Business Conflict Management

Carlos Mora Vanegas If you want something to be done, as responsible. If you want something to be delayed forever, appointed a commission "Napoleon" The worker has more need for respect of bread. "Karl Marx Overview and definition can not be denied that every company is subject at any time in the manifestation of a conflict labor is the product of internal causes ranging from leadership, job dissatisfaction, ill-defined roles, lack of integration of groups, technology, among others. Fuel tanks is actively involved in the matter. Nor can it be denied, that labor disputes involving a non-beneficial organizational behavior towards the objectives set, development, good performance of the company, namely the emergence of a working environment that harms the organization and therefore the entire human resources that work in it. Consider as discussed in this respect, the Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of organizational life where the individual and the group play a decisive role in organizational behavior conflicts throughout organization occur frequently, this is normal for where there are people who interact and exchange ideas will always be discrepancies, everyone is different and complicated. Conflicts act as a catalyst to improve the performances of individuals and therefore of the organizations.

A conflict means that situation in which two or more parties disagree with each other. The disagreement may be multiple causes and within an organization, this conflict generates two basic consequences inefficiency and ineffectiveness. The inefficiency can range from minimal interference in the operations of the company, until the emergence of serious malfunctions that threaten the effectiveness of the organization (hindrance in achieving the specific aims of the organization through internal processes that are own).