DATA Organization

After all of accounts, to plan in a company so is not complicated thus, is enough that let us organize in them, before acting, following some basic principles, so that the objective tracings can be reached. 3. METHODOLOGY 3,1 Boardings of the Research the methodology of research used for this article was to the bibliographical research, for Cervo and Bervian, (2002. P. 65) ‘ ‘ the bibliographical research search to explain a problem from published theoretical references in documentos’ ‘.

Already, according to Marconi and Lakatos, (2001, P. 43), the bibliographical research ‘ ‘ it is a reflective procedure, it has controlled and it criticizes that they allow to discover new facts or data, relations or laws, in any field of contentment’ ‘. The research was called as descriptive. In accordance with Gil (2002, P. 42) ‘ ‘ the descriptive research has as objective primordial the description of the characteristics of determined population or fellowmen’ ‘. Beyond being a descriptive research, the used method was the qualitative one. According to Figueroa (2004), the qualitative research ahead appears of the impossibility to investigate and to understand by means of statistical data some phenomena directed toward the perception, to the intuition and the subjectivity. Richardson (1999) complements considering that it is an adjusted form to understand the nature of a social phenomenon, and that she does not use statistical instrument as base of the process of analysis of a problem.