The flexibilizao and curricular adaptation fit to all the regular of professional, public education and private institutions, to promote the conditions of accessibility to the pupils who present necessities special, so that these pupils if feel capable to learn and to produce knowledge. The paper of the school is to support and to give has supported its professionals, stops to learn new techniques of learning thus to look for to apply together children with intellectual deficiency, for example the tricks, the musicalizao it is a form of awaking in the children the interest of if communicating themselves to develop the side cognitivo engine of the child. The school will reach its objectives, by means of the educational action, how much it will have the envolvement of all, guaranteeing to these pupils the access to the knowledge surprising to each day with its potentialities. The curricular adaptations, depend on the ability and superior administrative attributions politician, for involving and depending bureaucratic nature, politics and financier, and the ones that depend on the ability of the professor, involving planned actions to be developed in the classroom. Therefore, already we know that all person with intellectual deficiency, has assured its rights to the education and the citizenship, so that the right in the education, either respected is necessary that the professor has all the necessary resources where can execute new techniques, with materials of first special quality guaranteeing the child with necessities all condition so that occurs waited development, taking care of and teaching to these children with love, affection providing a condition of better life where gradual it will go to express its feelings and sensations of gratefulness. 7. Music and the Inclusion Music is a sonorous language that express sensations, feelings and thoughts, its use in classroom if constitutes important instrument for the development of children with intellectual necessities, beyond making possible excellent learning in all decisively the areas of the knowledge. .