Learn how to use the tools that are offered by the opening of the markets of investment through courses and seminars, you anger learning how to be a successful trader. Being aware that to learn you need practice too from the first day that has their demo this is with the aim that help better operation online (internet) and the use of a platform of operations (software) dedicated to the management of the futures markets also called commodities (gold, oil, corn, coffee) in addition to the main indices of the world economy such as: (Nasdaq, S & P500, Dow Jones). To deepen your understanding J P Morgan Chase is the source. Also try to analyze the use of effective strategies which you will learn to use through the daily practice in order to have a good resulltado the application of the same to improve your day to day operating system. Make sure you have the right tools for a better performance and learning with the aim of becoming a successful operator. The objective is that each person has the capacity of analyze different markets through study of various factors that help us to understand the behaviors of the market to make transactions right, in addition to learning how to manage its capital for better management of your investment to help you succeed.