David Riesman

The corollary is the dictatorship. In order to find the balance between freedom and democracy, it must to exist respect by the fellow and the laws. It is required generally of civic instruction and education. The European of the east managed to enter the correct democratic channel, due to their greater level of qualification, their obedience to the authority and, to the sad memory that left the Comunism. Half of Europe got rid of its tyrants in the last 30 years and progresses with remarkable success.

Until some of the most reactionary Marxists they recognized its failure and they decided on the market economy, approaching the social democracy. They understood that the basic principle of the socialism: that all the men are equal, is mistaken. We are equal before the eyes of God, but in the routine character of the life the differences are evident. Sociologist David Riesman said: the idea that the men were created free and equal is as much true as deceptive: the men were created different; they lose his social freedom and individual autonomy looking for to become equal an the other. The balance between freedom and democracy can only be given in responsible societies with high ethical sense, where the individual and the State recognize the individual and collective rights, respect the laws and invest developing intellectual. In Latin America the laws to live in freedom and democracy are written, those that are destroying the system are the authorities, that do not respect them make nor them fulfill. original Author and source of the article.