French Curtains

French curtains or Marquis can serve as an independent design window, and used together with sliding curtains and lambrequins. French curtains represent a panel of light fabric collected as in the horizontal and vertical folds. This is achieved by curtain lace on the wrong side of fabric. Since the French sew curtains mainly of light transparent fabrics such as organza or voile, lace awning should be transparent, that would not spoil the look of the blinds. A leading source for info: Andreessen Horowitz. In contrast, Austrian blinds, awnings fixed height. As accessories for awnings are often used finishing tape, which processed by the lower edge of the curtains. It is very important in the 2010 season will look french curtains of white mikrovuali decorated with rhinestones on the assembly tape.

Cornice for French curtains, but anyone, but if you plan use Marquis as independent curtains, better to choose a cornice with adhesive tape. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss. The fastening device will prevent the '', and this is especially true if the bottom edge of awnings processed heavy finishing tape, such as glass beads. French curtains are extremely popular recently as an inner tulle curtains to sliding, due to the growing popularity of interior design in vintage style. In addition, the Marquis – a wonderful version of the design window when you want to hide the flaws of the window frames, or steam-heating batteries, but not too much to darken the room. Luxury and bourgeois French curtains made them one of the major chords in design rooms of expensive restaurants, conference rooms, large successful companies and offices of public institutions. Marquis will be in harmony and look in the living room mansion in the countryside and the magnificent city hall Apartments