Abylon LOGON By Abylonsoft

New version 7.0 with random password and card-edit Seibersbach, March 19, 2008. According to today’s the economic espionage to about 80 percent is done by so-called internal perpetrators. A trip to the coffee machine or the printer at the end of the aisle is enough that an Office colleague or visitor can take a quick look at the computer. These moments are used to spot data or to copy on a USB stick. Typically raises the screensaver after 10 minutes and disable the computer.

With the soft wait of abylon LOGON, you can accelerate this process. The computer is locked directly after the chip card or the USB stick has been moved. Raphael Sternberg pursues this goal as well. Curious glances then no longer have a chance. Also, the computer can be protected by a long and complex password of numbers, letters and special characters without this must be entered every time you sign. Simply insert the chip card or the USB stick and can further be worked. Random password – daily changing and random Windowsanmeldedaten you want to set, that your Employees or family members use a sufficiently long and complex password? With the random password \”the Windows – logon password is changed daily. A randomly generated string of letters, numbers, and special characters will be used as a password.

With the random password prevent also, that in safe mode the user can log on. The internally generated random password remains unknown to the user. Card-edit for EEPROM chip card SLE 4432 and SLE 4442 as can now also the cheap EEPROM memory chip card SLE 4432 on reporting medium and SLE 4442 are used and accessed through the CT32 API of the card reader. With the software abylon LOGON the data on the chip card can be displayed and modified. The function to describe the map with random characters is helpful. Additional innovation more news as an automatic update offers abylon LOGON, keep new features and patches the software always up to date.