Compressor Installation

Here are a few simple rules: The compressor must be installed in such a way as to be easily accessible and to provide a guaranteed cooling kompressora.Kompressor should be easily accessible for management and for technical obsluzhivaniya.Temperatura environment should not exceed 40 C for stationary compressors with oil chamber with air cooling. Natural aeration is not effective to remove heat from compressors with a capacity of more than 15 kVt.Pri This cold air should enter at the bottom, about sex, hot – go out on top, the ceiling space of the compressor. The compressor in this case must be placed within an imaginary line of air flow. At temperatures below +2 C to enter the aeration hole of air must be able to zakryvatsya.Kompressor can be installed in the work zone only, provided that its level of sound pressure does not exceed 85 db.Pomescheniya intended to install oil-injected compressors with engine capacity of more than 40 kW should be sufficient space prostornym.Bolshie help prevent the spread of flame throughout the work area, if one of the compressor drive motor zagoritsya.Kompressor with a capacity over 100 kW must be placed in separate tubes pomescheniyah.Vsasyvayuschie air compressors should arranged in such a way that hazardous substances were not included in the compressor together with air. Dangerous pollution include solvent vapors, dust and other hazardous materials and sparks. More details on all the questions about installation, energy consumption of compressors of different types of specialists will answer 'TehElektroMontazh-Service' (TEMS).