Again Output

FPU V6 has significant changes in relation to FPU V5. It is fully compatible and can read files and FPU V5 projects without having to make any modifications. Supports reading and writing to files Xlsx. supports reading and writing in database transactional style via ODBC. This new format is much easier than the format offered at FPU V5 ODBC (which is still supported).

This new format avoids the limitation of number of items per table and also allows the use of attribute fields to define hierarchical structures. FPU V6 allows you to save both the statistical prognosis as well as the final outcome in an output file. FPU V6 offers a preview that allows you to view the content and format of the digital output within FPU. FPU V6 has new options design report forecast that allows you to select from four types of reporting standards or design a custom one. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field. You can also specify whether graphics should be or not be included when you export your forecasting reports to Excel. FPU V6 offers a new report from existence of security that allows you to view safety stock, re-order and DDTA (demand during time of anticipation) points for different times in advance.

You can also specify advance pups both global and/or local times and these will be outlined in the report. Security stocks, re-order and DDTA point can be saved in the output file for advance time settings of output. New options for customizing models allow you to specify models quickly and easily without having to write the syntax required by the model. The reports of changes to forecasts, atypical data as well as the previous output reporting allow you to double-click on any item and the browser will take you directly to this item. Projects can now be protected with PASSWORD. You can now display separator for thousands in the reports and amendments, (eg. commas). This allows you to read large numbers of more easily. Also you can be easier to set the precision (eg. Decimal No.) of all the listed numbers and can change them only with using the context menu and without having to look for a sale of setting specific or going back to predict. The documentation and the help system has been revised and improved. They have also been numerous small changes through the program to make it more easy and more intuitive.