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More time and greater depth in the accomplishment of the planning had also been actions recommended for the study. 3) Deficiencies in the process of enterprise management efficient Actions of management still are in low in the routine of micron small Brazilian companies. The perfectioning of products, flow of box, investment in propaganda and spreading, management of costs and search of support are some of them. 4) Insufficience of public politics of support to the small businesses the study points that the support politics had evolved positively in last the 10 years, but recommends that they are perfected. Reduction of the weight of the taxes and the bureaucracy, magnifying of the credit for the production and greater access to the governmental purchases are some examples of improvements waited for the next years. 5) Decurrent difficulties of the economic conjuncture the economic conjuncture improved for the empreendedorismo, but she is necessary to have continuity in the growth of the economy, the stability of prices and economic plans, and in the recovery of the purchasing power of the workers. 6) Impact of the personal problems on the business the personal problems of proprietors and its partners continue affecting the small companies. Most common they are problems of health, particular and with partners; enterprise succession and victims of crime.

More professionalism, better division of tasks, greater delegation of responsibilities and separation of the personal life of the businesses can reduce the impact of these problems in the company. But this is not concern only in Brazil. In countries of first world as New Zelndia and Australia these problems also occur, however in lesser ratios, a time that the Governments adopt measured corrective more quickly to contain and even though to prevent problems. The objective of this article is to help in the two first factors pointed in the research of the Sebrae, trying to explain the concepts of strategical planning, its objective and importance with respect to the company.