Changes Hands

Continues project philosophy / concept of service as service provider for bloggers and job providers will be expanded to the first job board aimed specifically at bloggers, has now changed hands. Maik Wildemann will continue the project and continue to develop. He runs among Germany’s largest information portal on IPTV and has developed itself great enthusiasm for writing. There may be also in Germany, as in the United States, soon professional bloggers and people with fancy writing, that (can) make your hobby into a career. Blogs are a phenomenon of the new Web.

Almost everyone can do today with just a few mouse clicks of its own platform and thus his voice on the Internet. To write”people who would never have the idea, this new opportunity suddenly to thousands. Blog communities, offer the necessary technical base like, even free of charge. What has changed? (Almost) everything remains as it is! First are some cosmetic fixes and Usabilityverbesserungen planned. The entire offer will remain free for all! Maik Wildemann wants to continue with the same philosophy under which the project was established. That was one of the main reasons for my decision to whom the charge is “, so Andreas of wheel, the founder of the job-portal.” The new operator aims among others to call the appreciation among providers of jobs in the consciousness. Good work for good money.

Enthusiasm for writing, can and should not degenerate into the cheap goods. Even if at the beginning of such offers barely avoid, this claim is far above listed premise. “” the fledgling project offers for the first time a platform for employers blogger “and employee bloggers”. “Companies and well-known Web portals increasingly discover the possibilities, the deal with corporate blogs” and offer good content. What is closer to hire those who understand something like this? An increasing number of bloggers are professionalized and are recognised as Opinion drivers and sources of information in addition to the classic news. For this resource, wants to offer a common platform and sellers. At the time the deals reflect often have the German blogosphere with an unpleasant aspect: the low part appreciation of performance and work standing behind good contributions and texts. With the other good support of the blogger community, operators see the target but in the not-too-distant future reached: good work (lyrics) for good money! WildemannIT Maik Wildemann Dorotheenstr square 1 04109 Leipzig press contact / contact person: Maik Wildemann E-Mail: Web: phone: (01805) 3 35 55 49 (0.14 / min. from the German fixed network, different costs per minute depending on the mobile operator)