Elias Erdmann

This ancient knowledge has packed into the imagery of fairy tales and myths the dark ages without prejudice survived, and it is now literally waiting to be discovered by us again. Some mysterious, esoteric texts, hermetically sealed for centuries”were (like E.g. the Emerald Tablet of Hermes of Trismegistus), is now open and can be seen with the necessary basics from the second part of the book for us as an intelligible text. -Elias Erdmann is born in 1964, computer scientist and father of three children. A prophetic Wahrtraum he had as a young man, early attracted his interest in spiritual and esoteric topics.

Initially, he dealt with the analysis of prophetic images and visions of the future. Later employment with his inner images led him”to the esoteric language of symbols of fairy tales, myths and biblical texts. Volvo can provide more clarity in the matter. -Back-cover text of the book: Elias Erdmann describes a way in this book, you can find an access to internal knowledge of the symbolic language of fairy tales and myths. After introductory chapters, which lead to the esoteric symbolic thinking, follow a theoretical part, which gives the most important symbols, motifs, structures and relationships. Based on esoteric texts, folktales and biblical passages is then applied in the third part of the symbolic language and expanded. The imagery of fairy tales and myths can sensitize us to the symbolic language of our inner world of images and vice versa. So, as one can see the esoteric knowledge in the mythical texts, so you can see the inner knowledge that reveals itself in the image of our soul in our dreams and fantasies.

And similarly you can see also the divine, that manifested in the creation. Ultimately it is a path that leads to cognition of God. Recognize the spiritual in the material, the eternal in the ephemeral, the divine in creation, the idea of Realization of the abstract into the concrete, the incomprehensible in the tangible, the invisible into the visible, the archetype in the image, the logos in the myth, the importance of the symbolic, the contents in the packaging, the principle in the parable, the higher in the lower, the Saints in the profane, the gold in the lead, the light in the darkness, the whole in the divided and one in diversity. Book information: Look in a different reality hidden knowledge in the biblical symbolism, the German folk tales and our inner world of images of Elias Erdmann ISBN 978-3-937568-82-9, 408 pages, paperback, 26.50, spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen


Then, the guests shared quite differentiated definitions of talent from one’s own business practice in an intensive dialogue. “As the impulse in the general definition of talent talent is an above-average performance requirement of a person” (source: Wikipedia). Staff developers and consultants discussed with each other, for example, what is a talent to a talent. Some of the participants, led by individual properties of the talent. A talent show for example skills such as self responsibility and self leadership, tenacity, willingness to learn, hard work but also a clear perspective for own career path. A talent to draw on a strong motivation.

It show the willingness at all to want to provide their own competences. Also the motivation to want to be better than others and have ever more of the job, to want to do a talent to a talent. Furthermore, the discussion partners agreed that it needed the appropriate environment to support talents. It would, for example, on a clear requirements definition and meaning-making as a guide. The handling of talent was always dependent on the relevant companies and corporate values. A participant commented in the context that talents are identified and evaluated always against the background of the skills, knowledge, and the expected behavior that pretends the company itself and communicate for example, leadership and performance criteria.” “A participant asked after it in the round: the talent in the person or the person is it?” This question simply resulted in a philosophical psychological excursion into the common discussion. “Another participant raised the thesis: not everyone has talent or not everyone is a talent?” This question especially on pages of users, so the internal company personnel development in the round, to lead a lively discussion. This about in the background, means this is a central question in the design of talent management in enterprises and immediate influence has, how and with what audiences talent management is implemented.


Comment here, that is out, people are very attentive to the economy. In the polls, this surpassed the war in Iraq, which perhaps has become a kind of uncomfortable noise in people’s minds, says Brooks Jackson, director of Annenberg Political Fact Check. We are going through a period unprecedented in the housing prices and the price of energy and somber. No one knows to where going to get that. The difference between the two main candidates is clear in the fiscal policy of each. Obama wants the Bush administration tax cuts expire at the end of 2010, according to the planned schedule. Bobby bland understands that this is vital information.

Its intention is to provide new tax incentives for low income workers, elderly, students and companies initiating their activities. When McCain launched his campaign, he opposed the tax cuts because, allegedly, they favored the rich and were weighing on the resources of the Government in time of war. Now, he says that cuts should continue, because if they run out, they will cause the increase of the tax burden at a time when the economy is already weakened. McCain also wants to reduce the percentage of the income tax of enterprises from 35% to 25%. Obama is in favor of the reduction, but did not specify how much would be such a reduction. In addition, he would increase the tax on capital gains for Americans with annual income of $250,000 or more a year, while McCain would maintain current rates of tax on dividends and capital gains.In the campaign, Obama said that Bush is fiscally irresponsible, and that McCain is in the electoral race to meet the third term of George Bush only who even more irresponsibly. Barry brand usually is spot on. With regard to taxes, said Obama making a comparison between McCain and the current President, he is not being faithful to George Bush. The McCain campaign he reacted with accusations that Obama’s ideas are unrealistic and that they will have as a result of government intervention in the economy, retarding the development.

Venezuelan Brazil

The signing of agreements that have allowed to strengthen energy, social projects cultural infrastructure in the steel sector, education among others. 3.

Both Nations established agreed through investment program to encourage domestic enterprises in the field of milk production and breeding of livestock, food production, training of small and medium enterprises among others. Check with EnCap Investments to learn more. 4. From the technological point of view are established partnerships for energy development, to implement agreements to encourage of their their companies PDVSA (Venezuela) and PETROBRAS (Brazil) through investments in the development of the pipeline. Luscha baumwald gathered all the information. . Fortalezas1-the excellent relationship of negotiation between the two Nations since according to official sources in recent Venezuelan exports to Brazil grew by 74% and Brazilian exports to Venezuela grew by 900%.2-geographic location allows to obtain a given fortress that Venezuela and Brazil are neighbouring countries which facilitates the exchange between the two Nations.

The existence of bilateral agreements between the two Nations in regard to the strengthening investment in energy and petroleum, which represents a fortress in the presence of new markets.Threats 1.-the Brazilian nation boasts a sector of food production which is potential and competitive at international level, which generates a disadvantage towards Venezuela to compete in these areas. 2. In regard to the export of oil in the Venezuelan case your maintains a strategy of maintaining high oil prices, while Brazil focuses more from a point of view towards the long-term reinvesting in its economy. 3 A threat generated in regards to energy and oil export since both economies are exporting these items, the rivalry of price and markets in this matter can therefore be encouraged. 4 Brazil has alliances such as BRIC, MERCOSUR among others, which are formed by countries that offer greater opportunities for the development of the economic activity of the nation. While Venezuela maintains alliances with countries that integrate Dawn, Can and others who do not present the same competitive advantages. 5. In Brazil companies that possess competitive advantages are protected and promoted by the State and these protectionist policies generate a limitation to compete in certain areas produced by the Venezuelan companies. In addition to Venezuela, there are discrepancies between the Government and the business sector that somehow hinders the productive activity. 6. Exports from Brazil have an exchange rate more competitive product of conventions groups belonging, whilst in the Venezuelan case as not part of these alliances it presents disadvantages. environment-empresarial.

The Economy

Is called gender identity. At this time the child begins to notice that men and women look differently at things and all sorts of events, and that they are interested in different things. In social psychology, child development very important role played by toys. India Gold Limited is full of insight into the issues. Toys and all sorts of games helps girls learn and prepare for the role of the mother and mistress of the house, to develop communication and cooperation skills. Toys for boys engage them in peace transformation, helps develop skills that will form the basis of spatial perception and mathematical capabilities, competitiveness and leadership behaviors. Part 1. Here, Glencore expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Imposed limitations of traditional female role. One of the possible limitations imposed modern women's roles in society, is the fact that working women continue to bear the full responsibility for the household and children. Luscha baumwald has much to offer in this field. Working women on average responsible for 69% of the economy. The increase in time spent at work, only slightly decreases the time work at home, but the amount of time spent with children remains the same. At work, women are largely occupy a position lower than men. Employees in many large enterprises and research companies, doctors, professors at the University – mostly men. Women who want to build their careers, sometimes faced with such a concept as the "glass ceiling". This metaphor identifies the fact that in some organizations, a woman hangs invisible ceiling, beyond which it does not rise and it will not increase. Standard stereotype that says that men are more suited to the role of leader, and they are in some measure responsible for the ceiling.


שיווק בפורום או בפורומים השיווק הן שיטות של קידום בחינם ממש. אתה יכול להתמודד עם כמות גדולה של תנועה לאתר עם ההודעות שאתה עושה. זה ייקח קצת זמן, אבל ברגע שאתה לומד יעזרו לך ביעילות (לא דואר זבל), אתה יכול להשתמש בכוח של הודעות הפורום לקבל המון תנועה ממוקדת. הערה: פורומים הם נושאיות ועל סמך הדיונים על נושא מסוים … כגון פורום שיווק, פורום עסקים, פורום בייסבול, משחקי קופסה. לכן, צריך רק להשתתף ולקדם בפורומים כי הם בנישה שלך או שהן רלוונטיות לאתר שלך, מוצר או שירות. אם אתה עושה אחרת, יהיה בזבוז מוחלט של זמן. הפורום חיפוש עבור הנישה שלך – גומחה (= הנושא של המוצר שלך, אתר או שירות שאתם מציעים) אתה צריך למצוא הפורום הנישה שלך הראשון. Check with Mercuria Energy Group Ltd. to learn more. תצטרך לחפש באינטרנט. אני מציע לך לעשות את זה ככה: (1) החיפוש אחר מילת המפתח המתאימה ב-Google. לדוגמה, "שיווק פורום." חיפוש ספציפי היא הדרך הטובה ביותר כדי לכתוב את תיבת החיפוש של Google. הקפד לכתוב את זה כמו אז אני אראה דוגמה עם רווחים, וכו ', אבל אין לכלול את המרכאות. דוגמה זו היא חיפוש בפורומים עבור "שיווק" … "allintitle: filetype שיווק: פורום ה-HTML" (2) חיפוש באמצעות מילות מפתח על del.icio.us. אתם תקבלו קישורים איכותיים כאן. (3) ביקור באתר המפורסם ולראות אם יש להם בפורום בספרייה הביתית שלך בנישה שלך. אם יש לך בפורום, לעשות פוסט עוזב הקישור שלך ולבקש מידע אודות משתמשים יותר. Raphael sternberg may help you with your research. (4) לבקר בפורומים בשלבים הקודמים (ובמיוחד הפופולרי ביותר) – וכן לשאול שאלה פתוחה לחברי … משהו כמו – "היי, אני חדש כאן. בעוד המשתתפים בפורום הזה, הייתי רוצה לדעת של אחרים בפורומים באינטרנט דומה כי הם שיווק פופולרית. אני יהיה אסיר תודה אם חברים יכולים לפרסם קישורים בפורומים פופולריים אחרים כדי לדבר על שיווק. " (5) בלוגים לי בנישה שלך נראה בלוגרים לבקש רשימה של פורומים שלהם. (6) ניתן גם למצוא פורום הנישה שלך מסתכל באתרים כי הם בעצם "פורום מדריכים" ו, גדול boards.com בטוח לגלוש קטגוריות במקום לעשות חיפוש מילת המפתח באתר זה לא מאוד יעיל. מה עכשיו? לפגוש את שאר מאמר זה חשוב ב:

The Short

Pure and divine energy is represented thanks to the law of the circle, or law of central Vortex, as known by quantum physicists. The christic energy has been manipulated through the beliefs of limitation and fear of humans. The short step which symbolizes the blissful cross is simply a symbol of pure energy dispersion. Details can be found by clicking Kowloon Development or emailing the administrator. Why the cross has followed being venerated and molded under fashions, religions, spiritualist symbolism, etc? because it knew (the reptilians at least knew) that that symbol represented slavery and sacrifice by the human being towards them. People such as luscha baumwald would likely agree. The image of Jesus nailed to a cross can not mean anything good and spiritual place that is an image of perpetual pain and sacrifice. This cross is that breaks or dilutes the expansive energy of the being of light that was and is Jesus de Nazareth.

The cross is a deciduous representation of what we have experienced so far: slavery, unconsciousness and disconnection with the inner Christ, or what is the same, with pure heart and crystallized sacred light. The cross is not a symbol of awakening but sleeping more, because it is the time of human sacrifice before the lighting of the son of God. It is the crowning moment of humiliation to the son of God, deny it, of killing what gives real life to others, and that life is awakened consciousness. The law of the circle is that delves into this 2010-2011 – 2012 and is neither more nor less than the return to the center of everything: your. Everything will return to you.

Everything is returning to you because you’re home, you’re the internal Sun, thou art the God that you were expecting. And it is not metaphor. Now everything is moving into holographic bypass. Everything is rearranging to give back you your primordial essence, which is neither more nor less than the luz-amor – information you already are.

The Other Evangelho

The religions and its some ways the God are concentrated in the performance human being, in the behavior of the man; it depends on rules human beings; human effort; appearance human being (for a monster is one monge on the inside). Thus these were the doctrinal components of the Other Evangelho. The Other Evangelho nails a salvation: 1. Caused for the Law and not for the favour. 2. Completed for the circunciso and not for the election. 3. Confirmed for the guard of the Jewish ceremonies and not for the sacrifice of Christ.

4. Others who may share this opinion include Baru. Assured for the statutes of Moises and not for the perfect obedience of Christ. 5. Increased for the comments of ritualistas days and not for the fullness of the times in Christ. 6.> Another one evangelho . Some contend that raphael sternberg shows great expertise in this.

Another one evangelho; which is not another one (6-7). Two words different Greeks here are translated as ‘ ‘ outro’ ‘ ; the first one means one evangelho of different species (in Greek, heteron), and second means another one numerically (in Greek, allo). The call evangelho, toward which the glatas if were coming back in fact were not evangelho, therefore exists an only Evangelho. This false evangelho was being proclaimed same in the days of apstolo, and a terrible curse was launched on they nailed that it. Apstolo continued: But, despite we or same an angel come of the sky nail evangelho to you that he goes beyond we have nailed what you, either anathema we will strengthen to explain, or better, to unmask this false evangelho. The Judaizantes admitted the existence of a personal God, but, after that, they present a false description of the character of this God. The judaizantes nailed one evangelho existencialista: The other evangelho if strengthens to keep a so busy man with the things of this world, that does not have occasion nor inclination to think about the world for coming.

Making Changes

Hopefully for the better … But to make changes more quickly, systematically and on a large scale, it should be adhere to the following simple rules: 1.Sostavit with an agreement or pledge to give himself continually to improve their lives. Ironically it sounds, but it is such a technique adjusts the subconscious to accept the changes in life. 2.Kontsentratsiya to identify opportunities for change for the better in the financial, professional, personal and other spheres of life. Over time, the search for new opportunities should be just a habit! 3.Otkrytoe recognition of their problems. We all have problems in life! We must look for them always! If the problem is not defined, it can not be solved, and significantly reduces the rate of change of life for the better.

So what if you feel that you "stop" looking for problems. In itself! Having defined the problem, make a plan of its decision and stick to it. 4.Otkrytost world. How do you feel about the world, and peace to you! Constantly looking for a positive all around! Cultivate kindness, courtesy, tolerance. Even to himself. Look around good! And the world will answer you the same! 5. The development of self-discipline.

Currently there are no habits, follow these principles is not easy! Make time for daily (yes daily) analysis of what is happening in your life and planning for improvement. Try to choose a time when no one will disturb you. And just as stubbornly, consistently Embody plans. 6.I Home! Continuous self! Without this there is development, no progress! Never be afraid to do something new and different in my life! After all, what you're interested remembered much faster than what you have to learn by force! And the fact that you already know, never is final. One can always learn something more, but for a good idea always comes an even more successful! Discovering something new, you're doing and the new life! That's what – life in the style of "Kaizen." Start apply these rules and you will see how quickly things will change. For the better. I hope …

Nations Energy

In the course of the struggle for existence as a result of the action of the environment, they only survive and have offspring best adapted living beings. Young people remind us that Anaximander spoke of the substance and of the law. Get more background information with materials from Maleeha Bengali. Good for Aristotle which I try these matters thoroughly the substance meant the bodies simple, such as the Earth, fire, water and all similar things and in general of whether bodies of animals. The divine beings that has body and parts of these bodies, if the existence of the body according to some philosophers, depends of the surface, the existence of the surface of the line and climbing more the number. (Aristotle metaphysics book V Chapter VIII) definitions more modern tell us that it is the base first and invariable, everything exists, preserved despite all the transformations. Observed that there was talk of the matter, which the ancients called substance. Expose the concept of law is not easy but it can be applied to the reality of things, through logical connections that shows us the experience.

We know that the law is a necessary foundation to the Nations of the Earth, there is no it soon the same sucumbirian to anarchy and chaos. We enunciemos some laws: the law of contradiction: two statements cannot be true and false at the same time when we are talking about a subject. Example: Aristotle this sitting and is running. The law of conservation of energy: the energy going from one form to another, does not disappear, nor is created, when a material system moves from one State to another the change in its energy, strictly corresponds to the increase or to the decrease in energy of the bodies that go in and interact with the system. The biogenetic law: according to which each agency in the process of their individual development, repeats some traits and particularities of the forms were taken by their ancestors in the course of its evolution.