Google Analytics

Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to determine how you aim your audience, how you will be able to use your creativity and how to motivate the higher response from your followers. A website and a Blog: If you’re a merchandiser on the Internet, you should already be wearing your web site, but it’s time to sit down to work out a specific plan regarding how to use it in your promotional efforts. Again you must set defined goals in terms that will achieve your site (either increase your list, make sales, generate traffic, etc.) and then you must set the time limit to perform them and the indicators needed to measure progress. Here come the essential services like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. The flow of work and the timetable: sit to draw up an outline of the workflow, determining what priorizaras. If you have a regular job and a family, it is important to know in advance how many hours per day you can spend with realism to your promotional efforts.

Indicators to measure success: the most common indicators are the traffic on your site, the number of subscribers on your list of emails, the growth in traffic with the passage of time and, of course, the performance on the investment. Be realistic in your expectations, but it seeks to also have a definite way to determine if you are achieving your goals. If you know your target audience, the way to go toward her and the resources you have available to reach it, the promotion of your business will be light years ahead of where you could expect to be otherwise. Start planning now and not regret it in the future.