Acioly Walnut

Following a logic, it a patriotism feeling, a love for its native land would have all and pride to serve the emperor of Brazil. Subentende that Varnhagen when producing any historiogrfico document would never mention in criticizing the form to govern of the emperor. We can question; it will be that it was fear? It will be that Varnhagen was friend of the real family and would have fear to disappoint it? Then, nothing of this it explains its position, and yes the form of as the patriotism ideology was constructed and honors the emperor. Only in 1970, after the diffusion of the School of the Annales, established for Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre, the historical facts had passed to be written in way more criticize, describing the reality with bigger severity. The diffusion of an idea acquires force in accordance with the way that is propagated and of it assimilates who it. The more common media them ends it century XIX and start it XX was the periodical.

This communicative instrument was produced for intellectuals who had as intention to divulge everything that happened in the province. For some intellectuals nor everything that was written in periodicals possua true matrix, on account of these divergences had appeared periodicals of left. The right periodicals were always allies to the emperor or president of the province. Everything what he was said or commanded for the hierarchic power was propagated as synonymous of truth. We can cite as example of partiality and ideological construction in the periodical the Republic, the manipulation of the President of the State of the Cear Antonio Young chicken elect Acioly Walnut in 1896. This that per many years if misunderstood with druggist Rodolfo Tefilo in not agreeing to its practical druggists to combat the smallpox. Rodolfo Tefilo was a great druggist, who witnessed all the trajectory of the terrible epidemic of smallpox that the Cear never had since it was of 1878.