Buchel Risk

This occurs approximately 1.7% of the traded days according to our evaluations. What strategies the risk monitors? And the overall risk is how much? Sven Buchel: We limit the level of investment per item with 13.5%. The portfolio may be invested 100% long or short. After individual stocks are used, we would go on to all employed U.S. stocks should go bankrupt at the same time, the total loss of capital as a maximum total risk than theoretically possible case.

For both strategies, raise no percentile premium, but specify a flat rate of 150 euros. On what basis was determined these values? Sven Buchel: simply cover the costs the premium of 150 that we should charge, we have when applying the customer. It should cover any sales fees or increase a profit. In Germany managed accounts introduce yet very aloof existence. What is the acceptance / dissemination of this type of investment in the Switzerland? Sven Buchel: It also in the Switzerland is rather a special type of investment. This is however not because it is bad for the customers. Rather, it’s bad for the respective asset manager, because he earned less a lot, if he honestly operates on the market. We take absolutely no rebates, Mark Ups, or other favors”the partner bank.

Another reason of ham-fisted existence you mentioned”is because you can cover any overall strategy with a managed account. The respective broker can cover not all markets and instruments, an asset manager requires this. Thus increases also the risk of individual managed accounts along with his strategy. Thus a reputational risk for the asset manager is connected of course, which is not negligible. In the long run I can imagine however, that a selected audience this offers much more frequent than so far, especially since the conditions a lot better, as in the assessment and implementation of a classic asset management mandate with all frame costs, which unfortunately now take influence on yield and resistance.