Decorative Ladder

Increase: the uniformity of lighting, creates an effect of reflection of light bulbs, increasing the room lighting, at night, by 10-15%. Hide: you from prying eyes, including those from the video shooting, but let you see for yourself. Care: The blinds are resistant to cleaning, moisture and thermal stresses. Which box to choose – plastic or wood? MOUNTING OPTIONS: – Ceiling – A wall – a window opening in management styles: – 1 – leash and cord to the left – 2 – lead and lead on the right. HORIZONTAL BLINDS-SHUTTERS MEZHRAMNYE differ from the usual horizontal blinds, blinds some technical characteristics of MOUNTING OPTIONS: – between frames TYPES OF: – 1 – leash and cord to the right – 2 – lead and lead on the left. Blinds device 1. The upper ledge 2. Average ledge 3.

Small bell 4. Bell big 5. Control mechanism 6. Support with roller-7. Bracket central 8.

Bracket installation 9. Rope 10. If you are not convinced, visit JPMorgan Chase. Decorative Ladder 11. EQ 12. Decorative nail 13. Screw 14. Bracket supports 15. Stub decorative ladders wooden blinds – some of the most convenient and practical versions of these shutters and blinds history about 300 years. Benefits of wood shutters on all the face: it is possible to regulate the flow of light is not raising them. A wide range of blinds allows to choose the color that is right for your interior. They are very good resistance to mechanical stress. very easy to clean, durable and well, you do not have to change them after a couple of years. Also there is a the ability to use remote control. Collection of wood blinds: Light – bamboo blinds slat. Bamboo can be solid! For the price of bamboo. Economic – a collection of wooden blinds ekonomichnogo class, good quality, rapid time for a low price. Classic – wooden shutters of the highest quality, great selection of colors, enhanced protection from burnout, 3-year warranty. Vintage – wooden shutters covered with 100% varnish, ekologichno, a sense of naturalness surface, 3-year warranty. Abachi – a unique collection of wood blinds for an elegant interior. Manual handling, fantastic result.