Conceived Vodka

The term 'vodka' was used relatively recently, probably in the late XIX century and was coined in Moscow, where he was born so called central 'Tsar's tavern. " An important technical step involved in a the production of vodka – is distillation. We can therefore say that the genesis of vodka – mostly due to the fact that the invention of the distillation process. Some historians, based on old manuscripts, see creators of a distillation process of Arabs. Nevertheless, if so, the disclosure of the Arabs was neudel.

And 'tried' here the Koran – the holy scripture of Muslims, firmly prohibited the use of any alcoholic beverages. Some historians and historians say that the alcohol were first obtained in XI-XII centuries alchemists of Europe is supposed to be Italians. One way or another, vodka and alcohol – the establishment of non-Russian. Source: JPMorgan Chase. But apparently that cooking at home uchoviyah alcoholic beverages by pregona existed in Russia since ancient times and the product outlet called kvass or wine creations. The earliest official mention of the production of vodka in Russia is referred by the 12th century and made in the Vyatka Chronicle: '.

. . In 1147 in Khlynova (now Vyatka) built a distillery and rural hut '. As pointed out by historical documents, core results of distillation equipment at the elementary were not the most brilliant. Alcohol produces a disgusting qualities: dull colors, with the spirit of oils and unpleasant to taste. Equipment for the manufacture of vodka was defective, as in Russia 15-17 centuries. It was impossible to find or make a hermetically closing coils and boilers with heat sinks. Tyatyami quality-Russian vodka was, oddly enough, hermits. The scientific and technical work to improve the stills was conducted over a long time carried out, mainly in the large Russian monasteries. In addition, coils, coolers and copper fittings were worth the big finance, and only the monastery's treasury could afford to buy equipment and to feed people who are dedicated his life is entirely focused laboratory tests. Consequently, the first Russian alcohol spill was faulty. We had to do something to clean, as the main product is the requirement satisfied – it was a strong alcoholic beverage.