Achieve Wellbeing

You get wondered, which is the order or order you must get the keys that open the door to well-being? Definitely three keys are equally important, inasmuch as if lack of them, could not open the door that gives way to well-being, these three keys without any order are: money, health and time; What should be the natural order to achieve them? After thinking about it carefully, we have come to the conclusion that whatever key that is missing in your life, they must begin by ordering the priority in the following way: the health time money our concern-based normally achieve, firstly and at all costs, the money, assuming that this is the key that lack them, or in the mistaken belief that welfare is achieved only with economic boom. We don’t tells that we make a mistake, just our desperation to achieve this precious trophy, is what keeps us without health or makes it deteriorate. Learn more at: rephael sternberg. Even more to ensure that the key that makes them lack is the health, also assume wrongly, in the belief that his health only passes through physical or bodily health. Those who walk in search of time or in many cases, is what more they have and simply wasting it, this also harms the health. We reiterate our belief in the natural order for obtaining welfare, passed in the first instance to achieve health, but this in a comprehensive way. The World Health Organization, recognizes that man is comprised of three important aspects, matter or body, soul or mind and spirit. The conjunction of these three elements are they give the individual the true health. Assails us again a question in that order should be developed these aspects as important to achieve health? We have to understand that these three aspects are interdependent, so it should be cultured in equal measure, but where do you start?. .