Enterprise Portal

Intrexx Portal supplied employees with data from Lotus Notes an efficient information management is just for banks a key success factor. To provide the employees with important information stocks, the Frankfurter Sparkasse introduced a modern employee portal. Thanks to prefabricated building blocks, a flexible and future-proof solution that is associated with Lotus Notes and other systems and Central provides news emerged very quickly. Freiburg, August 8, 2013. The Frankfurter Sparkasse is one of the oldest and largest societies of in Germany. With nearly 100 locations and over 1,800 employees, it has the densest network of branches and consulting centers in Frankfurt am Main and the Rhine-main area.

Statistically, every second Frankfurt is a customer of the Bank. To improve internal communication, it decided to gradually transfer the existing information system in a new Web-based solution. In this course, the information system of the Bank should be an appealing presentation get and controls have, as the staff from the Internet know. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge. After an intensive selection process, it was decided to build of an employee portal with Portal – widespread in the financial and banking sector and integration software Intrexx (www.intrexx.com/ finance). The fact that you can very quickly create a running portal thanks to the many templates and pre-built applications from the Intrexx application store that is flexibly adapted to your own needs was crucial for the decision in favour of the solution of the German software company United planet. Many intranet solutions require a high budget immediately and there remains little room for adjustments.

With Intrexx to get out faster, cheaper and nicer a flexible Enterprise Portal”, founded Petra Geisperger, communication/public relations of the Frankfurter Sparkasse, the decision. With the new information portal, the most important news always directly available are the employees. One “Core is the content management system OnlineInfo”.