Grand Hotel Emerald

Well, the Grand Hotel Emerald – it's probably too classy for example, for our project not require such a serious investment. We look forward to a small bath mid-level it will surely be in demand. But the closed VIP-sauna – it is a bit outdated format. "I would not advise just open it a bath suite, need to know exactly what you will be able to secure the necessary number of customers", – warns us Leonid Arkatov. Calculate the profitability of the saunas in one or another mode is not very difficult: a ticket for one-time visitors cost from 200 to 500 rubles, renting premises all 2 000-6 000 rubles per hour.

In a small bath fit 8-15 people. Apparently, to achieve optimal performance is possible, providing good cross-afternoon, and evening and night time selling to rent. Health and entertainment business, which soars: Sale of alcohol is not always brings a profit, but selling strong drinks still have. Otherwise, clients "bring with them" – warns Leonid Arkatov.Itak, all sisters – on earrings! "Soap" should be universal: and recreational, and entertainment. Although the original idea of the execution of the bath can be done and the whole ride. There is a floating restaurant in St. Petersburg, who proudly call themselves "old destroyer" Cadet ".

This is such a of fifteen boat, where you can arrange corporate (and not so corporate) parties. In principle, rent a boat in St. Petersburg there is no difficulty, but that it was a sauna on board as this valiant destroyer – is hard to find.