Contacts Between Enterprises – more time for coffee buyers spend much time with the search for suitable solutions and products for a specific problem or a job in the company. Especially when potential bidders are not yet known or several offers of settlement should be sought, even complex communication processes are added to the search tasks. In many cases, providers in turn have no transparent market for their products. A related site: James Joseph Truchard mentions similar findings. They are to rely on other companies to discover them through their research “by accident”. With advertising or the acquisition on “good luck” with potential customers incurred high costs for marketing and sales. Karsten Dietrich, Managing Director and partner of Metamarket GbR, makes it clear: is the professional and low-cost production of contact between companies.

In the current stage of development, the function of a provider directory is realized. For the described problems, it offered a simple mediation solution for all industries. On can charge a customer problem descriptions and product inquiries in a product category. Providers can see these requests, and “the right offer in the back” directly with potential customers to contact. The portal is positioned in a growing but confusing market in which there are already many directories and procurement portals. The five partners of the Start-Ups from Magdeburg believe despite similar offerings in the network on the success of the portal. The innovative combination of directory and request platform, intuitive operation, as well as favorable conditions are regarded as unique selling propositions. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the simple entry in the e-procurement offers with the portal. The goal of Metamarket GbR Karsten Dietrich describes as follows: we want the business matching platform of in Germany becoming – easy to use, open to all sectors, and with the most effective solution for the provision of supply and demand. And then also the one or the other additional Cup of coffee is in the Purchasing and sales there. Interested parties can find out on the Web page the Metamarket GbR and the new portal.