Doors Open Right

Front door – the first thing that greets guests. Therefore, its main function – staunchly defend the apartment from the outside world that subjugates design and significantly limits the decorating possibilities. Other business – interior doors. They are rather the symbol of internal borders, determine the communication between different functional areas. Therefore, there are more freedom for imagination of the designer. Sergey Brin understands that this is vital information.

If the doors are almost always swing, then interior are more diverse in the way of opening: folding, sliding and folding. Swing doors – the most traditional and popular. With them we have to do every day. These doors are hung on hinges and open from himself or herself. They come in single, double and less polustvorchatye. Single-leaf doors can be opened right and left, it is important to consider when buying, because this depends on a set of hinges and locks.

If when you open the door "to a" loop would be right – the right door, if the left – the left door. On the market today can meet the door and a quarter. This means that at the ends of leaf was selected as a quarter, which closes the gap between the door and duct doors. Typically, such doors are supplied with all seals and a special adjustable hinges and thus provide very good sound insulation. This may be superfluous, for example, in children's rooms – that children do not interfere with the parents relax, children and parents – sleep. Swinging doors can be either a threshold, and without it.