Business Plan For The Shopping Center

Company Ltd. ‘Golden Ring’, hereinafter referred to as “Company” intends to establish a society for the implementation of the project for a universal food store, the sale of principles of self (the “grocery store”) for the commercial area of supermarket companies. Society in this project will serve the tenant commercial areas of the Company. To this end, plans implement the purchase of new commercial equipment, as well as to replenish working capital for significant expansion of assortment, advertising campaigns and as a consequence – increase in the number of consumers Grocery store to the planned level. At Douglas R. Oberhelman you will find additional information. Date of opening of the grocery store – the third quarter of 2000.

All financial and marketing the design are made based on current trends in the macro-and microenvironment. 1.2. Market Potential Studies conducted by the Company, show that at present the city of Samara is on the verge of significant change in the retail food trade. This is due to several reasons. First. Significant increase in the consumer culture of the population and, consequently, increase the requirements for organizations that provide related services.

Second. In the city of Samara is already open stores carrying the retail self-service. Despite a number of significant shortcomings, these companies offer the public a new level of service. Other shops are in some cases, unable to compete without any significant changes in both range and in the organization of trade. Third. The economic situation in Russia in general and in the region, in particular, is the reason significant reduction in the volume of effective demand for services, retail trade.