motivation to clean up with online fraud. So-called Hyips, pension programs dubious online investments are circulating on the Internet for years, pull the money out of your pocket the bona fide investors and cheat partly professional and smartest way. Often, dream WINS are suggested and repeatedly invites further attempts. This money collector sitting a short time later, with the sour-earned money of the investors in the Caribbean, from pretty Beach girls served up cocktails and enjoy life with the money of thousands of investors!, so Nowak. Here and now to one please: let the finger of the future! Hyips and many dubious online investments are often only intended to line the pockets of scam with the money of the investors. My conclusion for this Club, with all its good intentions and opportunities can be only positive. Finally get the layman a comprehensive training to the trader, got to pay but no assets and benefit from the extensive research, experiences and discounts, which the Tradingclub24 offers its members. Why was there so little before? This Tradingclub will certainly go his way. Press contact: Saumel GbR Landsberger Allee 10367 Berlin E-mail: