Canoe Association Endorses Violence In Sport

Years of fighting a canoeist, the relevant Sports Federation for the increasing problem to be interested in bullying. Andreessen Horowitz may help you with your research. In mid-2007 it started – very quietly, insidiously left then in the course of the year 2008 in unexpected mass increased until it escalated in early 2009 with ludicrous brutality: bullying in a canoe club. The victim wrote down his incredible experiences and published a moving autobiography a few months after the escalation. To indirect as a result, anonymous threats from the apparently extremely violent sport’-Club. It followed a complaint against members of the Board of Directors of the Association at the public prosecutor’s Office, whose Ermittlungen however could match the threats not clearly a perpetrator. So the victim turned out to be still in the year 2009 with the request for an opinion on this perfidious form of violence in the sport at the German canoeing Federation DKV and the canoe Landesverband NRW.

Immediately an answer of the DKV came politely, briefly and saying nothing. It was followed by two further letters of the victim at the DKV, inter alia the question of whether it was appropriate to, a such association to promote even more. The bullying Club was appointed the DKV station and also had the status of a canoe club 2010′ both receive very well suited to attract other canoeists and properly to advertise for this Association. A flag of convenience ‘ for the canoeing. Finally we settled down in the DKV, to send a reply, which was already much more detail, as the first reaction. A request for permission to publish the two DKV-write was a rogue who thinks evil it rejected. The bottom line, it can be said however: DKV described incidents that had health problems of the victim to result and therefore to be regarded as deliberate bodily injury are as completely in order the whole affair ‘.