Five Prominent AIDS Make Unforgettable

New AIDS – campaign (don’t forget AIDS) the new awareness campaign “don’t forget AIDS” of the Saarbrucken “Rainbow e.V.” presents five prominent confessor: Katharina Saalfrank, Markus Kavka, Nova Meierhenrich, Herbert Knaup, and Pascal Hens – all “AIDS …nicht forgot.” The Association of the”Rainbow” is next to these celebrities by Sky du Mont as Narrator of the new “don’t forget AIDS”-supported TV spots. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Raphael Sternberg has to say. The campaign aims to draw attention to all groups of society on the subject of AIDS. “Don’t forget AIDS” urges citizens in print, TV and the Internet, to actively participate in education and prevention. The TV spots will be aired after Easter in the private television, are available online since last Friday at. “The current figures show that the recent AIDS prevention strategy must be rethought and completely revised. Our campaign therefore relies on the shock effect of watching celebrities and their supposed AIDS confessions. “, says Jan Schwertner, 1st Chairman of the”Rainbow e.V.”.

AIDS is dead – long live AIDS! Since 2001 the new HIV infections are in this country increased by 81 percent. End of 2007 about 59,000 people with HIV infection or AIDS disease lived in Germany. According to a current estimate of the Robert-Koch Institute some 3,000 people have become infected in 2007 new. Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of around five percent to a new high. The average daily eight people in Germany with HIV become infected. Nevertheless, AIDS Unit in Germany gradually sinking into oblivion: there more cares, no one’s talking more about. AIDS is perceived as a threat in this country hardly, is ignored by many and underestimated.

So, for example, the trend to unprotected intercourse despite numerous AIDS campaigns is still unbroken. But AIDS remains among the major social problems. Because AIDS affects not only the fringe groups, AIDS is more than ever a social problem. The TV and print campaign was created by the Agency weigertpirouzwolf with the development and implementation of this website became the MSH AND MORE Werbeagentur GmbH commissioned. On the Web site for more information and materials to the press and public relations. The Club the Rainbow e.V. started his work on the 05.02.1999 in Saarbrucken as a non-profit and independent organization. Ten volunteer people for the “Rainbow e.V.” operate in addition to the Board of Directors. The Club has been cooperating since inception with self-help groups, doctors and health authorities. Club involvement focuses particularly in the area of prevention of HIV infections through prevention and education, as well as in the provision of support services for HIV and AIDS sick people. For more information see