Beauty Salon

The best option would be to “Beauty Salon opens on May 1,” or “Here will be a sports center! “. Locals came by and remember key information, as well as an opportunity to talk about the upcoming event to your friends. Is closer to the opening will not be excessive advertising shop all means available. Should start with flyers and leaflets that you can distribute on the street, vkidyvat in mailboxes residents of nearby houses (you can negotiate with a mailman), to distribute ads at the entrance. If you started a more global business, you should use the services of radio and television, placing them the advertising screen saver or video. Distributed by advertising on billboards, in subways, shuttles and public transport. Contact information is here: Starbucks. True, this will require large financial expenditures.

Provides great opportunities ads in newspapers, magazines theme. Many variants, limited to only the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Now quite successful practice is to organize events and ideas as much as for potential buyers on the opening day the store. What kind of event to arrange – it depends on the specifics of the proposed goods and services. If you open a store of youth clothing – you can make a show of collections, lingerie – fashion show models, shop for children – make a real children’s festival with lots of gifts, and let minor, a mountain of sweets, contests, clowns and music. Of course, this would require a large financial costs, but the resonance of the opening will be a great and memorable event buyers. Consider in more detail idea, make it original, you will help PR-company. Decorating Event balls – the universal tool that will beautify the look of the store and will complement any idea. Simplicity and receive a variety of colors uniquely attract person’s attention, even from afar. It is not hard to find companies that specialize in this. In the first days after the opening can be distributed to a limited number of discount cards, which entitle to a discount. Person will be nice to get some free coins. All the above will allow you to have the first day of opening a store to attract customers’ attention and generate positive impressions in their minds. And this is a guarantee that they are to you come back! All discounts, promotions, sales, discounts, confiscated in Minsk and Belarus.