German Government

Information circular to the German share of a friend’s the other suffering. Low interest rates are good for future builders and homebuyers, because thanks to the record lows of the federal funds interest rate, the construction loan interest are low as never before. The opportunity is so cheap to have finally become a reality the dream of your own four walls with a cheap loan. The very low interest rates for various savings products and forms of investment are the flip side of the low rate. He soon not issued federal Treasury bonds, because interest rates can move in the first three years plus minus zero and more attract so no saver behind the stove. A higher tolerance for risk in times of crisis is when savers clearly shows. Already during the financial crisis the increase of shareholders is in the framework of the euro debt crisis.

More and more Germans invest their money back in stocks. Security-conscious savers go empty what is already looming when the German Government bonds, is also reflected in many areas of investment. If the yield also not like when the Federal sweetheart to zero, it is often shockingly low. Savings books, savings certificates and money market accounts are pretty bad and are currently not exactly the most attractive assets in terms of the rate of return. For this, more and more savers opt for shares or fund units. Average stock return is four per cent of course is the investment in shares with a higher risk, because with falling prices, it’s over quickly with the longed-for profit. However, more and more Germans are choosing the investment in shares. The benefit for investors is located next to hopefully rising prices in the profit-sharing, on which they are entitled on the acquisition of shares.

A company generated surpluses, half is awarded maximum thereof in the form of dividends to investors. The company claimed the other 50 percent to pay off, for example, loans or investments. Although the dividend growth of the Company inhibits, the DAX companies are not that petty. Investors can expect on average about four percent yield. The courage to take risks are worthwhile. Who are thoroughly informed in advance and keeps the price movements at a glance, appropriately restricts his personal risk. Learn more about the DAX 30 and recommended shares find investors on specialized financial sites on the Internet.