Education systems that presented us as a success, but in reality it is a way to stifle creativity and to decrease the productive capacity of the people. For Robert Kiyosaki (millionaire businessman and author of the book rich parent poor dad), be emprededor is in the mind, then a summary of his thought: my father told me: the world is full of people who want to be enterprising. They feel after their desktops, have titles that sound important, such as Vice President or Manager, and some even carry a decent wage at home.These assumptions entrepreneurs dream of starting his own business empire and perhaps one day, some will do it. But believe that most will not jump and ten-dran any excuse, any rationalization as a ‘ How-do children grow, or when you have enough money saved “.” But never jump from the plane, I responded, completing his idea. At what level of the game you wish to participate? My Rich Dad went on to explain that the world was full of different types of entrepreneurs. There are large or boys, rich and poor, honest and deshones – cough, for gain and altruistic, Saints and sinners, of small towns and international, as well as successful and failed. The word entrepreneur is an important word and has different meanings to different people.

My father wanted that we understood that anyone can be an entrepreneur. The nanny of the neighborhood is a entrepreneur and also was Henry Ford. Our job is to decide which type of entrepreneur would like to be, both are important to their customers. It is like the difference between football Street, the high school, College and professional, each one has its audience. Main reasons for having an own company being your own boss freedom to choose financial independence the passion of a job that they like to know that is this creating wealth personal appreciation by creating offer products and services useful for other flexible hours Control of her life no risk of losing their jobs Responsibility instead of guilt for work with the sight to grow almost unlimited vacation according to your choice does not have to worry in forced retirement escape from modern-day slavery new relationships problems become opportunities more time with his family and with one same steps to start an own business Business Idea start a business is something very serious.