Europes Largest Selection – the portal for high-quality exchange letters exchange letters (stock letters) are regularly appearing publications that include financial analysis and usually also purchase and sell recommendations for individual securities. These are issued by special financial publishers and financial analysts involved some 45 years on the stock exchange. Unfortunately, most Exchange letters only in the subscription are available. The desire of many investors was fulfilled with the Internet portal, to be able to purchase the most famous stock exchange letters from Germany’s leading publishers (Bernecker, Platov, fuchsbriefe, Prof. Dr.

Max Otte, u.v.m) in pay-per-view via a central platform. Thanks to, small investors, such as also financial professionals expert knowledge to compare and use for their own decisions. There are now over 20 partner publishers and over 50 different stock exchange letters in the portfolio. On the home visitors receive always the latest Exchange letters after release date. The intuitive user interface allows the Users in addition, wanted stock market letter individually sorted according to subject area, regions, or publishers to list. In addition, the BoersenKiosk offers the possibility email newsletters to inform free shares and market reviews. For this, only a registration on the site is necessary. As soon as new information on the selected stock values (ISINs/WKNs) in a stock letter appear, you promptly receive an E-Mail with the summary of the stock market letter and the details of the shares. Alternatively, it is also possible to receive daily or weekly in summary form the information. This service is absolutely free and offers all investors a good and easy source of information about the stock market and financial market.