It asks to be answered: why to widen the history of the Europe and to shorten of Africa? Why to attribute the long duration to a relatively recent past and to incase a millenarian past in a social time? Here we will try to weave some possibilities of answers. Immediately we could infer that the vital concern of Braudel was to understand the European space, the time that would culminate with the turbulences of the first half of century XX, in way that concentrates more time and intellectual effort here in detriment of its knowledge on Africa. Another point if to detach is the excellent paper in its research of the economy and the capitalist transactions. The first pointed argument can yes explain the privilege given to the Europe, but not of the account of the retraction of Africa. Perhaps this retraction can be understood from as the argument. Moreover, its model of culture was favored in the framing of this while that one was accumulated of stocks by the civilization o.

is evidenced that the long duration does not fit in the study of the cultures. It remains us, therefore to think the nature of the category time and to collate it with the temporality in which Braudel considered its categories. For this we will accept, together with some thinkers, who the way as if perceives the time also contributes for a conditioning of the perception of the society and of the historical process. Moreover, the perception human being of the time sufficiently is related with the development of its instruments of measurement and with the capacity of teorizar it efficiently. Of this made thought of Braudel if it develops in the European turbulence of the first one half of century XX, the desire of end of history had been taken to the extremity where the national States would be the responsible agents for the desired acceleration of the time that would culminate with the end of the historical process in the most raised period of training of welfare state, guaranteed for the nationality.