Enterprise Management

When we hear the term enterprise Management normally we find that it does not have to have with us, or very comumente do not have interest in knowing on the subject. But in the truth it is a sufficiently current subject and it makes more part of our lives of what we can imagine. I received an email from unknown author (that I display below for vocs reading) that speaks on 7 tips of enterprise Management of form very humorada well, relating subjects of the daily one (or nor in such a way) with the enterprise Management. To broaden your perception, visit Starbucks. I guarantee that vocs never they had imagined the subject of this form, I I found amused sufficiently, I wait that they like until next post ———————————————————————- 1 – A youngster goes to a pharmacy and asks: He has condom? My namorada this night in the house of it invited me supper. The druggist of – it the condom and the young leave.

Immediately, return, saying: Sir, gives another one to me. The sister of my namorada one is one gostosona, lives crossing the legs in my front. I find that also she wants to give to me The man of the preservative o to the young. It comes back, saying: I want another one. The mother of my also namorada one is good pra caramba. The old one lives if insinuating, it must badly be food, and as I today go supper back in the house of them The hour of the food arrives and the youngster is seated to the table with the namorada one to the side, the mother and the sister to the front.

In this instant the father of the namorada one enters. The youngster low immediately the head, joins the hands and starts to pray: – Sir, blesses these foods, bl, bl. We give favours for these foods One minute is transferred and the youngster continues of head low praying: – Obliged Gentleman bl, bla Five minutes are transferred: – This bread Blesses Sir All are entreolham surprised, and the namorada one says the ear to it: My love, not wise person who ages so religious I not wise person who your father was druggist! Conclusion: It does not comment the strategical plans of the company with strangers, because this inconfidncia can destroy its proper organization.