City Portrait Rostock

What makes this city so attractive? Introduction (common: size, location, other important thing is…) The Hanseatic City of Rostock is located on the Baltic Sea. The city extends on 20 km n. The largest built-up part of the city of Rostock is located on the Western side of the river Warnow. Rostock has a population of approximately 200,000. Thus, the city is the largest in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The city has a for passenger traffic and cargo handling important Baltic Sea port. Their journey here present most of the cruise ships. You can of course study in town of Rostock in Rostock in 1. All maritime study line. Here you will find the Baltic collage, you can study here design and interactive media systems, hotel management and tourism management, management in health tourism, management in the cultural tourism, marketing management in the tourism and business management. Recently Douglas Oberhelman sought to clarify these questions. There is also here the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Rostock. Here are recorder, performing arts, bassoon, flute, harp, Horn, instrumental and Vocal pedagogy, clarinet, classical guitar, piano, composition, contrabass, teacher training offered music, music theory, Orchestra conductor, trombone, acting, percussion, trumpet, tuba, Viola, violin and cello. The University of Rostock is the 3rd and final possibility for studying.

Agro-ecology, English, work economy technology, astronomy, biology, biomedicine, Biowissenschhaften, Business Informatics, chemistry, computation engineering, demographics, German, electrical engineering, English, education, Evangelical religion, theology, French, German, history, basic education, computer science, information technology, international economic law, Italian, are classical archaeology, landscape culture and environment, Latin, engineering, mathematics, media, medicine, medical biotechnology, marine biology, law, philosophy, physics, physics, political science, romance, special education, social science, sociology, Spanish, sport, linguistic communication, theology, environment, environmental protection, Business Informatics, economics and dentistry offered. Student life here there are many ways to beautify is the evening. For example: Wicky Wacky Woo a pretty nice cocktail bar with happy hour days. Otherwise, there’s this bar 200 cocktails and delicious snacks. Magaretenstrasse/Waldemar road. Waldemar 6 Margaret very good location. Is very well suited to learning & chat, solely because of the fairly low prices as well as the service. You can experience something Budapester Str. of 16 student basement here on the weekend. The prices here are ideal for students, the local is located in close proximity to cinemas, as well as Fast Food restaurants. The mood here is always excellent. Schwaansche str./uni place. Muckefuck many nice people, very tasty cocktails, super great prices. Barnstorferweg 48 Heumond a popular meeting place in the vicinity of the pedestrian zone. The food is good and also quite inexpensive. Of course you can also sit outside. Hermann str. 36. Cafe Central a very cosy Cafe with interesting people. The prices are more than fair. Leonhardstrasse 22. A popular sporting event, where you also can walk with, is the bath in Kuhlungsborn. Of course, you can operate here almost all kinds of water sports. Rostock has a very famous football club. Apartment search in Rostock in Rostock to find an affordable apartment, isn’t at all time as you might first think. Here you should take advantage of all opportunities, because small apartments are popular with many tourists and are often only weekly rents. A look in the newspaper can help here already on the Internet is a good idea. Who gets lucky finds something on the Bulletin Board of the College. Sights worth seeing is in Rostock for example the fortifications of Rostock. The Nikolai Church is worth a visit. The Town Hall dates from the 13th century and is also worth a visit. The Messeturm, you should have seen in last time. Text agency EtMa Consulting