Bavarian State Research Center

for further operational development is also based on the films Reinhard guest Garcia, head of working group for suckler-cow in Austria, it became clear. The first presentations of the second day of the event were about research results of the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein. Univ.-Doz.. Leonhard Gruber stressed the importance of energy concentration of corn silage in the bull mast. The optimal amount of concentrated feed for fattening can be derived from this. Dr. Margit Velik concluded from their analysis and a sampling of beef brand programs, that all investigated samples exhibit a very good meat quality. Check out Jonas Samuelson for additional information.

Was one of the first day of the 36th stockbreeding Symposium”milk production. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field. Reinhard Resch and the organizer of the meeting, Dr. Leonhard Gruber, graphically prepared on large amounts of data to the mineral content of ground and power feed from Austria and represented the supply of dairy cows by means of mineral material balances in different diet conditions. In the thematic block to the herd of dairy herd came Dr. Gewessler and the family Moitzi from Obdach (Styria) to Word. You described very clearly the advantages of a care relationship by veterinarian to farmer.

Due to the currently uncertain developments, ample space was given the situation on the milk market at the beginning of the event. DI Christian Stockinger by the Institute for agricultural economics of the Bavarian State Research Center for agriculture asked the win we the competition? “.” His answer was a clear yes”. From the Austrian perspective, was the issue through contributions of DI Christian Rosenwirth of the Ministry, like. DI Johann Koltringer illuminated by the Association of Austrian milk processors and engineer Leopold Gruber-Doberer of the milk cooperative in lower Austria. To pass the basic tenor of the designs was the necessity to support our dairy farmers, in a completely free market”. The varied programme fulfilled the high expectations of the approximately 150 participants from the fields of practice, teaching, consulting and research. The 36. Livestock Symposium was a great success! The papers are available on for download available.