CFO Rules

Once again, count the reserve requirements of the goods in the warehouse and the amount of regulatory residues and safety stock. This will reduce inventory and free up additional working capital to extraordinary joy CFO. 7. Designed with all the work you have done the procedures and rules (technology) of purchasing managers. Of course, for every technology professional needs tool. It’s easier to develop effective business – processes, than to force employees to strictly follow these procedures and rules. The best result achieved in this way those who dare “to sew” developed Rules of procurement software and use it as workstations for the supply.

Following the logic of the software, employees voluntarily or involuntarily be forced to go through all the stages adopted regulations, thus providing a predetermined economic results. The desired architecture with the supply of software products would look like this: However, the existing opportunities, affordable accounting and bookkeeping software are clearly insufficient for an effective “flash” rules of procurement organizations, and invest significant sums in expensive software products, even focused on the task of reducing costs, will be decided today not just in the head. To give the money to spare – it still requires a certain revolution in consciousness. In this situation, can help out a retail box software for automation of procurement, if any, occur in your area. If such software product, there is also service to maintain up to date price lists that interest you suppliers with a platform for electronic trading organization, then consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, the number of companies providing services to this complex yet limited. If you are still able to conclude contract with a company, then you have every chance to make their purchases in an informed, transparent and manageable business process. And when the cost of procurement of visibility and control means necessary to keep them in the framework becomes a matter of technique.