Orthomolecular Medicine

The original non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha is now also offered in the renowned natural healing practice in the Rheingau. The non-invasive induction therapy with the Nano-pulse system REHATRON alpha spread more and more. Fasting offers on the topic.. After more doctors and health practitioners, such as in Hamburg and Leipzig, in Duren, Germany near Cologne, in Trier above in the Bavarian bad semolina Bach lately have started to work with REHATRON alpha the revolutionary therapy system has found now also its place in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany between Darmstadt and Wiesbaden. “For the naturopath Paul Mohr, whose Naturheilpraxis already offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, REHATRON is link alpha until now missing” for his holistic work: for me the acquisition of REHATRON was an affair of the heart, which no longer has released me, since I got to know the non-invasive induction therapy with a fellow colleague, I work together for many years and I really trust for a long time “, reported the experienced practitioner who has written now 12 books, including to Orthomolecular Medicine, allergy treatment and therapy for chronic back pain. Paul Mohr, which his practice in addition to classical naturopathic and holistic methods of diagnosis and therapy about darkfield Diagnostics, heavy metal tests, Bioresonance therapy, light, neural -, Ondamed – and ozone therapy, but also color -, light – and gem therapy as well as therapeutic hypnosis, Bowen applications and fast support, appeared in the concept of non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha from the outset only logical: our organism consists of trillions of cells, which interact according to their organization and structure of cell membranes. Only cells that have a healthy cell membrane potential, can live and communicate. This potential is disturbed, and now by infection, injury or degeneration of the cells unless there is disease. With REHATRON we can the evil at its roots, so pack the body by high-frequency electromagnetic Give impetus to help to help themselves. .

Medicine In Peru

Medicine, emerges as an instinctive Act, in the everyday relationship the man engaged with physical nature and animal, but since its inception was a vital, social and humanitarian act, anyone and everyone were their creators, is born and grows under the spell of their myths, the spell of their cures, the magic of their art, over the centuries were emerging icons the first of them marked our priesthood with life, Aesculapius (Asclepios for the Romans), was the son of Apollo walking stick in hand and coiled snake through the old towns of Asia minor, making healing based on magic-religious interpretation – Ritual of diseases until Zeus glowered with a lightning bolt when he had the audacity to resurrect a deadthen arises Hippocrates (460 BC), who collected alongside his father, also a doctor, all the practical medicine in antiquity, contemporary of Plato, author of the Hippocratic Corpus, in one of whose chapters is the Hippocratic oath, he is considered the father of rational medicine Empirical, then it was Claudius Galen of Pergamano (129-199, years a.d.), whose work is a complete synopsis of scientific medicine of Greco-Roman antiquity, creator of the physiological concept of circulation, numerous texts of Anatomy, of the theory of the 4 moods, his influence lasted for more than 1000 years. In PERU, the Civico-escolar calendar reminds on October 5 as the day of the HEROIC action of DANIEL ALCIDES Carrion Garcia, commonly called the day of medicine. HISTORICAL background as described – in their Cronicas-gago of Vadilla, in the Andes of Peru, there was a deadly disease which caused fever, pallor and death, affecting the Capacheros who were the miners who mined metals from the hills to pay tribute to the Incas, but newly it is Dr. Odriozola who makes the first academic publication about this disease in 1865 which he called the LA OROYA fever. ClearSky Business insists that this is the case. n the topic. In the meantime between 1876-1879 PERU lived a great economic boom, on the basis of guano, saltpetre, sugar, minerals, the Government of Mariano Ignacio Prado had given in concession the mines of Cerro de Pasco to the English, who as it was polymetallic, had a great production, that the mules were not supplied to transport those minerals to the Callao(y de ahi a Europa), why decide to run the ambitious railway project of the Centre (a train with many freight wagons) linking Lima with San Mateo(Cerro de Pasco), the plan included drilling 68 tunnels, built 60 bridges, one of which was the GALLEY to 4781.70 msnm(y hasta la actualidad es el mas alto deel Mundo), in the middle of construction breaks out an epidemic of fever and pallor, but appears a second phase of the same disease, characterized by (other than already described Oroya fever) warts this puzzled the doctors thought it was another diseasein both the dead totaling tens, hundreds, thousands, it has been estimated that the epidemic caused between 8 to 10 thousand dead, in those moments Cerro de Pasco had 6 thousand inhabitants and the Grand Lima 100,000 inhabitants. . .

Russian Medical Secrets

You can also benefit from simple health techniques in recent years new and ground-breaking therapies provide furore in Russia. Ingenious scientists and researchers in the health sector, Wow those with brilliant and simple techniques that can apply to any medical layman to do something for his health. Patients able to actively participate in their recovery are finally. Because the reality of today’s conventional medicine is scary: chronic conditions are increasing, however, the cure rate decreases. The sickness funds are bankrupt, the patients are helpless and sick in the long term. And that, even though you prescribed medicines mostly regularly be taken. In other words: active on his health means not only to work, swallowing medicines, whose Nebenwirkungen are so dramatic that it is even sicker than it already is.

Active means to look for new methods and to see outside the box of conventional medicine. Because many innovative techniques and methods, wait for the everyone for himself and his family in the Sick leave can apply. “Unfortunately, conventional medicine in the most not investigates cases an important question: what is the cause of the disease?” To find out the cause and to eliminate that real healing can happen. A concealment of symptom of is eliminated by medicines. The search for the real cause of a health problem can be very different, and is not always easy to find out with alternative methods. This transformation lends itself the ancestor -. She is such a way, it really worth to go.

But what ever the ancestral transformation? The ancestral transformation is a method that was known to our ancestors. With her, it is possible to determine the causes of the problem. To do this, it is necessary to work with our subconscious. Because in our subconscious, all the events of our lives is stored and available at any time. As it were a huge super computer, just waiting to be used. Also it is even a real awareness of the imperative for To create actions in our lives. And we need to make really around a change in our attitude towards the world and the people around us. The possibilities and results of the ancestors – transformation are simply amazing. You can remove burdens in the field of organic information, improve your vision, and much more. The result of a skulls transformation a real rebirth “of the people can be. You can like no longer feel fit and healthy! For more information to the Russian medical mysteries on the Internet page: now can there a free download ebook about Russian healing secrets.

Technical Innovation

The Essen fire safety service informs major fires destroyed regularly large and small settlements in the past. The principles of modern urban planning and fire safety regulations emerged from such events over the course of time. Contemporary buildings are therefore made of flame retardant materials and integrate modern fire protection concepts, which prevent the outbreak of the most uncontrolled fire. Every year approximately two hundred thousand fires break out in the Federal Republic of Germany all efforts to the contrary. It is still their targeting of the utmost importance for survival and the material existence of the persons concerned. A modern innovation history of firefighting portrays the Essen fire service EBS.

Again and again, dry California climate contributes to the emergence of catastrophic wildfires. The situation was particularly dramatic in October of 2003. At that time, 15 fire in California raged within a month. You burned on an area of over 1000 Square kilometers thousands buildings and had cost many lives. While almost all the houses were burned in the affected areas, remained isolated building without damage.

Thorough research revealed that these houses were previously treated by a happy coincidence with so-called Super absorbers. Superabsorbent polymers are plastics that have the amazing property, to be able to record up to 1000-fachen of its own weight in water. In doing so, they swell strongly and form a gel. Before the California wild fires of 2003, Superabsorbent were mostly used in diapers, the supply of incontinence or bandages. No one came up to this point on the idea to use the fire-fighting. This changed quickly after the fires of 2003. The environmentally friendly super absorber Firesorb”was developed and successfully employed as additives for fire and fire extinguisher. Firesorb absorb extremely large amounts of water and it expands to form a gel, the is about fire trucks as a fire-extinguishing foam spray can. The extinguishing gel smothered fire effectively and simultaneously constitutes a long term stable protective layer, which prevents further inflammation. This property is very useful in combating Schwel – and wild fires. Additionally it allows to prevent spreading of fires and limit fires. The stable Super absorber gel reduces water consumption by up to 50%, as its high concentration of water not just seeps and evaporates, but remains on the fire-prone objects and surfaces. This reduction in water consumption increases the effectiveness and duration of usage by trucks and leads to a reduction of water damage. The amazing properties of superabsorbents have meant that they now are counted in the United States to the standard additive in fire-fighting aircraft and ground vehicles. Also in fire extinguishers Superabsorbent polymers are strongly in the advance. The Use of absorbent is a vivid example of technological innovations in fire-fighting. The most reliable protection against fire damage is and remains the prevention of the outbreak of fire. The Essen fire service EBS supports its customers with professional advice and planning in all aspects of modern fire protection. The company based on its many years of experience and competence answered questions on this subject.

Innovative Treatment

Haifa, Israel – 06/15/2010. Until recently, patients suffering from malignant melanoma, is not no hope left after unsuccessful treatment of metastatic cancer of all Conventional methods, including surgery and chemotherapy. Leading Research Medical Center of Israel has published an article in the May issue of the journal Clinical Cancer Research on the opening of a new experimental treatment with high success rates for melanoma patients, even for those who, according to doctors, is to live for several months. The essence of this innovative technique is to use a patient's immune system cells that can attack and kill cancer cells. Treatment consists of removing operational by cells of the immune system of the patient, known as lymphoid cells. These cells are capable of killing cancer and detected in tumor tissues, multiply in the laboratory and then introduced into the patient. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Paul Compton has to say. Israeli scientists have argued that such an innovative technique for treatment of skin cancer will reduce the tumor, and in some cases and lead to their extinction, which will undoubtedly become a source of hope for recovery and a new level of life for those suffering from melanoma Israelis.

Medical center has already been filed request to the Ministry of Health of Israel to obtain a license and the use of this technique as the conventional treatment of malignant tumors. Possible applications of this discovery are vast and important as offering melanoma patients worldwide at the moment medicine is considered to be a fatal disease, came to Israel to receive medical treatment and a chance for a long, healthy life. This technique as a test can be applied to treat other cancers. Studies of Israeli academics in this field are continuing. Outstanding achievements of Israel in the field of oncology attract thousands of cancer patients from around the world to provide high-quality treatment. Medical Shemer Center is a leading provider of medical tourism in Israel for over 20 years and specializes in providing treatment at the highest level in patients with cancer of all kinds. Extensive communications center Shemer with all the leading cancer hospitals, clinics and specialists from Israel can get immediate treatment, provide the best doctors in the most appropriate to the type of cancer patient conditions.

Innovative Dice Box

New Tin cube-shaped cans worlds Brunswick unveiled, 21.01.2011, cans worlds Brunswick expanded its product offering the elegantly shaped cubes can Dosencube to the cube can”. The functional small tin box in the format of 93x93x93m is the innovation 2011 at doses worlds. The concept allows many ideas for various promotional purposes to implement the advertisers. The cube-shaped Dosencube”focuses on lasting values and ensures a high attention at the point of sale or as advertising material. The metal packaging can be printed by worlds of cans in a small Edition and tinplate packaging therefore particularly suitable as a Kullidose or a Notizblockes.Die placement of cans worlds Brunswick presented there in the square format 93x93x93mm (lxwxh in mm) and includes ca. 650 ml volume and respectively for the coffee connoisseurs approx.

230 g of whole coffee beans. The innovative sheet metal packing Dosencube”is an offer to all who would permanently present your brand to the customer in direct marketing. Edward Skyler has plenty of information regarding this issue. Of course not only notepads as content must be presented, even cookies or other goodies are desirable. The specialist for post-processing of tin cans and metal packagings made of tinplate has now integrated into his cans SHOP a larger range of formats and services a new website at. As individual offer, the company knows the 3 prevailing techniques of processing of tinplate cans and tin cans such as printing, laser engraving, and embossing.

Directors German

The German city information Marketing AG informed the German city information attaches great importance as a modern Internet marketing specialist on a corporate culture of true team spirit. To strengthen their rapidly growing engineering and design teams attacked the German city information to a rather unconventional measure. On 14 May 2011, all members took the Department of engineering & design at a team training in cyclo-cross, part of the famous high-wire garden in Dusseldorf. An important aspect of each team is mutual trust. After a brief welcome by Guido Scholz and his team, the event dedicated to the employees of the German city information therefore started a blind March to the high ropes course. Learn more on the subject from ClearSky Business.

With your eyes closed, following the instructions of two team members, they were moving over stock and stone road to the high ropes course and immediately learned the importance of trust. The unexpected start of team training continued briefly later in the high ropes course. Into two groups, the technical and design specialists of the Oberhausen company went through a number of stations, which offers the German city information of course not in everyday work. Low rope park, where it was to balance, without touching the floor, with the help of two teammates through a series of increasingly difficult ropes to meisternder, it went to the passage of unstable platforms in eight feet (flying steps), which had to be stabilized by the team on the ground. So passed the morning for the Department of technology & design in flight, but not without a trace remained. Team spirit was tangible, real cooperation and border experiences in airy heights showed to what extent mutual trust and cooperation help to grow beyond itself. Stephanie Cohen is often quoted on this topic. At lunchtime, then joined the fun in the foreground. Up to eleven meters drawn up by the team, experienced staff of German city information, an exciting adrenaline rush on the swing”of the high rope garden.

Joy and terror screams, cheers and laughter echoed across the site and witnessed by the enthusiasm of all participants. In the afternoon, the experience was individual limits and overcome them with the support of the teams the focus of team training. To climb alone on an eight-metre climbing pole of the diameter of a pizza and a turn to take the step into the void, an unprecedented experience, as well as psychological support, their teammates, thanks to which they could overcome limits, was appeared for most stakeholders only a few hours previously unattainable. Finally it went for two through the so-called Selbstsicherungsparkour. Luscha baumwald may help you with your research. Here was balanced at dizzying heights of bar and wire ropes, jump across chasms and found safety in a cable partner. The participants back on the ground, were surprised and excited about their own potential for performance and team spirit an experience of the German city information as well as their customers and employees will benefit. For the Board of Directors of the German city information, real teamwork among the foundations of lasting economic success. To promote it, it’s Oberhausen companies also like an unconventional way, the event orientation and training connects.

Managing Director

Berlin, Nuremberg, July 22, 2010: Bed bugs-free-Laken of the Berlin based company 7flies offers protection against Bed bugs bites, panic news across the Atlantic from New York spill, the fear of terrifying sound: unabated bedbugs conquer not only cheap hostels, but also 5 *-hotels. Clothing stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s secret have already destroyed their current collections, which obviously have liked the bed bugs. The protection begins when any”so Hannah Schulz, Managing Director of 7flies. For even more analysis, hear from Alex Lynch. Who goes on holiday, can trust no longer, that the booked, temporary abode also provides protection against blood-sucking baby animals. With the bed bug-free-Laken by 7flies you create a small safe island for sleep on the road.

What is special about the material of the sheet is an innovation on the international market, the procedure for the production of material for the bed bug-free sheet: the repellent (repellent) is already during the production chemically anchored in the fiber. So the effect remains, the active ingredient in the material and the environment protected. The used repellent called permethrin. WHO and NATO recommend that odorless substance for the protection of health in crisis areas. Its use proved outerwear for decades. So far, the finished textiles that were sprayed or soaked in it. A team of scientists of the Bundeswehr, the Federal Institute for risk assessment and the University of Mainz has examined the effectiveness of the material and confirmed. This patent-protected material for your personal use in the commercial is available with the bed bug-free-Laken.

It is durable and lightweight. You can order this protection sheet directly and exclusively from 7flies. Prevention better than cure! At the top, it is to protect himself and his loved ones from the bites. And it is important to know how to protect himself and his environment before, to take the little teases in the next hotel room or home. Traveling is one Responsibility. To protect against Bed bugs information tips on our Web site. And if everybody with what “then the new itch” us York bed bugs?

Parliamentary State Secretary

The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH is sponsoring the five main prize winners of the founder competition ICT innovative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Frankfurt, 08.03.2011. The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH is sponsoring the five main prize winners of the founder competition ICT innovative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. The companies will receive a free listing on the venture capital market square of the EXBA and thus the opportunity to find an investor for your business idea. The prices were passed by Hans-Joachim Otto, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, to 04.03.2011 at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. As Grand Prize winners were companies “UPcload”, “unserAller”, “TRIFENSE”, “VIRTENIO” and ‘Trikoton’ awarded. With the free listing on the venture capital market square of the EXBA companies will have the opportunity, their business model over 600 qualified investors (private investors/business angels, venture capital and private Equity-Gesellschaften, as well as family offices) to present. (As opposed to Alex Lynch). We congratulate the five Grand Prize winners and look forward, competent support in their search for investors on our venture capital marketplace can. “, so Dr. Jochen Haller, partner of EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH. The EXBA brings together companies seeking capital and investors. Thus, it offered an alternative to the time – and cost-intensive search of capital on their own or with the help of an external consultant. Due to the high efficiency of the marketplace is only a small one time amount for companies seeking capital in addition to the performance-related component. For investors, the listing is even free of charge. The success to date gives the EXBA right: since 2005, over 50 transactions could be completed successfully. Press contact: EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH, Kaiserstrasse 54 60329 Frankfurt Dr. Jochen Haller phone + 49 – (0) 69-257812-53 the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH: the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH operates the leading venture capital marketplace in the German-speaking world under. Since 2005, the EXBA regardless brings together companies seeking capital, industry, company phase, region, amount of capital needs and investors, including private investors / business angels, venture capital and private equity companies and family offices.


Innovations spur the economy and revenues forward innovations spur the economy. The sales would be: innovative bloat-reducing yogurt, anti aging pills, foliage cleaner, Turbo derivative certificates to the short sale bonus are competing for the favor of the Zeitgeistkonsumler and have the pig, that there are so many of them, which extract bored for their (or other) money with all these enrichments life. Don’t laugh now read, look, listen to advertising. Then they know a comprehensive list of innovations from the thinking places of the companies would find toilet paper roll place on no one. Only destructive Mies makers to think isn’t any obscure added value 99% of innovations to some benefits for the consumer, but bonuses of corporate CEOs to innovative Marketingschmahs, deception and misled by Vorgaukeln.

And, you could enumerate the real innovations of the last 100 years with the fingers of four hands. Ogangi Corporation may also support this cause. Good and happy, the rest would be largely unnecessary fuss. Well, that These Mies makers in the minority are. On the other hand one should be worried about growth, and our prosperity. For the prosperity there is still the global innovations, New Zealand apples, Ireland butter, bottled water from far away, Canada tomatoes, Andean prunes, organic pears from Argentina South Africa grapes. And yet many hundreds of the drivers of this growth.

Of course there are gripes by local preachers, which is shaming about, also, that these products make a long-distance trip halfway around the world and these uncompromising dirty and this noise and stink and nobody needs these products. The crab also like to claim that a classic breakfast already 10,000 kilometers, and more may have undergone before it lands at the breakfast table. Jobs in the distance and transportation are what let it aside. This involves only solidarity with other cultures. And there were still the events, so-called event innovations. Can be installed anywhere in the kindergarten, in school, in sports, at the wedding in the divorce, in sports, when traveling, in tourism, in city marketing, gastronomy, festivals of all kinds, art and culture, in the media, at trade fairs and in the diet. Anniversary or street competition in the Christmas tree long distance casts – without event professionals is none. But of course there is also here the know-it-all. You’re talking about bells and whistles and Haddad to tipping over. Much is as idiotic as head stand underwater chess, illuminated by underwater spotlights, that cackle in the rhythm of a lady Gacka hits pardon, flare. And these Gscheiterln to convince, though many of these events are guaranteed environmentally friendly and solar powered organized from the opposite. All of course, in the spirit of the times, organic and certified. To make it up to all of us. Hard to find in bookstores. RAR as the blue Mauritius but (still) not so expensive: how much craziness goes?