In situations of high chemical, biological and radioactive contamination of a person has to work to eliminate the consequences and causes of accidents, or just by performing specific functions, if we are talking about the harmful production. For the innocent find in these environments and to protect the body from chemical exposure, radioactive dust and harmful biological agents, specifically designed protective suit L-1. A letter in the title suit indicates that it is easy. It was originally designed as a troop means for individual protection from contaminated dust and drip aerosol poisons. It is made of rubberized fabric and consists of single cut trousers with stockings, a jacket with a hood, three-fingered gloves and balaclavas.

Cut the sleeves are made so that the cuffs wrap around the wrist. Weighs about three kilograms. At the top of the pants are shoulder semirings and straps. The shirt is combined with a hood to the back of its lower edge is sewn intermediate strap that passes between the legs and fastens on the button at the bottom of his shirt front. Protective suit L-1 is not isolation, it protects against fumes, dust, and mild acids. Suit can be used many times, but when infection is treated. When removing the contaminated suit L-1 should pay attention to public portions of the body not to touch its outer part. To remove the suit to get back to the wind, loosen strap, remove the jacket, along with gloves, unfasten the straps of trousers, pants off, then remove the liner. Currently, the market is a huge amount of counterfeit clothing or costumes, which, after lying in stock on time, under the new remake.